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Decision expected on traveller site

Thursday April 7 2016

The Grange Lane traveller site The Grange Lane traveller site

A DECISION will be made next month on whether a Stairfoot site for gypsies and travellers will reopen.

Council bosses will decide whether the 11 pitch site on Grange Lane should open back up after closing last April.

The site was shut after residents voiced concerns over the behaviour of travellers, who were accused of overstaying their welcome. 

The council had imposed a maximum stay of 14 days, but this was ignored by nine caravans who only moved after the council opened legal proceedings.

It was decided following the closure that further consultation was needed with residents before a decision is taken on whether to reopen the site.  

A decision on the site's future is expeted to go before council chiefs at a ruling cabinet meeting in May.

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Reply Posted by Jacko on Thursday April 7 2016 at 12:57
Stupid to consider this considering the behavior and crime last time.

I had my car broken into at the Restaurant by there last time, nothing was in it to steal.

Reply Posted by anon on Thursday April 7 2016 at 15:14
I also hope that the cost of clearing up after them will be taken into consideration, do they get charged at all for staying on this land.

Reply Posted by Sandra Kilner on Thursday April 7 2016 at 15:28
And are they going to allow a public meeting ? They were supposed to charge £11 per night but no money was ever collected. They tried to remove tbe gates, they ran the site saying was allowed and who wasn't. The site was occupied by some serious villainous travellers, some of who are now in prison for serious criminal offences. You may be asking how I know this, it was told to me only last week by the traveller liaison officer at Barnsley council. So we
have to ask do we want peoplei like this living in the area. Afull public meeting should be arranged. Nothing less would be acceptable

Reply Posted by grimreaper on Thursday April 7 2016 at 18:38

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Thursday April 7 2016 at 20:41
The good old council will only start acting on the behalf of the permanent residents,
when BMBC grow a pair, and get over their innate FEAR of the pikies !

Reply Posted by grimreaper on Friday April 8 2016 at 20:12
the council are toothless and spineless for pandering to the whims of these inbreds

Reply Posted by Micwic on Thursday April 7 2016 at 22:27
The cost to the council once again - when it all goes wrong due to crime of all magnitudes - yes I did say crime and you know I'm right will be enormous, that money could be spent on potholes!!!!!!!!, just a thought - please do not reopen - in simple words, it will be a mistake and you will be sorry!

Reply Posted by Robo on Thursday April 7 2016 at 22:47
Your haveing a laugh aren't you all they bring is worry and upset and illegal activity they have no manners they go to the toilet any where they want to they leave a total mess they steal they cause damage and have no respect for the residents the area should be made in to some thing for the kids and local community that pay there taxes that earn an honest living yes not all the traveler community are the same but 9.5/10 are thugs and disrespectful if you put it to the locals every one would agree to keep it closed and say no to the travelers

Reply Posted by Sembo on Friday April 8 2016 at 08:48
Rather not have biligerent gypsies causing bother at local (Black Bull)
We're fine as we are thanks

Reply Posted by grimreaper on Friday April 8 2016 at 20:12
BAN THEM , simples

Reply Posted by Anon on Friday April 8 2016 at 17:40
This is a joke, yes the residents were consulted on the initial opening, for what good this did, they totally ignored everything we said, our overall joint opinion was, we did not want the site there. They were to stay for no longer than 2 weeks and to pay a charge for this. As per, no money was ever collected, they overstayed there 2 week stay so guess what, it cost the council to move them on again. As for the statement they closed it pending consultation with the residents, really, we have not heard a thing since it closed!!

Reply Posted by Naughtynorman on Saturday April 9 2016 at 09:32
Well said all.
I live in the Kingston area, and we have had these low life criminal inbreds on the playing fields in recent times. I phoned our spineless council on several occasions after dodging human excrament on the public footpaths around the site. I was asked by the council employee how I knew it was human? Now being a considerate dog owner and picking up **** on a regular basis, I have never seen mine , or any other dog for that matter wipe its arse with toilet paper and stick it in the top!!!!! We must at some point take a stand against these scum, and the revolting habits, customs, and behaviours that accompany them.

Reply Posted by Naughtynorman on Saturday April 9 2016 at 09:36
Can anybody convince me as to what these scum contribute to society????
Other than misery to others???

Reply Posted by sheila on Sunday April 10 2016 at 07:59
why reopen it for them to course trouble and make alot of mess becouse they don't keep any site clean come on Council listen to us all i bet if this site was next door to you it wouldn't even be there in the first place so why reopen it keep it closed.

