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Man named and shamed in fly tipping offence

Wednesday February 10 2016

Waste fly-tipped at Southgate Lane in Shafton Waste fly-tipped at Southgate Lane in Shafton

A BARNSLEY man who charged an unsuspecting resident £100 to dispose of their rubbish - and then illegally dumped it - is facing a bill of over £700 after facing the courts.

Mark Nicholls, 28, of Mallory Way, Cudworth, was found guilty of fly-tipping. The waste he had billed someone to dispose of correctly - which included furniture, internal doors and carpets - was thrown into a field on Southgate Lane in Shafton.

Mr Nicholls was given a £300 fine, £400 prosecution costs and a victim surcharge of £30, totalling £730.

Coun Jenny Platts said: “Mark Nicholls was paid to dispose of this waste and his actions show his disregard for our borough.

"We have approached the Environment Agency to ask that his waste carriers licence be revoked.

“If residents need to dispose of their waste we would suggest they use a reputable company and make checks into their services. They can also use the waste and recycling sites around the borough or use our bulky items collection service.“

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Reply Posted by Well I Never on Wednesday February 10 2016 at 12:23
It's about time the fly tippers were fined, it's getting out of hand, it's unsightly & also dangerous to wildlife & pets alike. Lets hope this serves as a lesson to all the other dirty, inconsiderate gits who dump their crap where ever they want. It should have been at least double whet he got fined, it begs the question "How many times has he got away with it???" There's far to many popping up on Facebook sites offering to take rubbish away. Jack the lads who work on the side & claim dole money...then dump like above or burn the rubbish.There's NO regulator on Facebook & to be honest some don't care as long as the rubbish is moved. BUT on the other hand...this is what happens when the every day Jo Blog are turned away at the council dumps when they want to dispose of their building rubble, because they don't have a valid "Waste Carrier Licence". This is a problem of the councils making.

Reply Posted by Davieboy on Wednesday February 10 2016 at 12:44
What a total disgrace fining him £730, he should have been fined at least double, and be made to clean it up and then pay to have it disposed.
I hope they take his license away.

Reply Posted by ANON on Wednesday February 10 2016 at 14:54
Should be more! I paid him £250 and was facing upto 5k fine until it was dropped! I'm discussed! The stress he caused myself &.many others is a joke at £700 fine! Not even a weeks wage for his corrupt business!!

Reply Posted by Cudworthresident on Wednesday February 10 2016 at 20:30
What an idiot why would anyone flytip it makes an area look a total mess and is bad for innocent wildlife!

Reply Posted by Pauline Ellis on Thursday February 11 2016 at 15:26
£730 what a waste of time ,, He should be made an example of and fined £1000 at least,,

Reply Posted by Joe Hayward on Saturday February 13 2016 at 13:05
It cost Barnsley MBC £1.5 million to clean up after these Fly Tippers,tax payers money, at a time the government are cutting local council budget, where every penny counts, think this money could be spent on so many needed projects. The fine was derisory, so yes name and shame, sending a message out to other illegal fly tippers we will name and shame you. This is not just a Barnsley problem but a national problem up and down the country.

Reply Posted by Name and shame on Wednesday February 17 2016 at 17:43
Be aware......Drives a green Iveco pickup with black back also known for pinching items out of people's gardens for scrap metal. Low life ex drug dealer turned druggie

Reply Posted by Haha on Wednesday February 17 2016 at 17:47
Deserves a bxxxxt in head . Waste of space low life don't trust him as far as you can throw him . Thief , pervert drug abuser what else can you say

Reply Posted by dion on Thursday February 25 2016 at 13:32
Stupid lowlife hahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha about time aswell nothing but a thieving scrounging sxxcker!!! watch out fly tipping teams are about!!! no doubt it will be a £5 a week fine as he in un employed or is being a +scrag + bum a job these days??????? loooser