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Abandoned Dogs Rescued From Metal Shed

Friday June 22 2012

THREE abandoned dogs were rescued from a metal shed in Cudworth after a tip off by the RSPCA.

Police joined animal welfare officers in the rescue which took place on Wednesday afternoon after being called to a metal shed at a property on Stonegarth Close - where tho dogs had been locked inside and thought to have been abandoned.

A spokesman said: "Officers attended at the location to assist with the removal of the dogs. The RSPCA seized three dogs under the animal welfare act. Enquiries are ongoing by the RSPCA to locate the owner."

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Reply Posted by Sharongreen1962 on Friday June 22 2012 at 09:42
poor things cant belive how some people treat animals they want same doing to them thing is if they find the so called owners they just get a slap on hand , if you mistreat a animal in anyway you should be barred from keeping a animal for life

Reply Posted by chris49 on Friday June 22 2012 at 09:58
Whoever did this,when found,should be put in same shed for as long as and see if they like it,whoever you are ought to be ashamed ,your disgusting  i do agree with sharon in what she says,,bar the bugars for life,shame on you.

Reply Posted by 35shazking35 on Friday June 22 2012 at 10:03
glad to see  rspca are able to do their job even though they are constantly sent on wild goose chases

Reply Posted by gb1973 on Sunday June 24 2012 at 10:11
i have a labrador and a staffy both had been found  dumped in my garden the staffy only a few weeks old and already had a broken rib and bowel perforated she had to undergo emergency surgery my black lab also has elbow dysplaysia , my point being is that they have health issue but they are with me now and so loved and spoilt i would die for them so i can never understand how people can leave  any animal and just walk away not knowing there fate , there is so many organisations out there just pick up the phone , toatlly agree with everyone else lock the original owner in shed for a few days see how they like it either that or put there face on  every billboard in yorkshire

Reply Posted by Pussycatshoes on Sunday June 24 2012 at 12:08
Poor little things, it will always baffle me how someone can believe its ok to treat another living thing that way .

Reply Posted by Trez on Sunday June 24 2012 at 12:10
Yes I agree, one of our neighbours rang them 2 yrs ago while we were on holiday and said we had left our german shepherd in the house and gone on holiday.  We had actually  taken her with us (as we always did)! It was a good job that my mum lives across the road and she put them straight, otherwise they would have broken in to our house just to be sure that no animals were there.  I told the RSPCA who had done it, but because there was no proof nothing could be done!!  The neighbour did it just to be spiteful to us, but he wasted the RSPCA's time, they could have been helping an animal who was in trouble instead of looking for a dog that wasn't there!!!

Reply Posted by Deb on Sunday June 24 2012 at 12:13
i totally agree it upsets me so much to hear of this cruelty, i to have a staffy who we love dearly i think the same as you give them the same treatment!!

Reply Posted by julie on Monday June 25 2012 at 10:09
shame on you those poor animals owners should be banned for life from keeping any sort of pet

Reply Posted by Jess on Monday June 25 2012 at 19:34
Poor thingss! :'(
I have a staffy, and if anything bad happened to him, I wouldn't live the same. Animal cruelty is disgusting!