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Holgate School Memories Needed

Monday June 18 2012

The staff at Holgate School school have appealed for memories from former students to help celebrate its 100th birthday this year.

School spokesman Sarah Wilkinson said the school is closing and that staff wanted to hear tales of it's 100 year history.

She said: "It is our school centunary this year as well as the closure of the school. It would be lovely to have people share there stories/memories of the school, whether they are ex-pupils or ex- staff."

What are your memories? Put them here on the website (in the comment box below) and our favourites will get car stickers.

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Reply Posted by Stanley Bennett on Monday June 18 2012 at 11:22
As I was not too academic while there but I was into sport. At the time it was second to non. I learned how to box, play cricket ,football, athletics and my favourite rugby. Going on to play rugby for Barnsley when I was only 17. I was at Holgate in the early 50s 

Reply Posted by Linzi newton on Monday June 18 2012 at 19:08
i loved that school, made some fantastic friends, became friends with the teachers. miss it loads and wirh i was back, 1994-1999 miss dooleys form, then mr lorraine!!!!

Reply Posted by Andrewdavidhirst on Monday June 18 2012 at 20:09
I went to Holgate in 2000 - 2005. I got inspired from Mr C. Green, Mr J. Whittington and Mr S. Davies who were design technology teachers at the time. I have now got a degree in Design Technology and im teaching at one of the best schools in Lincolnshire. If it wasn't for them, I wouldnt be where im today! RIP Mr S. Davies.

Reply Posted by claire jackson on Monday June 18 2012 at 20:52
I went to holgate in 1996 and left in 2001, really enjoyed
Going was involved with clubs such as band i played the
Trombone, i did the careers library helped people find
Resources, teachers were good and it was good to make new

Reply Posted by Caraandrichard on Tuesday June 19 2012 at 08:26
Had a fab time at holgate! Left in 2001 and made great friends and the teachers were fab! I remember going on the London trips with mr keane and the others! Saw some great shows and had some fab times! Also love playing the 10 to 3 show on a Wednesday afternoon in mr mandersons history gcse class! We had some good times! X

Reply Posted by Danceruk1985 on Tuesday June 19 2012 at 10:04
I went to Holgate 1996-2001, had some good times :) sum gud teachers too, mr Round, mr Manderson n Mr wilkinson n a few more I can remember.. Got sum funny photos from our leaving day if there's anywhere to submit them? Xx

Reply Posted by Andywoodhouse on Saturday June 23 2012 at 12:06
 I love every minute of being there I left in 2010 and would go back anyday. Had the best form teacher I could ask for, Mr Middleton. Gonna miss seeing the place everytime I drive by and I hope all goes well for all the staff. ;) Andy

Reply Posted by Alastair Gittner on Saturday June 23 2012 at 12:07
Please remember that the Yorkshire Region of the Association for Science Education first met there 76 years ago.  The ASE supports and promotes all aspects of science education and is the largest subject association in British teaching and they held their first meeting in Holgate.  We held a celebration evening there last year.  Teachers at Holgate were instrumental in that first meeting and from small acorns such as this successful and influential oak trees grow.

Reply Posted by Yorkshirelad2008 on Saturday June 23 2012 at 12:32
loved it would be nice to go back before it closed

Reply Posted by s.wilkinson on Wednesday July 11 2012 at 10:39
Danceruk1985, we are collecting photos at the moment to put onto a holgate100 website. If you wouldn't mind, either drop them off at school or post them to Holgate school, Shaw Lane, S70 6EP. Put a return address on it and put FAO Sarah Wilkinson I can scan them and get them on to the website.

Much appreciated.

Reply Posted by Gary on Saturday June 14 2014 at 00:23
Hi Sarah hope your well and mr wilkinson would like to send in a letter from my time at the greatest school ever thanks

Reply Posted by Steven Patmore on Sunday October 7 2012 at 21:44
I was there 1971 to 1976 when it was a grammer school. It was the most awful place, just like a prison. The staff under headmaster Bernard Hill were not interested unless you had talent. Once it went comprehensive it got worse and I cannot remember a single good thing about it, Depressing, Dark and Dingy. Hope it gets demolished and the rubble is buried deep.

