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Cash earmarked for new CCTV

Thursday February 4 2016

The CCTV in the town centre will need replacing The CCTV in the town centre will need replacing

BARNSLEY'S town centre CCTV system is to undergo a £500,000 overhaul.

Council bosses have earmarked the cash under the £50 million Better Barnsley scheme.

The changed layout of the town centre will mean new CCTV is required.

As part of the project, ongoing liaison is taking place with South Yorkshire Police to ensure that the required coverage is maintained and that new cameras are provided if required.

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Reply Posted by Tom on Friday February 5 2016 at 21:13
Hopefully Wellington street will finally have some decent CCTV, so the violence that goes on there can be dealt with, instead of people getting away with serious crimes due to a lack of CCTV.

Reply Posted by steve on Saturday February 6 2016 at 09:19
Get ready in April for council tax bills going up 3.9% to pay for this and the £5 million short fall in the new Market Budget which has appeared,because Barnsley will say its needs money to pay for service's for the elderly ,Councils cannot put up Council Tax above 2% without a local referendum ,however they can add a extra 2% on top of this if it is for Elderly Care

Reply Posted by Gavelar on Monday February 8 2016 at 12:18
£5 Million shortfall, ??I see this has been snuck in, The budget was s=40 Million coming up to 3 years ago, and we haven't seen a spade in the ground for anything yet to be built yet.

The town centre project is a white elephant the 40 Million figure was plucked out of the sky. What's more it's a sticking plaster. We don't even have a full plan yet. I'm sure it should be finished by next year.

Houghtons legacy. Waste, Waste and more waste.

Reply Posted by Taxpayer on Saturday February 6 2016 at 12:02
Yet when complaints regarding fly tipping and the increased litter in my local area are made, you get the usual excuse:
"Thank you for your email, forward by Councillor Howard, regarding the increase in litter and flytipping in the area.
Due to budgetary cuts, imposed on the Council by the coalition and now the Conservative Government we have had to reduce the frequency of removing litter and flytipping. We have been seeking and asking volunteers to help us litter pick in the areas you mention. Yours Councillor Roy Miller"
But spending £1/2 million to upgrade town centre cameras, no problem. Wonder who gets that contract ;)

Reply Posted by Roy Depledge on Monday February 8 2016 at 14:56
£1/2 million for CCTV. Could we please see a breakdown of the remaining £49.5 million, or was this figure plucked out of thin air. Also, how much of the £50 million is contingency?