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Council nominated for prestigious awards

Wednesday March 16 2016

Barnsley Council Barnsley Council

BARNSLEY COUNCIL has been shortlisted for five prestigious awards, including Council of the Year. 

The Council has been nominated in the categories ahead of the Local Government Chronicle awards, which take place in London tonight. 

In addition to the Council of the Year Award, the council have also been shortlisted for four other categories including Business Transformation, Campaign of the Year, Driving Growth and Team of the Year.

Barnsley Council Leader, Coun Sir Steve Houghton said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for these prestigious award categories. It really reflects how far we have come and how much we have achieved in a short space of time.”

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Reply Posted by Steven James on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 14:05
Is this some sort of sick joke?
Worst roads in Europe!
Wanting to pave over vast swathes of our precious green belt!
Worst Town Centre in Europe, which the BMBC Clowns haven't managed to get any "top drawer" retailers into the "new Town Centre" of which they want to spend £50 MILLION of OUR money on!

What is this growth too?
The growth of asylum seekers that BMBC take in is the only growth I can see!

Reply Posted by TEAM DK on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 15:15
Here Here!!!!!

Reply Posted by Blah blah blah on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 18:55
You need to get out a bit more Steve James.where have you ever been to say 'worst roads in Europe' and 'worst town centre in Europe'. You obviously haven't travelled perhaps looked up a few pics on the internet.
A handful of asylum seekers and refugees and ppl are still banging on about it. At least they have been somewhere more exotic than Skegness so can compare places. Would rather have refugees as neighbours than 3 rd generation feckless, work shy, toothless, brainless deadheads who keep on churning out babies for working folk to pay for.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Thursday March 17 2016 at 08:25
Take those rose tinted glasses off and walk through the town centre any day of the week and you will notice there are far more than the handful of asylum seekers you say there is.
I have been to 23 different countries and have never been to Skegness, what about you?
Worst roads in Europe - You been down Castlereagh Street recently? There are more filled in potholes that road.
Worst Town Centre in Europe - Ok I will concede that one as I have been to Blackburn, Barnsley makes Blackburn look like Beverly Hills....

Reply Posted by Ada on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 17:23
What a load of tosh! If whoever the judges are, were to visit barnsley, they would wet themselves laughing all the way back from wence they came!! Barnsley. Town centre is a dump, filled with every Tom, Dick, and Harry from ' other lands. They would be very impressed with the drink ridden, foul mouthed dead beats that congregate out side the Yorkshire Bank!!! everyday!! Methinks they will laugh all the way back again! I hope they don't wander round our leafy lanes and see what we have today? Dumped, 3 piece suites, fridge freezer, carpets and mattresses. To name but a few! Disgraceful?

Reply Posted by robin faulkner on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 18:36
They probably take them to Cawthorne where every thing is neat and tidy roads swept 2times a week carnt remember last time i saw one on our street can't get down for pot holes they bought a lorry to do the pot holes but never seen it

Reply Posted by AHR on Thursday March 17 2016 at 12:53
True Robin, talk about 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire.

Reply Posted by AlanB on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 20:02
Council of the Year? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....tell me this is a joke. Are you sure it's not the 'worst council of the year?'

Reply Posted by Proud Tyke on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 20:27
If only there was an award for Moaner of the Year! Barnsley would have dozens of candidates and an excellent change centre of a clean sweep of prizes!!!

Reply Posted by Proud Tyke on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 20:29
If only there was an award for Moaner of the Year! Barnsley would have dozens of candidates and an excellent chance of a clean sweep of prizes!!!

Reply Posted by AHR on Thursday March 17 2016 at 12:48
God give me strength !.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Thursday March 17 2016 at 19:52
You have to pay to enter these awards and they arent cheap. So instead of trying to pull the wool over our eyes get on with fixing this filthy hovel of a town sir steve houghton you disgrace.

Reply Posted by paul on Thursday March 17 2016 at 22:19
Barnsley council are on a hiding to nothing if they leave the town as it is people get on their backs. if they spend 50mill to improve it people get on their backs. yes I agree they don't always get it right but a brick has not been laid yet and people are complaining. and if you think Barnsley is the only town to have drunks and deadbeats think again. Rotherham and wakefield are far worse now they are DUMPS. and if you think Barnsley has too many asylum seekers try Sheffield that's another DUMP.so come on people get behind your town.

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Friday March 18 2016 at 10:43
hiding for nothing? I think you mistyped, they are on a hiding for doing nothing. We've been waiting 20 years for a new town centre after various empty promises, Millions wasted on concepts, proposals, consultants, quangos and think tanks, a halo, a wall, a tuscan hill village. What are we going to get for OUR 50 Million pounds? ( another mistype I think you out they are spending 50 million - it's our money) Some demolition of the ugly buildings the same council built in the 60s and a rehash of some of them. 20 years for that! What's more the cost has gone up before building started by 10 Million. In 2015 it was supposed to be £40 Million,

What will we actually end up with? Who knows it could be anything the plans now are so light and lacking in details it demonstrates a total lack of committment to the customer (us) that way they won't have to wheel Roy Miller out when Project x,y and Z have overrun by x amount of years and pounds.

I wouldn't trust BMBC to run me a bath, has anyone been down to the 10 year old and incomplete £18 Million pound Civic theatre drug den lately? That project didn't get finished even though it ran £3 Million pounds over budget, has no commercial shops in it (which were supposed to help pay for it) featured a £32,000 clock that no one could read, which also broke after a couple of years. You can't get to certain parts of the building now without going outside and walking around the building to another entrance. the balcony outdoors has been unused since the place opened and is inaccessible, the lower atrium unused.