Reply Posted by Steve Parkin on Monday October 15 2012 at 12:00
I was there 1970-75 and mostly enjoyed it, great teachers like Spot Avery and Vince Prooth, I remember the gym and climbing the ropes and wall bars - taught by Mr Lobley. Also the gliding headmaster Bernard Smith(?) at assemblies.
They have started to demolish the whole site now, typical of the council to want to remove all our old buildings and land us in debt for the next generation. I took some footage of this wonderful Edwardian building and will make it available when I get chance, although it had been spoilt by lowered ceilings and all that blue paint.

Reply Posted by Jenny Broad on Sunday January 19 2014 at 19:45
I agree that we don't cherish our old buildings and their history.I just found out that it has been demolished .
I taught Art 71 to 76 with Mr Kearsley.
Will be interested to see your film .

Reply Posted by Nigel Allen on Friday May 9 2014 at 10:16
I was there around the same time. I remember "Spot" Avery, "Vince" Prooth (after Vincent Price - his real name was Victor) and Ken? Lobley, the games teacher. The headmaster, Mr Hill, always reminded me of Clement Atlee. There was also a maths teacher who had a second career as the semi-professional wrestler "Steve Best".

Reply Posted by steve Parkin on Thursday May 29 2014 at 14:57
Hi Jenny, part of the footage is now on Youtube. If you do a search it will turn up. I will upload the rest when I get time.

Reply Posted by Steve Parkin on Thursday May 29 2014 at 14:58
Do you remember Jeremy Storr the English teacher, he was around on the last open day and remembered me.

Reply Posted by Andrew Ibbotson on Thursday October 8 2015 at 20:59
I remember you teaching me for art. Seem to remember I made a rhinoceros out of clay which impressed you. They were good days and you were far better looking than Roy Kearsley.

Reply Posted by phillip key on Sunday March 27 2016 at 13:34
I remember Mr Dixon the Maths teacher who looked like General de Gaulle, also Mr Storey the English Teacher and Mr Goodman the German Games Teacher who would take no excuses for missing the annual cross country!

Reply Posted by Ian Walsh on Saturday September 3 2016 at 22:49
Hi Steve I was at Holgate for a short time 71-73 then the family moved to the New Forest I played football for the school and for Barnsley boys your name rings a bell I was born in 59 .My brother Jeremy Walsh also went to the school he is four years older than me .I would love to see photos if you have any.Sorry my time there was so short although I wasn't focused at school it was still the best school I attended.

Reply Posted by Peter Holt on Sunday February 24 2013 at 16:11
I attended Holgate Grammar from 1944 to 1949, taking the "School certificate". As I had been very keen on science and maths I got a job in the laboratory at David Brown foundries at Penistone and began a degree course in metallurgy at Sheffield University, gaining my A.Met in 1955. In my final year at the school I remember our maths teacher setting us some geometry homework but only about 6 or 8 of us were able to do it using several pages of proof. Mr Kane began to copy the answer from his book and after a few lines on the board Peter Warsop shouted "Sir". "Quiet boy" said Mr Kane and wrote another couple of lines from his answer book. "But Sir" said Peter "I've done it in 9 lines of proof" and so he had. He gave his proof to Mr Kane who could only agree that Peter was better at maths than whoever had written the text book. I believe that Peter went on to become a University lecturer in chemistry but regret that I never kept in touch with my former classmates!

Reply Posted by Paul Guthrie (Guff )1975-19799 on Saturday March 2 2013 at 08:39
Great to see the schools rememberd with so many different views,having moved to a new company i met an old boy from holgate Richard Oldfield and we chat n laugh at the time we spent their.The teachers Proof , Fairhirst, Jack Livesey,Round,Mellor,Avery ,Hill, Keane, GOOD points football, rugby,selling diner tickets Bad points The Stick on mi arse,Cross country runs, Gough pit , swinging on the changing room pipes getting yer arse wacked with Roundies large pump. The good old merit slip for your house/Lock Sadler lol the schools dinner huts . The school had its dress code of grey or grey with black blazer n kecks n the tie of your house very hogwarts but without the magic .The long dark corridors and under school gym old oak paneling and role of honour board. The school were the older teacher Mr Proof would drop you one on the chinif you argued and you could go for a pint with others Great School shame the old methods of education have been changed to accomadate todays softer kids of today.The school chemisrty labs n lighting the gas taps burning yer mate the new sports hall that was built i jumped from the top of it into sand oh the pranks go on ,A Great School shame its gone and yet another Barnsley council f... up land grabing twats. Best wishes to all old boys of the Holgate School

