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Briony's Gift charity shop burgled

Monday March 14 2016

Briony's Gift has been burgled Briony's Gift has been burgled

HEARTLESS THIEVES have targeted a charity shop setup in the memory of a little girl who died of cancer.

Meayla and Darron Woodward opened Briony's Gift charity shop in Wombwell as a continuation of the charity which they set up in their daughter's name.

Briony died in 2007, aged three, after a two-year battle with neuroblastoma. The nine year anniversary of her death falls this week. 

It is believed that the shop was burgled sometime on Saturday night/in the early hours of Sunday morning. Other shops in the area were also targeted. 

Thieves stole float money and money from collections.

They also caused damage to the shop's roof and ransacked the storeroom. 

Police are investigating the break in.

A Just Giving page has been setup following the break in. https://www.justgiving.com/Gemma-Ellis8?utm_source=Facebook

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Reply Posted by Bek on Monday March 14 2016 at 18:03
Absolutely disgraceful

Reply Posted by Josh on Monday March 14 2016 at 19:00
******* disgraceful, im close friends wi their lad and its upsetting to know that somet like this has happened.

Reply Posted by unknow on Monday March 14 2016 at 21:14
Sick sick heartless

Reply Posted by paul on Monday March 14 2016 at 22:00
how do the scum that did this sleep at night. they really are the lowest of the low. heartless scum.

Reply Posted by Just Sayin' on Friday March 18 2016 at 06:52
Shops on Wombwell high street have long been a target for thieves yet the police presence is zero. How many times over the last 5 years have burglaries like this happened, probably by the same low life scum but yet it continues to happen. The police must have some idea who is committing these crimes but do nothing. About time that Wombwell high street was covered in CCTV to catch these scumbags.

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