The outdoor area is unsafe with the amount drug users inhabiting the area. the grounds are run down uncared for and blighted. I'm not even sure whether the water feature works anymore.

This is what you get when Barnsley Council get on the job, these awards entries are a slap in the face for the people of Barnsley paying in hardship due to the years of mismanagement from the boys club at BMBC towers how they can stand there all smiles thinking they have done a good job just shows how little regard for us normal people they have and how far from reality local government is these days.

No doubt Sir Steven and Diana Terris will have their hands out when the next pay review comes up being we were "Finalists for best council of the year"

Disgusted and angry.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Friday March 18 2016 at 20:04
I am beginning to think that you and me are one and the same!
I couldn't have put it better myself gavelar!

Reply Posted by alanB on Friday March 18 2016 at 20:44
And me. The waste of £18m of our money on the civic hall was a disgrace and the whole scheme should be subject to a government inquiry. If the hand of Sir Steve and Barnsley council is on any project it is doomed to failure. Sir Steve will no doubt be putting himself forward to be the mayor of the south Yorkshire city region, could that be the back of him as far as Barnsley is concerned? we can but hope.

Reply Posted by paul on Saturday March 19 2016 at 22:03
to gavelar...moan moan moan. another keyboard warrior who knows all the answers you say you are disgusted and angry. but what have you done about it ? what about standing to be our next councillor. better not because that would mean putting yourself in the firing line. you stay were its safe behind your laptop.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Sunday March 20 2016 at 11:41
Councillor Harry Spence (Turncoat) Defected from being independent to Labour as he knew he was p*ssing in the wind.
The Labour "mafia" / Old boys back slapping network will NEVER allow anyone else into the town hall unless "Da Sheep" stop voting these clowns in time after time.
Look at what Labour have achieved in the borough, erm sweet zip!
They HAVENT managed to get any "top drawer" retailers into the proposed new town centre which I hasten to had WE are paying for AND which will saddle future generations with MASSIVE DEBTS.
They HAVENT managed to attract any "top drawer" employers in despite road infrastructure and excellent transport links.

The only thing they have managed to do is allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to build houses on our precious green belt land.

Remember those green fields we used to play in as kids?
Forget them, they will be paved over as BMBC tell us we "need" 18,000 "new homes" before 2030!

All that and the people of this once proud town CONTINUE to vote the Labour CLOWNS IN!

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Monday March 21 2016 at 17:44
Do you know what Paul I won't be standing as councillor next time as I work 50+ hours per week and don't feel I could offer the commitment to my community to effectively put the recommended 20 hours a week in. Sir Steve manages it though I dunno how though as he also sits on the boards of a number of other organisations, he must be some sort of superman or own a time machine.

Also I don't work for the council so attending meetings would be out due to meetings taking place during normal working hours, something that has been addressed before to attract more councillors but was ignored - I wonder why. You see the likes of Sir Steve, and Cllr Miller get paid for attending meetings by BMBC.

It doesn't mean that I won't though and when I do it will be for the right reasons - serving Barnsley, not so I can rack up as many allowances, perks and promotions as I can and jump on the gravy train.

You see I'm being honest with myself. I hardly feel I'm being a keyboard warrior by pointing out some cold hard facts. Let me guess you work for BMBC or know a councillor from BMBC. Are you happy with your lot? If not hold your councillors and council to account.

Reply Posted by paul on Monday March 21 2016 at 00:16
Hahaha jobsworth award was it?

Reply Posted by paul on Tuesday March 22 2016 at 20:35
gavelar.. you could not be further from the truth. I don't know anybody on BMBC I have never worked for BMBC and I don't particularly like BMBC. I have been self employed for over 30years so what can you get right. the problem I have is I don't like people like you, who say nasty things about other people who are trying to do their best. it doesn't matter if its BMBC or asda selling cheap bread. you always THINK you know better but never come up with anything constructive.

Reply Posted by COMEOFFIT on Wednesday March 30 2016 at 15:04
Steven well said blah blah needs to WAKE UP and do some research. I feel sorry for those who cannot see what is happening before their own eyes. the council in Barnsley are one of the worst yet.. its not about moaning its about trying to make brainwashed individuals see what is really happening behind the scenes of local councils and government. corruption,fraud and money laundering are just a few oh and cartel frauding elections. Steven makes a good point we are seeing lots more immigrants in the UK not just Barnsley. the point is this should have a positive impact not a negative one like it has less jobs less pay less hosing an harder to obtain and thats just the obvious to many....we do have to empathise with these people after all it is our money that helps rain terror on their home land..what would you do? this is a serious issue because where is all the money going really? what has any one of these countries ever done to our land? ....... ill wait..... the government spread fear of terror that they create themselves to justify spending billions on defence rather than local communities etc.....and then open our boarders to let them in... there's a bigger picture to all this and the sooner we wake up to it the better. a vastly increasing population with a stale economy is just not right. its about time we started to do something rather than ranting on Facebook or on here because it doesn't have the same impact. stop paying tax and OUT the EU THAT WILL GET THEIR ATTENTION. Oh yes and it gets worse and goes all the way to our beloved monarchy who abuse and kill children!! Jimmy saville was extremely close to the monarchy he died before he was exposed... coincidence? i think not do some research into elm guest house you'll see, and yet we still waste our energy on the pathetic stories they create for this reason..