Reply Posted by Peter Cooper on Sunday June 8 2014 at 10:38
Memories of Holgate School have flooded back to me in recent weeks after discovering online that the building had been demolished last year. How sad. An outrage. I remember all the teachers mentioned in Paul Guthrie's post and Richard Oldfield too (affectionately christened 'Box' I recall) as I was there 1975 to 1980 and we started off in Mr Staton's form group. I believe he was a history teacher and remember his flourishing signature 'J R Staton'. Wonder whatever happened to him?

Reply Posted by Alan Clayton on Friday March 29 2013 at 20:20
Good to find a site like this. I was at BGS 1944 to 50 and have a lot of happy memories of school pals and teachers such as Chunder Greenland, Pop Hilary, Johnny Chott, Bull Merrin among others. But does anyone have recollections of the lady teachers Ma Haslam, Ma Hilary and the very popular Ma Pos? I remember the 'carbide outbreak' and the elastic band collection ! Sometimes I sneaked off from a cross country to share a woodbine with five or six others in the local park. One Wednesday afternoon the school was half empty because We were at Oakwell watching The Reds playing Blackpool and in particular the legendary Stanley Matthews. I would love to hear memories from other old BGS items.

Reply Posted by Jack Slater on Sunday December 8 2013 at 17:46
Most of the teachers in my time I was in total awe of ( even in some cases fear of) - like I was of the whole social infrastructures in Barnsley including the educational system , the average person's working life , the public institutions , what things were worth in relation to other things , how finance/politics/the class system worked , etc etc.
I have to report that Barnsley Grammar School taught me not to worry about such things and to leave all that sort of thing to my social betters and superiors.
Now I realise that the brain-washing / conformity / obedience lessons worked far too well and I have been living in a conditioned fantasy land for a long time.
I suddenly woke up to this fact the other day and it suddenly dawned on me that the poor old abused misused country is run by incompetents , idiots , crooks , evil people , cheats and liars of all types. Just like it was in the good old days
I think it's called Stag Nation (or similar). I feel I have wasted my life and I have Barnsley and District Archbishop Holgate (who he ?) School to thank for it.

Reply Posted by joszef vienper on Monday February 10 2014 at 20:40
cant remember exactly wen i waz there but waz one of the last all boys to leave before it went to a mixed school the good old goth pit the smoking behind the old pottery rooms or bike shed my fav place ther waz outside heads office seemd to spend alot time ther but remember sanding lots desks towards the 4th & 5th years no one wanted me in there lessons lol

Reply Posted by Gary on Sunday February 23 2014 at 16:56
Amazing loved it wish I could go back 1993 2008

Reply Posted by David Butterworth on Tuesday April 15 2014 at 16:40
I did a spell at Holgate in May,1972 as a student teacher from Bretton Hall College, Wakefield. My main subject was music with English as subsidiary.
I well remember Mr Prooth, head of the English dept, and Mr Sanderson head of the music dept.. It was a tough challenge especially when expected to give lessons in an outbuilding located in the playground- with no facilities.- not even a piano or a record player. I enlisted the help of one of my first year pupils to help to lug my heavy reel to reel tape recorder from the main building. So sorry to see that the school has gone. My time at Holgate helped me qualify and to obtain a teaching post at Hulme Girls' Grammar School, Oldham, later in 1972, where I spent the next eight years.

