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Council seizes illegal cigarettes

Monday March 14 2016

Illegal cigarettes seized Illegal cigarettes seized

THE COUNCIL has seized more than £2,000 worth of illegal cigarettes as part of a crackdown on illegal tobacco.

The trading standards department seized over 12,000 cigarettes that were discovered during raids coordinated by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and supported by the Department of Health.

The seizure included Marlboro Gold, NZ Gold, L&M Blue slim, L&M Green slim, Kent, Winston and Brendal which cannot be legally sold in the UK.

Detection dogs discovered concealed stashes of tobacco at two premises, with products hidden in various areas including a electronically operated roof space and electronically operated wall space.

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Reply Posted by CARL on Tuesday March 15 2016 at 10:48
so now the council is doing customs and inland revenue jobs too !!!!!!!

Reply Posted by John on Tuesday March 15 2016 at 13:23
No, they're doing Trading Standards' job for which they're responsible.

Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday March 15 2016 at 18:29
When £2 worth of tobacco accrues some £200 in tax, there will be a thriving black market in tobacco.

If a man works cash in hand to buy (Duty Paid) tobacco, he pays an effective income tax of 90%+.

High taxes on tobacco push the children of smokers into poverty, and smokers themselves into poverty. High taxes on addictive substances like tobacco exploit the addicted.

There needs to be reform of the tax on tobacco, for starters the tax needs to be reduced, and it would also help if the tax was collected locally, to stop the areas with high rates of smoking losing large sums of money to central government, when the money paid in tax would be best kept in the local community, particularly when the links between poverty and smoking are so entrenched as they are in the UK.

Reply Posted by Fred on Tuesday March 15 2016 at 22:18
Tom the Cost to this country from smoking related illness far far out ways the revenue from taxation. Would you prefer the tax to be cut on Tobacco along with the services the NHS provide for people with illnesses that are not self inflicted. We are long past the point of ignorance where people are unaware of the dangers of smoking. The next issue will be E cigarettes, people have no clue what they are putting in the bodies and the long term effect it will have.

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Sunday March 20 2016 at 18:48
I agree with tom as a smoker I smoke illegal tobacco because it is cheaper not sure why the council wastes money shutting down illegal tobacco places I don't struggle to find a tag house and in fact there are more fag houses than shops where I live chances are the council won't know half and won't ever stop sales.

Fred your comments about health are just silly smoking only increases the chances of cancers and some illnesses and as far as I have seen is not a direct cause after all non smokers suffer the exact same illnesses so maybe people should stop slandering and taxing smoking so much after all if shop bought cigarettes where cheaper and are healthier then people would not need to suffer so much and well the nhs would not be so bogged down with so called smoking casualties but if non smakers get the same illnesses why are people not qiestioning the poloutions in the air especially in cities which can be more harmful than smoking maybe look at nox gas amongst other ammisions from fuel powered vehicle's ie cars then look at factory polloutions in urban areas and if you are really bothered about cancers search on youtube about gm foods after all that really research smoking illnesses then ask yourself where these ilnesses originate i am sure you will agree its the air pollution, your food, water and other factors of chemicals used in everyday life that seem to be excepted

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