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'Pay by phone' car parking coming to Barnsley

Tuesday April 5 2016

Car parking Car parking

PLANS are underway to introduce 'pay by phone' car parking in Barnsley.

The car park on the former CEAG site, which has been created as part of the council’s £54m Better Barnsley scheme, will be the first to trial the new way of paying.

If successful, the ‘pay by phone’ technology will be rolled out to other car parks.

As the ‘pay by phone’ option is cashless, motorists will be able to top up their parking period without having to return to the car park, subject to maximum limits on stay.

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Reply Posted by Gary on Tuesday April 5 2016 at 20:33
Too late mate, I don't come to Barnsley anymore. Much easier to shop at Meadowhall and avoid all the daft parking charges.

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Tuesday April 5 2016 at 20:40
Too true Gary.

Reply Posted by Jacko on Thursday April 7 2016 at 13:06
This makes no sense. Its free to park in town on a weekend and has been now for years. Even if you paid £1.60 (I think for up to 2 hours) that is a lot cheaper than driving and parking for free at Meadowhall.

Even in an economy car you will be looking at £4 return at least, in a bigger 1.6 engine size car that could maybe be £ 6 return.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Saturday April 9 2016 at 10:03
Spot on Gary.
I refuse to go into town until something is done about the p*ssed up idiots that congregate around peel street lavs and the smackrats pestering for "busfare".
Meadowhall every time for me!
Went just the other day and got some right bargains, there and back in less than an hour and half, free parking, nice warm and pleasant surroundings and probably less that £3 return in fuel.

Reply Posted by Me, Here, Now on Tuesday April 5 2016 at 21:56
So while this £52M redevelopment of the town is underway what steps are the council taking to tempt new shops, and in turn shoppers into town ? And I don't mean more charity or pound shops.
I've lived in Barnsley all my life, and no longer shop in town because there's nothing left. I'll stick to Meadowhall.

Reply Posted by Jimbo on Wednesday April 6 2016 at 09:49
Plenty of articles online providing info on this.

However, I'll provide you with a quote, "The DMO will work with Barnsley Council to secure private sector funding from a property company or institutional investor to build out the second phase of the Better Barnsley scheme, developing approximately 200,000 sq ft of retail and leisure on the plots created as part of the demolition undertaken for Better Barnsley phase one. This element of the scheme will bring shops. restaurants and leisure facilities to add to the library, public square and refurbished market.

The DMO will work with the council over an 18 month period to design the leisure and retail units, begin the pre letting to retail and leisure operators and work with the council to secure private sector investment to build out the second phase"

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Thursday April 7 2016 at 09:46
Jimbo I take it you're working for or with the BMBC the fact that you use acronyms of DMO?

You are aware that Barnsley Council have been trying to secure private investment in Barnsley town centre for nigh on 15 years without any joy.

Indeed BMBC haven't even finished the retail space for the civic white elephant.

What will happen when they don't come? probably the same as the remaking barnsley 1249 Regeneration Partnership and god knows how many other quangos we've had.

Just a quick quote from BMBC back in April 2005 on the market project after multiplex the guys who were supposed to do the first markett project fell down "The council said it hoped work would begin on the scheme by 2007." And people wonder why the council is met with such scepticism

Reply Posted by Jimbo on Friday April 8 2016 at 14:21
I never used the acronym - I'll assume you don't understand what a quote is?
I'm more than aware of what has been going on in the town centre and all the failed attempts at redevelopment. However, I'm also aware of the fact that we've had a change of government and been through years of recession. At least the current development is actually producing results. Even if all the tired 70's buildings are demolished and we only see the Metropolitan Centre refurbished (funding is already secured for this btw!) it'll look a damn site better than it did!

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Monday April 11 2016 at 18:06
Jimbob, I understand what a quote is, however if you're using a quote it's usually quite useful to put it in context and not assume that when you're using a passage with an acronym in that the reader has read the rest of the article, especially when there's no reference to it in the bit you've provided - just a tip.

Anyhoo the current development is producing results - hurrah only 20 years too late - as the comments above show people with cash shop in Meadowhall, less drunks, more choice and 15 minutes down the motorway - a better offer.

The current development is a watered down version of what was initially a £150 Million pound development-although without as much as a shovel in the ground for the new stuff the costs are escalating.