Reply Posted by phillip key on Sunday March 27 2016 at 13:37
Mr Sanderson took us to the Huddersfield Music Festival in 1970 and also used to organise the annual house choir competition - which was more like the 'cats choir' But fantastic memories

Reply Posted by Steve Parkin on Thursday May 29 2014 at 15:01
Yes I remember you, I think you played us Carnival of the Animals on the record player..

Reply Posted by Andrew Ibbotson on Friday September 4 2015 at 02:28
I used to sit next to you in class I believe?
Look me up on Linked in it would be nice to know what life brought you. Sad to hear Holgate is no more.

Reply Posted by chaimain barrow on Sunday June 1 2014 at 03:45
I went to Holgate 2000-2005 the best year of my life who ever said to take down the best school in Barnsley need a slap it can't believe it gone R.I.P Holgate you well be miss

Reply Posted by Dr Debate on Saturday June 14 2014 at 00:50
Enjoy your memories and what you had for education. Schools like this are a thing of the past. Today Super Schools are the way forward (not)

Reply Posted by Smee on Friday July 11 2014 at 13:16
Hello to all out there. I was at Holgate from 1960 to 1966 and hated every minute, due to arrogant bombastic teachers like Jarvis. What a hateful psycho he was. Strange thing was though, I've been trying to track down some old class photos from 1960 up to 1966. But according to what I was told, they'd had a flood and didn't have any copies. So does anyone know who was the photographer/company who actually took all the old school photos?

Reply Posted by Steve on Monday July 14 2014 at 09:57
Can you remember Derek Emson - he would have been there at the same time?

Reply Posted by Lewis on Wednesday July 16 2014 at 08:58
Hi. I was there 62-69

Can you let me know if you find out who's got the negatives. I also approached the School (same story) and Barnsley library (they have archived school photos but none from Holgate!). PS Anyone in 1C(ooper) 1962/3 with a class photo? I would love a scanned copy.

Reply Posted by Smee on Thursday July 17 2014 at 22:42
His name seems familiar, but cannot put a face to the name. Also it would have depended on which form he was in. I was just one of the dunces at the bottom end of the form scale, but we had a whale of a time sending up some of the newer teachers.

Reply Posted by steve on Friday July 18 2014 at 14:01
I was there 10 years later 70-75. Had some great times teasing the teachers :)

Reply Posted by bob swallow on Sunday December 13 2015 at 21:34
i was at holgate from 63-68. i found a photo of teachers from that time on friends reunited. only snag, is the teachers are not named....hope this helps.

Reply Posted by John'S on Tuesday September 20 2016 at 23:43
I remember 1960 to 66 all too well. Bullied, beaten and degraded in every way humanly possible. Idiotic teachers with a total disregard for actually trying to educate a person. My particular thoughts fall on Dickie Pym, Dennis Baraclough and others whose names thankfully escape me. Five years of purgatory. Told that I was an abject failure and would not do anything with my life. I proved them all wrong and retired as a project manager in the aerospace industry.

Reply Posted by brad rhodes on Saturday September 27 2014 at 15:39
79 to 84 I was there, being in mr musgraves class before start of school, that man hated me and now he's a landscape gardener. Then being in an engineering course with hanz and carni and getting banned from barnsley college! Great memories....stil got cane marks on me arse to prove it lol

Reply Posted by peter warrington on Saturday November 8 2014 at 12:05
I attended Holgate from 1955 to 1959. spent most of my time in the gym and becoming a fair gymnast leading the junior display team and also winning the boxing final for `my weight .he masters I remember are--mr rocket music mr Greenland maths mr Lawton and lockwood science mr Gibson gym mr Pym least said the better mr goodman german mr atkins French and the headmaster was sag roche.real shame its been demolished

Reply Posted by Gordon Hibbert on Friday November 25 2016 at 13:57
Raised eyebrows at "least said the better" for Dickie Pym! Was there ever an enquiry into his methods of administering First Aid I wonder? I was there 1957 to 62 and didn't enjoy my time there. Notable exceptions - Chunder, Web Swift and a piano playing English Teacher whose name escapes me.