Reply Posted by McDonald's on Sunday April 10 2016 at 12:42
It's a disgrace that they are Evan considering reopening the site. All they did last time was make people's life he'll and never payed attention the there children trashing local areas and use McDonald's as a play area and trashed it day and night no body wasn't them around stairfoot or anywhere for that matter

Reply Posted by steve on Sunday April 10 2016 at 13:51
The utter contempt the travelers has for people outside their community Is borderline on racist,they look upon the surrounding community as a resource to
abuse,to steal from,to lie to and to pollute, to take as much as they can from and to give nothing in return,they contribute nothing in the form of taxes and flout our laws and our way of life, They pay for nothing and yet they have tons of money to spend on big weddings, funerals, Holy Communion and confirmation and of course for cars and vans!,Yet when they leave an area the local tax payers have to pay on average £35,000 a yr to clean up after them,and Barnsley Council want to invite them back hoping no-doubt this time they will promise to pay £11 a night ,move on after 14 nights and clean up after themselves,no change,I remember them fouling the layby on fish dam lane,monk bretton,the council provided them with a 10 ton skip to put rubbish in,when they left they took it with them ,empty of cause.I wonder how many times the council would allow you to leave a bag of rubbish household waste emptied on the town hall steps,your right ,only once and after that your up before the courts on a charge of fly tipping with a fine of around £450,

Reply Posted by fred on Sunday April 10 2016 at 13:57
Travellers remain isolated from the rest of society, and in most cases this is their choice. Outside visitors to traveler sites are usually not welcome and are often met with aggressive suspicion.
The fact is that Travellers like to be separate from the rest of society, a stance that is encouraged by traveler men in particular.
Traveller society is a patriarchy is which the man marries early, is self-employed, works for cash doing odd jobs, deals in scrap and other items, takes his children out of school early so they don’t absorb settled ways, lives on a site surrounded by his extended family, and dislikes many of the things that the settled community strives for like a nice house and a steady job.
All of this means that Travellers tend to see the rest of society as alien. It means that they do not have a bond with or loyalty to the rest of society, and that means some of them see society as something to be exploited. This lack of identity with the settled community also means that scams, petty crime and creating a lot of rubbish left for others to clean up is acceptable behavior.
There are more serious problems as well. Marauding gangs of Travellers have been involved in obscenely vicious attacks on old people in isolated rural areas, although thugs from the settled community have been involved as well. In recent years younger Travellers have become involved in the drugs trade.
There are regular outbreaks of violence caused by traveler family feuds and the aftermath of bare knuckle boxing contests. These can be terrifying for people from the settled community who witness them and sometimes involve the use of weapons like slash hooks, machetes, clubs and so on.
Although no official figures for the number of Travellers in prison here are provided, various reports have put it at between five and 10 percent of the prison population, even though Travellers make up around one quater of one percent of the population in general.
It is important to say that the majority of Travellers do live settled, law abiding lives. But it important also to face up to the fact that a number are involved in crime, from petty to serious, and this frequently impacts the settled community.
That affects the attitude of the settled community. But probably more important in general is the way Travellers are disengaged from the rest of society. That separateness often means they have a attitude to all kinds of rules and regulations, from paying taxes to the disposal of rubbish, rules that the rest of society is forced to follow. That also causes deep resentment.

Reply Posted by Naughtynorman on Sunday April 10 2016 at 17:22
Fred, a very well rounded summary of the traveller way of life. The fact is the majority are dirty villainous scum who defecate on public footpaths and playing fields, and would readily scam anyone, and I mean anyone. Even from within their own subhuman society. The law is law, you and I would be expected to follow. Just because they have a transient lifestyle shouldn't mean that they are not held to account, but very rarely they are. Just moving from place to place causing misery,mayhem and quite possibly disease due to their behaviours.

Reply Posted by George on Sunday April 10 2016 at 20:00
good balenced comment fred.

Reply Posted by s on Sunday April 10 2016 at 20:42
No problem,let them re-enter the area again,only this time microchip them

Reply Posted by Angry from Tarn on Monday April 11 2016 at 22:17
Firstly Ms Dyson why don't you have this site near to where you live eh ? We simply do not want you to spend our hard earned public monies on this farce .
For 1 , how will it be policed ? 2, who clears all the rubbish including dirty nappies and sanitary wear up when they leave ? 3 , local residents do not feel safe , call us racist or indeed any 'Ist' you like but you and or any other counsellors would not want it adjacent to their home , or prove me wrong and have it in Cawthorn or Penistone ? We the local residents who vote you counsellors in should take heed, we can always vote for another party !
If this does go ahead with scant regard for local residents can you please fully inform me how you intend to collect council tax , as well as charge them for utilities ? In the spirit of the prime ministers current disclosure then disclose all the councils income from such a site then we may have a modecome of understanding of how such a site can boost our towns business / trade etc .... Never going to happen though is it ?
Please do not let this farce continue !!!

Reply Posted by Julie Massey on Wednesday February 8 2017 at 00:13
Is it true the Traveller site is going to be reopened?

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