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Dog fouling posters stopped from being put up

Wednesday March 16 2016

Barnsley Council Barnsley Council

A SECTION of Barnsley Council that provided money towards anti dog-fouling posters to mount on lamp posts were told by colleagues in another department that it couldn't be done. 

Oxspring Parish Council ordered the posters to encourage dog walkers to clean up after their pets, with half the money provided by Barnsley Council’s ward alliance.

The intention had been to mount the posters on street lamps, but when the parish council sought permission from Barnsley Council’s highways department, they were told it couldn't be done. 

The parish council is now having to find alternative locations to mount the posters, on its own land.

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Reply Posted by Lee on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 10:02
This is becoming a real issue in Barnsley. We live at the side of the park in Worsbrough and are dog owners "who pick up". The amount that is not picked up has increased drastically over the past 12 months.

The fact that the council do not look after the park in the first place is an issue but having to dodge glass and dog poo with 2 kids and a dog of our own is discugusting.

Barnsley Council need to buck their ideas up!!

Reply Posted by Dog owner on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 12:44
It seems that the parish council have the right idea but went about it in the wrong way.Did it not cross anyones mind to seek permission prior to ordering the posters? The people who need to buck their ideas up are the irresponsible dog owners who are the only ones to blame for this problem!

Reply Posted by D on Wednesday March 16 2016 at 14:14
Dog Owner - Well said. If dog owners picked up after their dogs then these signs would not be needed.

Reply Posted by Mick on Thursday March 17 2016 at 05:14
If you ask alot of non dog owners they would say if ya can't clean up after your dog the you shouldn't be allowed one. So if they are caught then ban them from keeping dogs and cats for 10 yrs. That might make them buck their idea's up.

Reply Posted by AHR on Thursday March 17 2016 at 12:57
We always pick up after our dogs do a poo, but you still get dirty looks off people when your Dog has a wee. Maybe we need to carry a mop and bucket eh !.

Reply Posted by paul on Monday March 21 2016 at 00:10
What a load of tosh I'm a dog owner and there's loads more round here who do pickup but there's no dogbin which I think should be paid for out of council tax or fines collected by bmbc, but in protest almost all dog owners round here are refusing to pickup unless it's on pavement. There's been over 100 requests to bmbc to install a bin but they refuse saying it costs too much and they haven't got manpower to install the bin and empty it even though the 2 lads that cover this area emptying the bins say that smithies is sock piled wi these bins and emptying it at this end wouldn't be a problem. Bmbc are fining folk just to rip people off.

Reply Posted by thegrimreaper on Tuesday April 26 2016 at 11:25
you could not make this up !!!. lol