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Pothole repairs in Brampton and Wath

Tuesday May 3 2016

Pothole repairs will take place over the coming weeks Pothole repairs will take place over the coming weeks

A NUMBER of pothole repairs will be carried out in Brampton and Wath over the coming weeks.

Patching repairs are set to be carried out by Rotherham Council workers on numerous streets in the two villages until May 27.

It is part of the council’s plan to spend extra money allocated to roadwork repairs in the borough.

The worst roads were identified and will be repaired over the next month.

Roads included in Brampton are: Knollbeck Avenue, Cliffe Road, Chapel Avenue, Pontefract Road and Rother Street.

Wath roads include: Oak Road, Moor Road, Cemetery Road, Newhill Road, Varney Road, Quarry Hill Road.Motorists should expect some delays whilst the repair work is being carried out.

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Reply Posted by carol on Tuesday May 3 2016 at 19:13
How about doing Oaklea Avenue the full length not just half of it, leaving the rest not even touched and a nightmare to drive on!

Reply Posted by Debbie on Thursday May 5 2016 at 13:59
The whole of Barnsley and the surrounding area is one big pothole...... We should all mark with spray paint the road outside our houses where there are potholes and see just how much of our roads have no markings on them. I drive a low sports car and it is a nightmare and is causing damage to my car which i can ill afford to get fixed. I am disgusted that the council can spend our hard earned money on water features, art for roundabouts, statues and other unnecessary useless things and leave our roads as they have. Surely there must be priorities that they have to adhere to as we rate payers have to when cash is short and belts have to be tightened. Our council wastes our hard earned money and we have no say in it........ Council,,,,,, waste of space........

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