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£2.5 Million Bonus Expected For 'Troubled Families' Overhaul

Tuesday June 19 2012

Tim Cheetham Tim Cheetham

HUNDREDS of troubled families in Barnsley are to get extra help in a bid to get children off the streets and get adults back to work.

Barnsley Council has signed up for the government's 'Troubled Families' scheme which could see them net a £2.5 million bonus if it manages to turn around the lives of the borough's most challenging families.

It means up to 645 families will get extra help to get children off the streets and into school, reduce youth crime and antisocial behaviour and put adults on a path back to work.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles said: "We cannot go on spending so much taxpayers' money on such a small amount of families without turning their lives around once and for all. This programme is a unique opportunity to do so."

Barnsley's Coun Tim Cheetham said it was fantastic news, as about 80 per cent of the children's services budget in Barnsley was spend on about five per cent of families.

The new scheme works on a 'payment by results basis', meaning the government will pay the council up to £4,000 per family if it tackles problems of high rates of truancy, youth crime and antisocial behaviour or puts parents 'on a path back to work'.

Coun Cheetham said: "It could potentially mean millions to Barnsley. It's a drop in the ocean compared to the £60m cuts we're faced with, but these areas we are talking about are the areas we just can't cut anyway, so any additional funding is obviously welcome.

"This is an opportunity for agencies to work together to build on what we are already doing to turn around the lives of families with additional needs, including those involved in crime and antisocial behaviour, those out
of work and not ready for work, and children who are not in school."

The government says the families targeted by this scheme cost the tax payer about £9bn a year nationally.

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Reply Posted by M-hurd on Wednesday June 20 2012 at 07:44
what a load of bull  why not help pepole that  get   all shit of them so called kids  

Reply Posted by Greenginger on Friday June 22 2012 at 21:12
It is obvious that most resources ( police, social services, etc) are constantly used and currently wasted on the same problem people. I shan't call them families. They are the ones involved with drugs, crime, abuse, neglect and chlidrens problems not to mention social issues.
Due to so called human rights, outdated court systems and funding cuts for the likes of the Police these people will only grow in numbers. Do we really want our kids to go to school with other disruptive pupils? Do we want unemployment to continue to be a way of life for the people of Barnsley?
The typical attitude (as shown by M-hurd) is to complain about money being spent on these problem folks. How else will it be resolved? Education and intervention is needed and that only happens with money. If we continue to ignore this issue and moan like spoilt brats that we are missing out, then the problems will grow.

Reply Posted by Jo-jo on Friday June 22 2012 at 22:19
Barnsley needs inspiration to make most people believe in themselves more and aspire to opportunities that are out there in other towns . come on barnsley people get behind all new ideas to pick this town back up to where we use to be be proud where we come from but be open to new aspirations .

Reply Posted by Jason on Friday June 22 2012 at 22:49
Instead of giving to the families that that constantly neglect their children and their responsibilities, why not give it to the ones that care and want the best for their children, but are finding things a bit difficult at the moment. Surely they deserve it more!

Reply Posted by Greenginger on Saturday June 23 2012 at 15:47
Surely the people who love and care for their kids will work and achieve to give their kids a certain standard of living? The people we are talking about are the underachievers in society. They don't know  or care how to work or care for a home or family.
Surely the ones who neglect, need the extra help financial or otherwise to help to educate them so they can change?
Why give money to ordinary people who can and do work and provide? Just because they are going through a little financial hardship at the minute, those people do not need the help as they have pride, good morals and decency. Stop making the same excuses for society to ignore the underbelly.
I am guessing that you think of your family in this category of needing a little extra?  Stop thinking about you and yours and start considering the needs of people who cannot function properly.Think of their neglected kids going without love, food or cleanliness or heating. Then think of your own kids or family and realise what you already have. Stop being selfish.