Reply Posted by Doug Drake on Sunday November 16 2014 at 16:30
I did my 1st 2 yrs of secondary school at BHGS from '51 to '53 and on the whole I have some very fond memories of schoolmates and staff. I remember in a History lesson with Mr Raynor ( I think ) recapping on the previous weeks lesson about Frederick 11 the Prussian king and enquiring of the class to give his 'nickname' - there was a rather long pregnant pause until I blurted out FRED ! - the class fell about including Mr Raynor.
Many staff names are creeping into my head as I write including the Livesey twins - Mr Sanders (music) and form teacher Mr Bennett who was very encouraging about the game of chess I remember, but pride of anecdotal place was the eccentric Headmaster Mr Roche who I recall used to interview every boy in his office at the end of the academic year with a tin of Quality street toffees on one side of his desk and a cane on the other and according to his interpretation of ones school report you might get one or the other !!

Reply Posted by nathanrobinson on Monday July 13 2015 at 12:57
Sad to hear it closed never thought id say it but man I wish I could go back to the days you could get a pizza and chips for two fifty at lunch you guys helped me so much and thats good for s guy that didnt fit in anywhere I went 2003 to 2007 I think lol always wanted to buy it and turn it into my house that had plans and everything lol might have even kept the library creepy place at night would love permission for me and a few buddies to do some parranormal investigating thousands of memmories must be locke in those walls some happy some sad lets not let em be forgotten

Reply Posted by William Oxley on Saturday July 18 2015 at 23:05
1965 to 1972 and loved every minute of it. Can remember all teachers and most of pupils. Still see some of them after all these years. Inspired by Spot Avery, Mick Hall and Vic Prooth academically and Ken Lobley, Pete Round and Desperate Dan Barnes made me a half decent rugby player.The school gave me the chance to get out and move on-very grateful for that. Could write a book but not right place-hello to all classmates and the 1st XVs of 1969-70,70-71 and 71-72, everyone who tried or otherwise for Cooper House or Butler/Cooper . Fortiter Occupa Portum

Reply Posted by phillip key on Sunday March 27 2016 at 13:39
I think I remember you because I was there at the same time as you and in Holgate House.

Reply Posted by Peter Farmer on Friday July 29 2016 at 10:43
Hi William. Just a quick personal message to make contact from a fellow Lundwooder. How are Robert and Bronwyn? My mum, Joan, who you'll remember is 89 and still going strong. My sister is in Honley and I'm in Chesterfield these days.

Reply Posted by William Oxley on Sunday August 7 2016 at 23:30
Hi Peter-haven't been here for years so this must be fate. Now living in Pickering North Yorkshire. Robert is in Thames Ditton and got married 18 months ago for the first time, Bronwen is in Essex and has 2 university age boys. Our daughter Rachel is a Captain in the Royal Engineers. We are sliding into semi retirement enabling us to have more time away and having fun

Reply Posted by steve on Tuesday July 28 2015 at 13:39
I would have bought it too. See my footage on Youtube before it closed

Reply Posted by David Hartley on Saturday August 1 2015 at 11:22
I was also at Holgate in the early 50s. Like Stanley I was not particularly academic but was good at sport. I was school Athletics captain,enjoyed soccer and ran for Yorkshire in the All England Championships in 1958.

Reply Posted by Alan Clayton on Friday November 6 2015 at 10:26
This is my second posting. Anyone else remember the 44-50 years and the staff.? Yes the Head Mr Roche was eccentric., he had an old eccentric car too and if you were ever with him in the car he asked you to chew a piece of chewing gum which he used to plug a leak in the screen wash! |I remember the tuck shop coming round at break

