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Motor bike barrier to be installed at local park

Thursday February 18 2016

Nuisance motor bikes Nuisance motor bikes

NUISANCE motor bikes will be stopped from entering a local park by a barrier funded by a housing developer. 

The barrier will be installed at Smithies Lane Recreational Ground to prevent nuisance and noise caused by the illegal use of motor bikes, with the money also going towards an access ramp for wheelchairs. 

The money was set aside as part of a legal agreement between the council and Saul Construction, the developer behind the Cypress Heights estate off Carlton Road.

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Reply Posted by Rob on Thursday February 18 2016 at 15:28
I don't think the bike in the photo will be riding off road

Reply Posted by annoyed resident on Thursday February 18 2016 at 19:54
Could do with it in grimethorpe too! The mess they leave in parks, they ride dangerously on public roads and of course, no insurance etc. Some of them are even just kids. They are a total disgrace without thought for their own or anybody elses safety not to mention the damage they cause. Wouldnt be bad, but if they have an accident, they are the first to blame legit road users. My uncle haf a close encounter with the idiots on the main road, 3 on one bike, 2 lads and another bike (sorry girl), and they hurled abuse at HIM for them nearly running into him. IDIOTS!

Reply Posted by Annon on Saturday February 20 2016 at 16:17
Some morngey old ***** about they sell em in shops but yet no local places for them to go.. Instead of caring for homeless smackheads thats got no hope in em why not make something for offtoad users... Sup ant none of you oldies road a off road motorcycle in ya time.. Get a grip!! N ye each to there own opionion before someone pipes up

Reply Posted by annoyed resident on Sunday February 21 2016 at 15:47
@annon instead of complaining that there's some "morngy" people about, perhaps you should consider a number of factors. Firstly, the riders often, if not always use public roads and foot paths 'ILLEGALLY" to access areas they want to "tear" up, this endangers their own lives as well as other pedestrians and roads users. Secondly, instead of whining about it on here, why don't you approach the council with ideas, or is it too much trouble and youd prefer to wreak havoc on roads etc. Thirdly, in the example I gave initially, and with your comments, it would lead me to suspect you dont care or you actually condone acts of illegal riding, as you've mentioned "havent you oldies road an off road in ya time", there lays the operative words "off road". It isnt off road when your on aPUBLIC road or PAVEMENTS and above all else you have NO INSURANCE ergo ILLEGAL!

Fourth, I aint no oldie, but as you mention it I feel the need to say that it seems you want respect (enough to warrant your excuses of condoning ILLEGAL riding) but you dont seem to want to give any in return. You'd probably be the first to complain if someone was playing loud music to your displeasure (but still, "have you never played loud music before" (btw thats sarcasm)).