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Police issue warning after woman assaulted

Monday May 9 2016

South Yorkshire Police South Yorkshire Police

POLICE have issued a warning to drivers in South Yorkshire after a woman was pulled over and assaulted by men posing as police officers.

Police are appealing for information after receiving reports that a woman was assaulted in the Gleadless area of Sheffield.

At around 12.55am on Saturday 7 May, a 45-year-old woman pulled over after being followed by two men in a silver car with blue flashing lights.

She was told to get into the car where she was driven to an area off Spotswood Place.

The woman received minor cuts to her chest before she was able to escape and contact police.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Graham Stead said: “We appreciate this is an extremely concerning incident and we can assure members of the public that we are following a number of lines of enquiry to find and arrest these men.

“We are treating this incident as an utmost priority and while we are in the early stages of the investigation, we have a large number of resources allocated to this case.

“We would appeal to anyone who was in the area in the early hours of this morning who saw or heard anything suspicious to contact 101 quoting incident 48 of today (May 7).

“The men are described as aged between 40 and 50, of mixed race and spoke with foreign accents. The driver was wearing a high-visibility jacket and the car is described as possibly a VW Golf with blue flashing lights in the front grills.

DI Stead advised members of the public to be vigilant and added: “If you are requested to stop by a police vehicle, the car will be appropriately marked and if you are in any doubt pull over in a safe and public place and contact 101 or drive to your nearest police station.

“Always ask to see identification and always call 999 in an emergency.”

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Reply Posted by Bill on Monday May 9 2016 at 17:18
I'm not so sure about this. The police are using unmarked cars these days, and their only identification IS the blue lights in the grill. It's scary.

Reply Posted by Anon on Monday May 9 2016 at 18:53
Police do sweet **** all for anyone in any circumstances, this society is fked.. Heart goes out to poor victim of this! But seriously what r police duin in all areas these days the want to look at more serious things these days other than dogs ******* n motorbikes..

Reply Posted by Joy on Monday May 9 2016 at 19:04
How ridiculous to say drive to a police station. Am sure you would get done for failing to stop way before you ever got there!!

Reply Posted by Anon on Monday May 9 2016 at 19:04
I am more worried about the wrong uns in SYP than 'outsiders' who can't speak English according to Jane Burke but cut around with blue flashing lights conning women they are police.

Reply Posted by dizzychick on Monday May 9 2016 at 19:45
By law you don't have to stop for an "unmarked" police car.....even with blue flashing lights.....it has to be a marked car. I know someone who was driving late on her own one night and this happened to her, but she was suspicious....drove to nearest petrol station and phoned police en route, who told her not to stop and they would meet her at petrol station.....unmarked car soon sped off.....happening more and more......hope the lady is ok?

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Tuesday May 10 2016 at 08:55
Very good advice there. If you are a lone women in this situation go to a very public place on on route as this lady did phone 999.

Reply Posted by kath on Monday May 9 2016 at 19:46
you are allowed as a lone woman to drive to a police station if you are not sure its not classed as failure to stop

Reply Posted by barb on Monday May 9 2016 at 21:48
The Police have always said ensure you stop on a well lit safe area never put yourself in a compromising position. Of course you should be hands free on your mobile so make sure it is fully charged before you call 101

Reply Posted by Becky on Tuesday May 10 2016 at 07:34
By law you do not have to stop for unmarked car you should try signal them to show that you going to stop. But please always go to a safe place. When is this government going to wake up and take action I'm sick of reading about foreigners doing stuff. It's getting a regular thing now send them back home if they got caught doing stuff like this at there own countries they would be hung

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Tuesday May 10 2016 at 08:56
Me personally i would refuse to leave my car if i was a lone woman until a marked vehicle arrived. Safety first each and every time...

Reply Posted by steve on Tuesday May 10 2016 at 12:59

The following advice is for anyone who feels vulnerable were she (or he) to stop. In many cases there may be several of you in the vehicle or you are confident you can deal with the situation, in which case this advice may not be for you.

An unmarked police car can stop vehicles, but it must contain a constable who MUST be in uniform in order to carry out the stop.

If a car flashing for you to pull over or stop is unmarked, unless you are 100% certain it is the police, do not stop. Drive steadily to the nearest public place (for example a petrol station where they are open till late, a police station or somewhere there are a lot of people) and then stop. If you are in a relatively deserted area, as a last resort, consider looking for a house that is obviously occupied and pull into the driveway. You can always apologise to the householder afterwards.

Try and signal that you have acknowledged the request to stop and indicate the action you are taking (put your flashers on or signal by pointing from the driver's window etc.). Don't drive off at great speed making the police think you are trying to get away.

Keep the doors locked until you are happy it is the police. Have your mobile at hand just in case. You can ask to see a warrant card, which should carry the police officer's name and photograph, through the closed window.

Incidentally, if you are suspected of drink/drugs driving none of these actions would invalidate an officer giving you a preliminary test as you have only temporarily interrupted your journey and are still driving for the purposes of that law.

Reply Posted by cyril on Wednesday May 11 2016 at 03:08
wonder why when ever photos of police are shown on here it is always West Yorkshire Police South yorks have a silver band and no ridge at the back

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