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Life expectancy low in Barnsley

Tuesday April 12 2016

Barnsley Council Barnsley Council

BARNSLEY is ranked in the bottom five local authorities in England for healthy life expectancy at birth, according to a new report issued by the council. 

The report - released by the Director of Public Health Julia Burrows - states that out of 150 local authorities, Barnsley ranks at 146th for a male's healthy life expectancy, and 149th for a female's.

Life expectancy as a whole in Barnsley is also lower than the national average.

The report states that the life expectancy for a male in Barnsley is 78.4 years, while the expectancy for a female is 81.8. 

For a male, this is 1.1 years less than the national average, and 1.4 years less for a female.

The council has outlined a number of areas it aims to tackle in order to improve these statistics, including social, economic and environmental issues.

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Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 12:06
This should help people realise the injustice of pensions.

Rich people live longer and claim more, poor people often don't live long enough to claim.

One way of addressing this would be to tailor retirement and pensions according to life expectancy.

Homeless people have a life expectancy of just 47 years in the UK. Retirement at 40 would allow them an average 7 years of retirement.

If average life expectancy in Barnsley is 78.4 for men and 81.8 for women, and these are 1.1 and 1.4 years less than the national average respectively, the average length of retirement in Barnsley is some 13.4 and 16.8 years assuming retirement age of 65.

Be realistic though, many rich people with jobs that do not harm health much, for example public sector workers, will have retired at 55 and live till their 90s. getting in some 35+ years of retirement.

The difference in life expectancy in the town itself, from the richest borough to the poorest is some ten or so years. Looking at individuals I can think of quite a few of my peers who are dying before they reach 30, of car accidents, violent attacks and suicide, whilst other people live well into their 90s.

We live in a nation where there is great transfer from young to old, and old people have never had it so good, young people though, have it very bad, and many of them are already dying, many decades before they reach pension age.

It is a great injustice, yet the state takes ever greater amounts from the young who have nothing to give to the old who have everything they need already.

Why should a poor person be able to claim nothing. And a rich person be allowed to claim very large sums for decades.

they have worked all their lives - people say.But working for 30 years after 20 years of childhood then spending 30-40 years retired is not working all your life, it is but working for less than half of it.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 12:11
What do you expect. The councillors would rather spend the money on useless statues and finding better ways to rip everyone off. It would be better spent making Barnsley hospital better because you go to Barnsley medical services and they don't do anything and the hospital is the worst in the country. Then we here might live abit longer.

Reply Posted by Al on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 18:32
Have you all walked round Barnsley? Smoking, obesity, scoffing on junk food, this isn't BMBC fault! And l don't even vote Labour, stop blaming the council for everything. People should look at healthier lifestyles, the sight of some families walking about is disgusting, and they're able to breed. Poor babies.

Reply Posted by Really? on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 19:34
Hardly surprising when limited money is prioritised for building new council buildings and regeneration of the town centre - rather than spending it on tackling the real issues. The "not on my doorstep" mentality of councillors just sweep issues under the carpet and appease those that voted them in. Little will improve until there is a real commitment and reinvestment in services that support those that are disadvantaged. But that's not a vote winner is it?

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 22:04
Tom, what the chuff are you going on about ? homeless people should retire at 40 ??? The injustice is life not bloody pensions

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