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Parents hit out at school places

Thursday April 28 2016

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PARENTS have hit out after nearly 300 children missed out on their first choice of primary school.

Almost 90 per cent of families applying for reception class places starting in September this year got their first choice, according to figures from Barnsley Council.

But this left ten per cent - 289 kids - missing out on their first choice.

Of those pupils, 98 children were given a place at a school which they hadn’t even included as an option on their application.

Commenting on the Barnsley Chronicle Facebook page, Lyndsay Robertshaw said: “I have come across so many that haven’t got their first choice, most of the kids at our nursery have not got a place at the school they currently attend, us included! It’s a joke!"

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Reply Posted by Lucy J on Thursday April 28 2016 at 11:43
It's not realistic to think that everyone will get their first choice unfortunately. Every class has limited places. If the school is popular it's inevitable some won't get in. That's why you have to pick 3 options. We got our second choice and it's a good school. I do feel for anyone who didn't get any of their choices though. When the decision is just taken out of your hands altogether that doesn't seem right. The overall problem is a lack of outstanding schools across the borough. People often apply further afield to try and get their children into a really good school but the further away they live the less likely it is they will get in. If standards were consistently better this would be much less of an issue

Reply Posted by Paul R on Thursday April 28 2016 at 12:00
We ended up appealing but didn't win and got our son somewhere not even offered but it's an okay place if you ignore the smokers and swearers at the gates like going through the 'stars in their eyes' door. We didn't get first choice which was best for our childcare arrangements, rather those who didn't work but lived few metres closer got in. They told us they never read the text box where you can justify your preference. Shocking.

Reply Posted by Steph Cole in Brierley on Friday April 29 2016 at 15:49

Reply Posted by Itsreyt on Friday April 29 2016 at 17:34
I agree with Steph Cole .. if they weren't born here they should go to the back of the queue .. Let them have the second or third choice ..

Reply Posted by Ray on Tuesday May 3 2016 at 11:09
Gonna get worse 1,000 new homes near where I live and so far I heard one of the developers is helping by paying for 1 new classroom at Mapplewell J & I school.

No news from our council on where the rest of the kids will be going. There won't be any room to build a new school as all the land in mapp is allocated to housing. I have young kids and I think it will be a lottery for their places - I've lived in Mapplewell all my life. It just doesn't seem fair.