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Parents hit out at play area graffiti

Wednesday March 30 2016

Locke Park Locke Park

ANGRY parents have hit out at sexually explicit graffiti marked on a children's play area.

The play area at Locke Park was covered in the obscene language, and was only reported to the council yesterday. 

One concerned mum, who discovered the graffiti when taking her children to the play area said: "There are quite a few small children, including my own, having to look at it. It's absolutely disgusting."

The offending graffiti has now be cleaned up by the council, but there are fears by some parents that other areas will be targeted. 

Wendy Lowder, acting Executive Director of Communities, said: "Play areas are checked daily by the parks gardeners and if any graffiti is found they will attempt to remove it themselves, or failing that report it to the Graffiti Team who will remove it as soon as possible.

"We ask the public to please report any graffiti they find in play areas and parks directly to the Parks Service on 01226 774356, there is an answer machine and all messages will be dealt with."

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Reply Posted by Jacko on Wednesday March 30 2016 at 13:00
Annoying this is the police will know who has done this but probably can’t do anything other than a slapped wrist and hop their parents deal with it.

But it due to their upbringing why they do things like this.

Sort it out…. We know who doing it, at some point soon folk will crack at take matters into their own hands. It will be the same group causing all the trouble lately.

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday March 30 2016 at 15:17
There is a cctv camera in the play area of the park I'm guessing it's not manned then? I had to get some kids to get off the cafe roof as they were messing around on it the other day. I suppose this will happen without a proper park warden to watch over it all

Reply Posted by grimreaper on Saturday April 2 2016 at 18:30
the reaper urges all citizens of barnsley to be vigilant and aprehend the lowlife offenders.,
Perhaps a good old thrashing should be administered i say

ipso Regulated