What are we actually getting? We get to keep the some ugly buildings. We're getting a new cinema (we already have one!) and a new library as we demolished the last one. Apart from those what else? I'm hardly aghast

Also how long is it going to be acceptable for our council to blame the government and recession on Barnsley's problems? The plans were announced in around 2000 7 or 8 years before the recession and 10 years before the government changed hands.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Thursday April 14 2016 at 15:33
Totally agree Gavelar.
As I have mentioned previously, the problem with Barnsley is everything shuts at 5.P.M sharp and town is hardly a nice place to visit in the dark.
To drag town kicking and screaming into the 20th century people have to embrace the "café culture" like Leeds, Sheffield and some other areas have.
The problem with the people of this town is they are firmly stuck in the past, look at Walkabout when they "DARED" to put chairs outside their bar, people were OUTRAGED!
Shows the narrow mindedness of people dunnit?
People don't want to sit in dogholes when the weather is nice so the café culture needs to be top priority as does some more nice places to eat.
As far as the cinema is concerned, I went to watch Star Wars just before XMAS at Parkway. The place is ok, nothing special but a simple lick of paint to the exterior, getting rid of that godawful colour would entice more punters in.

BMBC have ALWAYS blamed the Tories whenever they are in power, I am not saying that the budget cuts aren't having a detrimental effect on the town as it is evidently clear they are, but all Houghton has ever bleated about is the Tory cuts, yes Sir Steve Houghton, the King Chimp in the newly renovated municipal ivory tower, who ALLOWED himself to be KNIGHTED under a Tory government and had the absolute CHEEK to claim £30,000 expenses last year despite earning more than the man tasked with running the country!

Attitudes of the local populous need to change as do their voting habits, the Labour PARASITES have done NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING for this once proud town apart from squander tens of millions of pounds on ridiculous and vanity projects that no one wants and ,let any Tom, Dick and Harry build thousands of houses wherever they god damn like!

Reply Posted by Karen on Wednesday April 6 2016 at 09:32
I moved from the south to Barnsley for 11yrs while people in Barnsley are lovely shopping is awful I agree you have no choice but to shop medowhall or Leeds but the only reason for free parking is the amount the shops pay in huge rents they are charged also there are no independent shops in medowhall but I agree Barnsley is full of pound shops and cafes it looks run down and parking is absolutely useless

Reply Posted by John Briscoe on Wednesday April 6 2016 at 12:23
I learned a real lesson at the effects of car parking charges recently.

I spent three nights in York and the cost of parking was for four days because even on my leaving day the parking started charging at 4.30am £15.50 per day came to £62.00.

I will never go in the car to York ever again. Shopkeepers were furious at what the council were doing to their businesses. Barnsley council are just as stupid so we will wait and see.

Reply Posted by asdf on Wednesday April 6 2016 at 17:41
Why didn't you use the park and ride? Or even just park somewhere else not far away and get the bus in? Would have saved you about £50.

Reply Posted by Jfjfu on Wednesday April 6 2016 at 20:35
Another reason for me to not come to town. They have it in york, it's a nightmare.

Reply Posted by kathy on Wednesday April 6 2016 at 21:09
we need some decent shops in barnsley now. i shop online but would much rather shop in town if there were shops to buy from .......

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Thursday April 7 2016 at 09:32
Here is your logic from BMBC. The problem, people no longer want to shop in town because it's dirty run down and has no shops.

The solution from BMBC build a new car park and make it more difficult to pay. Barnsley has already lost more than market share to meadowhall that offers more than Barnsley can without putting reasons to not go in there

The reason that they have this thing in York is because it's an international destination and people use the car park for more than one day and parking is expensive therefore you need more than a pocketful of change to pay.

If you do a google search on councils that have introduced these measures you will see the amount of annoyance they have caused to car owners and business owners.

I've used this system and I hate the whole idea. Why should I give my card details to a private company to do with as they wish.

What if I don't have my phone/card with me?

What about the elderly that aren't so tech savvy?

Yet another shortsighted plan by BMBC. Their motto should be "if it ain't broken - let's break it."

Reply Posted by Ada on Thursday April 7 2016 at 15:52
What a silly idea! My husband, who is in his late 70s, had earmarked parking there when Barnsley are at home. He doesn't have or want for that matter a mobile phone! It's impossible to find a spot on courthouse car park on a sat, he parks off Summer Lane and walks in. Who makes these silly decisions? Monster Raving Looony Party springs to mind!!

Reply Posted by Jimbo on Friday April 8 2016 at 14:24
I'm pretty certain you can pay using a debit card, cash OR by phone :) The machines are already installed and clearly show a card and cash slot.