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Thurnscoe Pub Redevelopment Approved

Tuesday June 19 2012

PLANS to convert the site of a Thurnscoe pub into a retail development have been given the go-ahead by the council.

Robert Suret was given permission to redevelop the site of the Thurnscoe Hotel on Houghton Road into new shop units.

The planning report said: "The Thurnscoe Hotel has operated primarily as a public house over recent years but was closed in 2010 and delicenced. Although the closure of any business is regrettable, it is not unexpected that these particular premises have closed due to the economic situation regarding public houses, both locally and nationally. The proposal seeks to obtain a suitable alternative use."

The plan has been given outline permission, which means more details will need to be provided at a later date.

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Reply Posted by Nigel Croft on Tuesday June 19 2012 at 19:42
Shame, would make a great Wetherspoons. Now the people of Thurnscoe have one pub (Butchers Arms) and a few clubs in which they can hold any sort of community socials. If this goes ahead it would be a great loss for the people of Thurnscoe. A good ran pub would attract business not just from locals but passing trade. The people of Thurnscoe should oppose any sort of change of use to the building.

Reply Posted by jo on Tuesday June 19 2012 at 20:05
disagree with the above comment bet thing that happened when it closed would love to see it turned into retail stores ome think like a min market as that is something thurnscoe lacks diffrent trades all under one roof look forward to see what happens

Reply Posted by Morleys05 on Thursday June 21 2012 at 19:04
 glad its guna be done sumat with, its a reyt dive sik of seeing it wish it wud get knocked darn already, a petrol station would be useful !!!!!

Reply Posted by I5h4n on Thursday June 21 2012 at 19:19
should put market back on top-nr roundabout--

Reply Posted by Adam on Thursday June 21 2012 at 19:30
I wonder where the procede's of the sale will go.As i'm led to believe the building and especially the land it sits on is the property of the people of Thurnscoe.Can't help thinking theres foul play involved.

Reply Posted by Ann on Tuesday July 10 2012 at 16:28
Shouldn't said proposals be made public so that residents can comment and agree if it's what the community wants? After all we do live here!
There has been no indication as to what these units will be opening up as!
How many fast food and betting shops does one village need?
Barnsley council should be more vigilant in passing proposals and encourage the promotion of expanding the pockets of people rather than their girth!

Reply Posted by Frank on Thursday October 18 2012 at 13:38
I must agree with Ann about some sort of local consultation, it would be nice to see Thurnscoe get something it needs rather than what some one in an ivory tower thinks it should have. Bare in mind... the village is sprinkled with closed shops already! and like Adam says, was this land gifted to the people of Thurnscoe by Thornley Taylor at the begining of the last centuary... who will profit from this?

Reply Posted by tom on Saturday January 11 2014 at 20:37
the old hotel is an eyesore in the village.a priority in my view is a much needed petrol station which would benifit the residents of the village.failing this the next thing we require is a bank.i would like to no how many villages the size of thurnscoe have none of these facilities

Reply Posted by Warrior on Saturday January 11 2014 at 20:51
Never been to Thurnscoe all I remember it was a tuff area, hardworking pit area must have pumped thousands into local economy whats gone wrong.

Reply Posted by glenda on Monday September 29 2014 at 02:21
In the 60s early70s my mother and dad owned thurnscoe hotel.george and trissie .loved the place and it was always busy.weekends were packed with disco or a group and tap room was always busy.miss it .if I won lottery would buy it back do it up and keep it.you can dream can,t u.

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