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WAB Debate: Barnsley's new cinema

Tuesday April 12 2016

Parkway Cinema Parkway Cinema

THE COUNCIL will decide on an operator for a new cinema in Barnsley this summer. 

The council is planning to build a new multiplex as part of the Better Barnsley project - throwing rival plans to build a cinema in the Alhambra into dissaray.

But, despite the council's plans, the owners of the Alhambra say talks for their planned cinema are ongoing. 

Would you like to see a new cinema in Barnsley WABers? If so, would you prefer one in the Alhambra or at the council's planned location near the new Market Gate car park?

If a cinema is built, what else would you like to see included in the multiplex? Do you think a new cinema would attract visitors to the town? What about Parkway Cinema? Would the money be better spent elsewhere?

Leave your comments below.

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Reply Posted by YP on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 15:18
So possibly 3 cinema's in the town centre? absolutely ludicrous, all three half empty and shut within 12 months. Leave it to the council, there's only enough custom for one. l can't see Parkway surviving when a multiplex opens, its unfortunate but that's what happens.

A cinema would see life return to the town, families are currently going to Meadowhall for a meal and pictures night so hopefully they will return and breathe life back into the town. It should drove out the drunks & druggies,

Reply Posted by KF on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 17:32
Cineworld cinema with nandos restaurant. Both are missing from Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Ada on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 17:43
How sad for Parkway? It's a lovely cinema with friendly staff. Penistone cinema is lovely as well. Barnsley is not a multiplex cinema place. Please leave well alone. It's not broke so DON'T fix it.

Reply Posted by Jacko on Thursday April 14 2016 at 12:12
Every town in the country is a multiplex town.

To be honest I have been to the old Odeon / newer parkway maybe twice in my lifetime.

The amount of people from Barnsley who travel further afield will surprise you. We need a multiplex, but around this we need food facilities, decent bars to entice people to go there instead of travelling out of Barnsley to use their facilities.

There are some quality places to eat, who would do better if there was an cinema attraction close by.

You just can’t compare Parkway to Cineworld, Parkway is maybe as good as Vue in Meadowall. But Showcase and Cineworld will always be far better, so people will go to those.

Reply Posted by AL on Thursday April 14 2016 at 15:52
Absolutely spot on. I wish we had some figures of the people using Meadowhall/Wakefield Multiplex that are from Barnsley, l bet its a decent percentage. The current restaurants would also see an increase as you quite rightly say.

But folk will continue to moan at change/BMBC etc etc. Leaving it the way it is and the town was dying on it's ar$e, thank god the town centre is eventually going ahead.

Reply Posted by Michael pownall on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 19:22
Why change something and waste money on something when we already have a nice cinema and it's cheap start building multicomplex rubbish and prices go up

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 19:29
Daren't comment.....my friend Ada might tell me off !

Reply Posted by Ada on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 19:37

Reply Posted by Becky Williams on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 20:38
I think the town centre location will be better cos it's near the bus and train station. I think they should use the opportunity to put in some more restaurants, popular chains & maybe even something like a bowling alley. It would be great for Barnsley to have a major cinema, although I feel sorry for Parkway because it will probably struggle to stay open if a multiplex is opened.

Reply Posted by Julie on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 21:12
I agree with Ada!

Reply Posted by Jordan Williams on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 07:48
It will be good for town. It was save people having to go to Sheff or Meadowhall to the cinema, and it will mean there's something for people to do. It will be better than anything we already have. Parkway is good but it's only small, and only shows select films.

Reply Posted by Alison Taylor on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 09:15
It's fantastic news for Barnsley. I can't wait to go to a modern cinema. I hope they include some popular restaurants. I think it would create a modern vibe in the town centre too. Hopefully it will attract more people to Barnsley and stop people from having to go all the way to Sheffield or Wakefield.

Reply Posted by Jacko on Thursday April 14 2016 at 12:16
We already have some very good restaurants in town.

But I agree, a Las Iguana’s and a La Tasca close by would be ideal. Never understood the Nando’s fascination though, give me a steakhouse, good curry , greek / Turkish restaurant (Lemon Tree) or an Italian any day. And we have all those in town.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 11:44
Ha Ha Standard council, If it's not broken - let's break it.

I find it absolutely shocking the way they are treating Parkway Cinema - an independent cinema that when Odeon decided to up sticks decided to take it on. Okay it's not the prettiest but I think they've done a cracking job of providing something we would otherwise have been without.

Their reward - the beloeved council building something they promised 15 years ago and never got round to. What's more we seem to be getting one in the Alhambra as well!!!

I just find it all a bit crazy - and since when did you have to build a cinema for an operator? It's clear that businesses like cineworld don't value Barnsley as a venue otherwise they would have built their own so what happens if it's not profitable again - they will withdraw, parkway may well be gone and we end up with no cinema again.

Reply Posted by al on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 15:16
Someone like Cineworld will soon value Barnsley has a venue, just wait until it opens and whoever (Odeon/Cineworld) will see the numbers its generates. A bit like Costa, they build one and its packed everyday so much so they build another one on the outskirts of town. The consumer for all these places is there but they are off to Meadowhall because we don't have the facilities. Build it and they will come, they town centre will look unrecognisable in 2 years time, day and night, life will return.

Reply Posted by Me, Here, Now on Thursday April 14 2016 at 12:51
When do you have to build a cinema for an operator? There`s a Procurement term...."kick-back payments" It`s worth looking on Google for the definition.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 18:50
We had an Odeon Al they bailed out when they no longer saw us as profitable

Reply Posted by Jacko on Thursday April 14 2016 at 12:20
Because it is old fashioned and not as advanced as the modern multiplex.

Why would you pay to go somewhere old and dated when you can go to a modern complex with lots of popular bars and restaurants in close walking distance.

It’s like paying the same amount of money to go on holiday in Brid or pay similar for a week in Mallorca or wherever.

Reply Posted by al on Thursday April 14 2016 at 15:55
You've answered him for me. With teenage kids l always say "why don't you go to Parkway" instead of Meadowhall... "Its not a multiplex and its old, it needs updating".

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 22:00
If the council are involved it's guaranteed they will make a right royal balls up of it !!!!

Reply Posted by Miffed! on Thursday April 14 2016 at 18:20
It would be lovely to have a decent cinema in town. It would also be lovely to be able to walk through town without witnessing abuse, foul language, drug dealing. You can make town as lovely as you like but until the problems are addressed it will never be a pleasure to visit.

Reply Posted by julie on Thursday April 14 2016 at 18:51
We need some where for our young people keep them off the streets

Reply Posted by Naughtynorman on Friday April 15 2016 at 18:42
Julie we already have. They are called young offender institutions!!!!! Only joking!!!

Reply Posted by sarah on Sunday April 17 2016 at 23:28
I would prefer near bus station, due the parking would be free for te cinema goers and I would like a cineworld so that I wouldn't have to travel to Wakefield or Sheffield to use my cineworld cinema card

Reply Posted by Jules on Wednesday May 4 2016 at 06:53
A new cineworld multiplex cinema would be great boost to the rebuild of our town, a Nandos would be amazing too for families and reduce the drive to out of town multiplexes.
The council also need to address the masses of drunks and druggies that hang round the town, this puts people off visiting the town centre.

Reply Posted by Nigel on Wednesday February 1 2017 at 21:12
Not really bothered as long as they don't shut down the parkway cinema