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Patients asked to air views on GPs

Tuesday February 23 2016

Patients are being asked for their opinion Patients are being asked for their opinion

PATIENTS are being asked to air their views on their GPs. 

Staff and volunteers from Healthwatch Barnsley will be at Goldthorpe Library on Thursday 10 March
to listen to the views and opinions of any patient that attends a GP surgery in the Dearne.

Healthwatch Barnsley is the independent consumer champion for health and social care services in Barnsley, and aims to make sure that people in Barnsley have a say in the services they receive.

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Reply Posted by Bridie O Brien on Wednesday February 24 2016 at 10:47
I have no problems with my surgery, White Rose Cudworth. I would highly recommend them.

Reply Posted by OnlyMe on Thursday February 25 2016 at 13:24
Its not my GPs themselves that I have a problem with, they are ace, they do their job well, its the nosey receptionists I don't like! Don't get me wrong, they aren't all the same but most of them are. When making an appointment they ask you what's wrong, especially if you need an appointment they ask you "what's the problem?!" Its nowt to do with them, that's why you have asked to see the DOCTOR! One of them told my other half not to bring me into the surgery when I had a chest infection as it was around the time swine flu was going around. The doctor was in reception at the time, he heard her and she got a right telling off! And they talk about patients that are sat in the waiting room and think you can't hear them behind their glass screen but you can...

Reply Posted by OnlyMe on Thursday February 25 2016 at 13:26
I meant to say especially when you need an appointment sooner rather than later.

Reply Posted by huddrd on Saturday February 27 2016 at 01:14
Huddersfield Road is impossible to get in to. If they do answer the phone they tell you to call back later. One receptionist had a pleasent phone manner, once. The rest of the time they have been terrible. Doctors and Nurses there are great when you get to see them mind.

Reply Posted by Diana on Sunday February 28 2016 at 23:59
Where can patients air their views and discuss the changes relating to the Highgate GP's and the changes that are being put into place without consultation with service users??