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Could A and E figures increase in Barnsley?

Monday April 18 2016

Barnsley Hospital Barnsley Hospital

DAN JARVIS has raised concerns over the closure of   Huddersfield A and E and the pressures it could bring to Barnsley. 

Huddersfield A and E is earmarked for closure, although there are ongoing protests.

He told Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group: “I am increasingly concerned that a decision will be taken to close the A and E department at Huddersfield hospital. If this does happen, it will impact on services here in Barnsley.”

Are you worried about the impact the closure of Huddersfield A and E could have on Barnsley Hospital WABers?

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Reply Posted by Gavelar on Wednesday April 20 2016 at 15:10
I'd be more concerned that there are 20,000 houses due to go up in barnsley in the coming years and as of yet over crowding at schools hospitals and doctors have not been addressed by BMBC yet.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Wednesday April 20 2016 at 22:05
19,000 by 2030 wannit?

Where are the houses gonna go you ask?

Yup you guessed it our precious green belt, but yet "da sheep" still vote the Labour clowns in.

Reply Posted by Rambo on Monday April 25 2016 at 14:43
Dan Jarvis should concern himself with the ever increasing time it takes to see your GP these days.. 2 weeks minimum waiting time to see a Doctor is too long! I don't suppose it has anything to do with the thousands of migrants entering the country.???

Reply Posted by Amber on Monday May 2 2016 at 23:03
Well I'm in Barnsley hosptal and they have had to open the surgical decesion ward for over night tonight because their is no beds left in the hospital so now they've been having to decline people from a&me cause theirs only three staff on this ward

Reply Posted by Jayne on Tuesday May 3 2016 at 19:41
HOUSES !!! Maybe I'm a little lost n the post but the headline is about Huddersfield loosing their A&E, leaving Barnsley one of the nearest A&E departments that people in Huddersfield can access. Those poor people who need emergency services due to life threatening illness or trauma will have to travel further, their families could be left in limbo unable to visit, social services put under further pressure trying to get these folks home again with the right services in place. Barnsley hospital has been dragged into the gutter by its own management, it's under pressure like all hospitals from budget cuts, staff reductions and misuse. Bed shortages, staff shortages, limited equipment and even less funding, is Huddersfield going to be charged for ever cross boundary patient as it should be? And when Barnsley hospital fails to hit impossible targets, has increased debt because out of area patients are not being paid for from local GP budgets... Then what close Barnsley, every councillor, every resident of Barnsley and Huddersfield should take a vested interest in this as it effects everyone.... How will you feel when you mum, dad, child, wife, husband is turned away from your local hospital because it's full of people from out of area, or worse their is no local hospital.....

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