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Crackdown on yobbish behaviour

Friday February 19 2016

Crackdown on yobbish behaviour Crackdown on yobbish behaviour

COUNCIL CHIEFS will help crackdown on yobbish behaviour after giving a new legal power the go ahead.

Council bosses agreed on Wednesday to bring in a Public Space Protection order (PSPO) across the town centre and residential streets off Park Road, Sheffield Road, Cemetery Road and Doncaster Road.

PSPOs are designed to deal with yobbish antics in a particular area.

A breach of the order can result in either a warning, a fine of £100 or prosecution.

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Reply Posted by Eve on Friday February 19 2016 at 16:34
Excellent news and hopefully this will make a positive impact on the town centre and nearby neighbourhoods.

Reply Posted by PSPO Pete on Friday February 19 2016 at 20:04
I find the celebratory attitude of the previous poster towards the PSPO in force in the Tarn Slums/Tarn Ghetto highly alarming, and it is causing me considerable distress.

The persecution of people living in a deprived area, specifically the area mentioned in this article, for merely being unfortunate enough to have to live in this area (the Tarn Slums/Tarn Ghetto) is nothing short of social apartheid.

I'm now embarrassed and afraid to say in public that I live in this area due to the image projected upon it, and upon the people living here, by this discriminatory policing. Already I have heard people say they will refuse to employ people living in the Tarn Slums/Tarn Ghetto, and I have been treat with contempt and suspicion for being unfortunate enough to live here.

The majority of law abiding residents have now been tainted by the PSPO, and people can now be punished for myriad things which would not be considered a crime in the vast majority of the country.

The area in which the PSPO is in force is now nothing more than a state sanctioned Ghetto. And the state is intentionally victimising vulnerable people in the Ghetto. This is social apartheid plain and simple.

Rather than use existing laws to police the area, the PSPO has been brought in, with the intention of persecuting vulnerable people living in this Ghetto.

The social apartheid can be seen in house prices, a 2 up 2 down slum dwelling in the ghetto can be purchased for £25k. It is worth noting these types of dwellings were mentioned in George Orwell's, The Road to Wigan Pier back in the 1930s, he called them slums then and he slated the council for spending vast sums of money on the town hall and other vanity projects, whilst large amounts of working class people were forced to live in poverty, as the money would have been better spent improving the lives of the people living in these conditions.

One can only hope that normality is restored ASAP and Barnsley follows the lead of places like Hackney and withdraws the PSPO, and stops the persecution of the vulnerable for being vulnerable, poor etc.

In addition to this, rather than persecute people living in the PSPO Ghetto, one would hope, the council provides opportunity to the people living here to gain employment and participate in society, rather than be treat as 2nd class citizens/denizens.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Saturday February 20 2016 at 16:40
I feel your pain brother but unfortunately the particular area in question namely the town centre and the immediate areas around it is indeed a/the ghetto as you rightly surmise.

I wouldn't have gone quite as far as "Ghetto" as that particular word reminds one of the "ghettoization" of European Jewry by the Nazis.

Cesspit would have been more apt me thinks.

The areas concerned are areas where we now see many migrants who have now decided to make Barnsley there "home" and are usually packed, racked and stacked into tiny terraced houses to make their meagre Asos wages go further by overcrowding said terraced houses.
Coincidence don't you think that those areas are now subject to the PSPO?

The town centre could indeed be deemed a "ghetto" (but I would still go with "cesspit") a Ghetto (cesspit) full of alcoholics rambling incessantly especially outside peel street toilets or one could have a trip through cheapside to be accosted by people asking for "busfare", of course I use the term "busfare" loosely as it is code for "i'm here to cadge "busfare" to get a bag "o" brown" or if you REALLY want to see how the other half live, take a trip up toward the jobcentre, there you will see many of the people I described earlier nipping into the European supermarket for their cheap cans of lager and openly drinking them directly outside said European supermarket without fear of being accosted by the "good ol boys in blue" or anyone else for that matter.

Had enough or do you want some more?

Hows about a trip round the back of the old Gala bingo on New Street?
There you will find the "busfare cadgers" doing funny things with lighters, tin foil and "bags o brown".
If that isn't enough for you then stick around the area for a while and there you will see the "busfare cadgers" sticking needles in there arms.
Or hows about waiting around and watching one of the female "busfare cadgers" openly selling her body for her next "bag o brown".

Perhaps we don't need the PSPO after all, lets build a proper ghetto and lock these people in it for a few months, after all the council are wanting to "remake Barnsley" are they not?

Reply Posted by Sir Norris Of Barnsley on Monday February 22 2016 at 23:38
As a staunch Tory, I am glad to see Barnsley Council using Conservative policy to crack down on the bawdy behaviour of poor people. My chums and I were fearful, in such hard times, that the council may seek to shame businesses who were not paying a living wage and using exploitative zero hours contracts. I'm relieved to see the council have done the right thing and will be punishing those who are economically useless. I love the idea of fining penniless yobs a £100. It will turn our town around.

Reply Posted by Steven James on Tuesday February 23 2016 at 19:16
Nobody likes a Tory....
Especially one that talks absolute gash...

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