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New campaign to fight bullying

Monday March 14 2016

Bullying in schools Bullying in schools

A NEW CAMPAIGN has been launched to help tackle bullying. 

The Education Network has launched an anti-bullying campaign to help local schools stamp out bullying behaviour.

Recent figures for Yorkshire and Humberside show that 1 in 10 children have reported being bullied, 44% have witnessed another pupil being bullied in the last 12 months and nearly a quarter of kids don’t tell anyone if they are being bullied.

Kevin Gill, managing director at The Education Network, explained: “The challenge for schools to tackle bullying isn’t going away.

"These figures are damning, and sadly bullying is a problem which will probably always exist in some form. However it is our aim to work with all of our partner schools in the area to raise awareness, share best practice and reduce its prevalence and impact through our national anti-bullying initiative in 2016."

Is bullying a problem for anyone in your family WABers? As another campaign is launched, what would you like to see done to tackle bullying? 

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Reply Posted by Amanda on Tuesday March 15 2016 at 22:51
absolutely definitely more needs be done to protect vulnerable children. my daughter started high school with sen & is bullied most days, she even started skipping dinner because she was too scared of the older kids. i rung the school no end of times & when she went to the head of year he told her to grow up. This started in oct 15 and although I phoned the school no end of times and left messages asking the head of year to call me.... as of today he still never has

Reply Posted by Whats Occurrin on Tuesday March 22 2016 at 16:36
Although I do not condone bullying, I find it increasingly annoying how the word "vulnerable" is so over-used in today's society. Try teaching your children to stand up for themselves instead of wrapping them in cotton wool. Teach them self respect and self defence rather than mollycoddling them.