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School pupils expelled for physical assaults

Tuesday March 22 2016

Barnsley Council Barnsley Council

FOUR Barnsley primary school pupils have been expelled for physical assaults on teachers and staff this academic year. 

The information was revealed through a freedom of information request made by the BBC.

Local councils in South Yorkshire were asked to reveal details about the number of pupils expelled and suspended for physically attacking teachers and other school staff since the 2011/12 school year.

The data shows four children in Barnsley have been expelled for the offence since September 2015. There were none in the other years.

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Reply Posted by Kate on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 15:44
Expelled means permenantly excluded

Has this happened or do you mean a fixed term exclusion and referral to FAP?

Reply Posted by Royvorn on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 16:06
WHACK! could be the answer.

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 16:30
There are plenty of children in primary schools that attack staff on a daily basis that are still in school and not expelled, I've worked in two schools where I was punched and kicked and had things thrown at me and other staff on a daily basis

Reply Posted by Donna on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 16:55
One of these kids been mine n mite I ad that a " whack" wouldn't solve anything some schools haven't got the provisions to support children who have needs different to others, all children are individuals and need the right environment to suit there emotional medical and social needs . But these kids will just have been labelled naughty

Reply Posted by Aidan on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 18:55
I'm not surprised with how some teachers treat kids

Reply Posted by Jayne on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 20:20
Question well asked by Kate. Would love to know the answer! Donna I agree to a point that a whack may not be the answer to every problem.... Every school has limitations, they always have had and always will, however that does not mean that the school or its teachers are the cause or the blame. As adults we are their examples, they learn social grace and attitude from an early age even before entering school. And before any one rants, yes I have first hand experience.... I'm not a teacher but I taught my children what is socially acceptable. I taught my children boundaries, I taught my children how to respect others even when they them selves felt anger, frustration, confusion with the world around them. Yes every school has to take into consideration every child's needs, but in a class of 24+ every parent has to take into consideration the difficulties which one child can create for those around them from teachers, assistants and the other children when the one is being disruptive. The teacher can NOT simply abandon the needs of the others for the sake of 1. Parents of children with special needs, social difficulties or behavioural problems either have to accept these limitations and support the schools direct where possible or accept that these children will be singled out and be excluded, expelled as result of their actions. Even children with difficulties have to understand that very action results in an equal or opposite reaction, that's life unfortunately. NO teacher, assistant or other staff in any job any where should go to work and accept abuse as part of the norm.... If you walked down the street and a child hit you then you would naturally label that child as a yob, being in a school makes the actions no different. It is not and never will be socially acceptable for anyone to hit or abuse another person any where. This behaviour is abuse, bullying, yobbish what ever title you wish to give it but in the end it's wrong and punishment is just deserved. Don't blame schools.....

Reply Posted by Angie on Monday March 28 2016 at 20:15
Couldn't agree with you more .

Reply Posted by Donna on Wednesday March 23 2016 at 22:12
I don't for one minute blame the schools but one school took my child on knowing he had behaviour and several other issues which might I add is nothing to do with how he's been brought up all my children have been brought up wi respect and boundaries but if a child cannot accept certain things due to the issues the are having to deal with on a daily basis it's not down to the parenting is it? I fully accepted the exclusion of my child as I knew what he did wasn't acceptable and couldn't keep occurring I haven't blamed the school in fact the total opposite they did everything they could to meet his needs but failed but in the same respect they knew wen they accepted him through fap what his issues were. Everything in life happens for a reason I no the main stream school wasn't right but unfortunately it's only when things like this happen they can see that.

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