Reply Posted by John Wilford on Monday November 30 2015 at 13:53
I attended BHDGS from 1953-58.
I remember many marvellous teachers, such as:- Mr. Wright, English:-
Mr Jarvis, Maths:- Mr Brown:- Science:- Mr Pym;- History, and many others who's names I cannot remember, such as Mr ?. Latin, but he created in me a great love of Roman history, which in my opinion has led to the civilization of the British empire.
Also I remember- The German teacher, who I believe, was an ex-German paratrooper, known to the BHGS pupils as Herman the German , He taught German language and also PT in the school gymnasium.in the most ferocious manner. 'Klime Zee Rope or You vill Be Shot'
I also vividly remember my utter fear of John Ward Roche (Old Baggart),
He taught Religious Instruction to all first year boys, so that he was able to remember each individual new boy's name.
He had a marvellous way of remembering every new boys name. If he forgot your name, another boy had to remind him to beat another boy who new your name.
What a great educational lead into life we had. All provided by such marvellous teachers at a simply marvellous school.
Barnsley Holgate and District Grammar School
All pupils, we were all so lucky to attend such a marvellous educational establishment.
All these teachers not only educated me in reading ' writing ' arithmetic, but they awoke in me an inquisitive questioning of life.
Due to those teachings received at BHDGS, I feel that my life has been of more worth to myself and any of my associates since then.
I honestly think that my morals were formed by BHDGS and I am thankful for that.

Reply Posted by Geoff McKay (Mac) on Wednesday December 23 2015 at 19:22
I went to BGS around 1950, it was a great School and I had some great times. I owe a lot To Mr Ron Arther he introduced to Rugby ( Webb Swift deemed that I was not for soccer). I was also fair at Gymnastics. It all comes flooding back, History with Dickey Pym, Jonie Chot, and Mr Saunders who introduced me to good music. As to pupils, I have searched forJim Benet but cannot fined, Eric Rice, Tony Lunn, Chuck Hendriks, where have they all gone I would love to get in touch again. Fortica occupa portam BGS will live on in our memories

Reply Posted by Steve on Monday January 4 2016 at 11:00
It is the Old Boys Reunion this coming Friday 8th Jan

Reply Posted by Brian Senior on Sunday February 28 2016 at 15:16
I was at Holgate from 1952-57. I am trying to trace anyone who played in the Under 15 football team in 1955 when David Wright was captain.

Reply Posted by David Hartley on Saturday November 12 2016 at 00:35
I can't help with the Under 15 team, but have a photo of the U14's team, also captained by David Wright. Would this help?

Reply Posted by David Hartley on Saturday November 12 2016 at 00:43
Incidentally, I was a member of that team.

Reply Posted by Gordon Lammiman on Monday March 21 2016 at 22:31
I have fond memories of my time at Barnsley Grammar School in the early 50's.
I still keep in touch with some former class mates. It had a proud tradition it was a shame to see it go into disrepair. I spent many hours stone picking during sports lessons, to enable future pupils the chance to enjoy the sport fields. I recall that if one piece of litter was found in the school grounds, the whole school was kept back to search for more.

Reply Posted by G.R.Rushforth on Friday April 1 2016 at 11:26
I remember my first day at Barnsley Holgate Grammar School In September 1956. It was exciting going from Athersley School to Form 1 Holgate and the Form Master was Mr. Merrin the French Master. I had a great time at the School and made many friends which unfortunately I lost contact with having moved to Bournemouth then Southampton and now Cornwall. I remember going swimming to Barnsley Baths and playing Rugby and the dreaded Crosscountry every year.

Reply Posted by Ray Rushforth on Sunday April 3 2016 at 11:24
I remember the first form I was in in 1956 1 Holgate. There were Adams Beckett Bennett Border Britain Brumpton Brunt Dodds Dove Etherington Faine Horne Jones Kelk Lunn Lamb Moore Newton Ormerod Peacock Sykes SR Sykes RJ Taylor Unwin Watson and Young. If I have forgotten anyone, my apologies.

Reply Posted by Neil Lockwood on Thursday October 27 2016 at 18:30
I remember some of the names in your contribution especially Pete Ormrod and Geoff Brittain. Misssing is Brue Clay. I live in the USA although we still have a house in the UK. Any one remember the history set with Spot Avery 1961-63.
I would love to hear from Geoff Brittain and Bruce Clay before the Man with the big Scythe fingers my collar.
In the Third Year returning from a winter cross country we piled into the hot shower coming from the left side row. Exiting from the shower early I turned on the right bank of shower heads full of bitterly cold water. Sixty boys fell to their knees screaming epithets. I found it amusing temporarily.
A looming figure! It was Mr. Goodman! With a large plimsol he rearranged the collour of my backside much to the amusement of the other boys, but it was worth it.
Happy memories 5B. Neil Lockwood.

