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Better Barnsley releases more project details

Monday April 11 2016

Artist's impression of the new market Artist's impression of the new market

BETTER BARNSLEY has released a list of key project milestones that will take place over the coming months.

This month, work will continue on the May Day Green Market building, with the structure and roof of the market set to be started. 

In May, the new 151 space Market Gate Car Park is scheduled to be opened.

In August, the semi-open market wil move into the new May Day Green Market, and consist of 84 stalls, a cafe and toilet facilities. 

Finally, in September, the existing market's multi-storey car park and the ground slab on Market Parade will be demolished. 

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Reply Posted by Will on Monday April 11 2016 at 19:54
I struggle To get Parked in town especially on a Saturday. This new car park looks to have about a quarter of the spaces that the multi storey has. How's that good for business. Fighting for parking will put shoppers off coming to town even more. Well done!!

Reply Posted by Dave on Monday April 11 2016 at 22:46
@Will I hear what your saying but I've been coming to Barnsley for 30 years and I've not parked in the old car park in 29, as its a vile smelly hole but I will use this new one? Taking down all the old concrete crap is the best thing for our fabulous town, and I can't wait for the new look and certainly can't wait for the new cinema and food places so I can come and spend my money in my own town as opposed spending it in Meadowhell, this should have been done years ago.

Reply Posted by Hmm on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 17:47
Just because you don't use the multi story doesn't mean others don't. The new carpark has 249 LESS spaces than the one it is replacing, so where do all the cars go? The multi story holds 499 cars so if just 151 of those people park in the new carpark how are you going to park in it when there will already be a queue of over 200 people waiting for a space? You don't use the multi-story but a lot of people do and it can get really full at peak times. Replacing a large carpark with a small one is very short sighted.

Reply Posted by Al on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 18:35
What about the other car park in the plans? What's that hold?

Reply Posted by Dee on Monday April 11 2016 at 23:45
That Barnsley sign looks like it straight from an 90's sea side arcade. We need modern not retro

Reply Posted by Paul on Tuesday April 12 2016 at 13:09
And it'll more than likely cost you a month's wages to park there

Reply Posted by al on Wednesday April 13 2016 at 15:11
The parking fees are out in the plan presented to BMBC:
8 am to 6 pm Mondays to Saturdays £1.20 per hour
Midnight to 8 am on Mondays, 6 pm to 8 am )
On the following day on Mondays to Fridays; ) £1.00 (any period)
And 6 pm to midnight on Saturdays )

Stop finding something to moan about. There's also another car park that will be situated on the other side of the lines, architects plans are available to view online, more updated ones than the ones on the council website.