Reply Posted by William Turner on Thursday June 16 2016 at 13:42
Attended Holgate for two years1940 and41-then Dad died, and we left G Houghton. A good time of my life, good pals, and the best sticky buns

Reply Posted by Ian S Hodgson on Sunday July 10 2016 at 17:57
I went to Barnsley Holgate Grammar School, having transferred from Ossett Grammar School when my Dad moved jobs to be caretaker at Woolley Hall College.
I was nicknamed "Ossett." by my classmates before being blessed with the rather less glamorous name of Foul Owl, because of my specs. When I look back now we did have some fearsome teachers, but we also had a few weaklings that we in class 2C1 tormented to death. My mates were Keith Elliott [Frog Eyes], Howard Robinson [Rabbit], Phillip Cottrel [Bugs]. Everone had to have an uncomplimentary nickname including most of the teachers. I really didn't like school much, which is why I used to "bunk off" to sit in local woodland and play my guitar.I've got loads of stories, but they won't fit here although I should mention the last day there, when we rounded the whole school up from the playground to the playing fields with my other mates Trev Howard and Jack Ledger to play a ver loud rendition of "Give Peace A Chance."

Reply Posted by David Senior on Sunday July 24 2016 at 15:48
Very sad that Holgate Grammar has gone the way of most good education establishments. I'm a bit behind the times it appears.
I was there in 55 to 59, first year in 1 Butler - Mr Rocket if I remember well.
I always enjoyed science, but not maths much until the algebra penny dropped thanks to Webb Swift. French with Mr Mirfin - I thought it a waste of time to be honest, until about 20 years ago when I was in France for work, and suddenly realised that I understood what the engineers were talking about!
Lots of other names I remember, "Pobble" Lockwood, "Jesus", Herman the German of course, "Dicky" Pym - no comment, the list goes on. I often wondered what happened to people I met.

Reply Posted by Lee Hadfield on Friday September 30 2016 at 10:08
I attended Holgate in the early 70's. I will never forget my first day as it terrified me.
The older male teachers wore black gowns. They were unfriendly, stern, strict, and there are no other words to describe them as nasty old men. I remember Mr Jarvis for Maths and another equally cruel for History perhaps someone could help me with his name. My English teacher was a very tall man with long curly hair, who wore dark glasses he was called Mr Keane. He was a quiet man and never seemed to lose his temper. Other teachers I remember were Mr Hill for chemistry, Mr Connor for geography, and Mr Round for PE. I remember the tuck shop run by the prefects at the back of the building. Detention, and I received the cane only once when I stapled a book to the desk to keep it open while I slept in class, I deserved it! My overall experience was not a good one and couldn't wait to leave. I left school to fly and continue to work as a steward for British Airways. I now live in Spain with my family. I was shocked to hear that beautiful building had been knocked down. I only learned this recently when I decided to revisit the school that was sad to see.

Reply Posted by Arthur Stuttard on Tuesday November 22 2016 at 14:21
I think perhaps my father in law, Reginald Sykes, may be the oldest surviving Old Boy - he is 102 years old. His father was the local statin master.

Reply Posted by IanEvans on Monday April 17 2017 at 21:57
I remember some teachers having quite evocative nicknames: Mr Smith, the Head, was Hitler; Mr Dixon, a maths teacher who moved from Longcar Central when that closed, he was a dead-ringer for CharlesdeGaulle & was referred to as 'Sneck' on account of his nose; Mr Goodman was 'Herman the German, or more commonly 'Nunk'; Mr Ellerby acquired the name Desperado after one lesson in which he 'rode' the bench at the front of his classroom like a wild west cowboy on a brocho to illustrate some point; Mr Macdonald (Maths I think) was the 'Russian' as he was learning the language & used it in class; one French teacher was referred to as 'Norman' but I can't remember his surname. I'm sure others had nicknames but I can't recall them now.

Reply Posted by Steve on Wednesday April 19 2017 at 09:13
Was Norman Goddard, the French teacher.