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Cost of clear up rockets past £2 million

Friday January 29 2016

trash rubbish dumped flytip fly tip trash rubbish dumped flytip fly tip

AROUND nine incidents of fly-tipping happen across Barnsley every day - a trend which is costing the council millions.

Almost 3,500 incidents were recorded last year with costs for cleanup spiralling to £2 million. 

The council has already increased the number of cases it prosecutes in a bit to deter people and are asking for the public's help in reporting when they say it happen. 

A spokesman said: "Fly-tipping is completely unacceptable. The council’s costs for cleaning it up are passed on to the council taxpayer in a time when resources are already scarce."

The most commonly dumped items are old white goods, home improvement materials and black bag waste.

Anyone wanting to make a report should contact 772468.

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Reply Posted by Mr s on Friday January 29 2016 at 13:44
The council should open there waste sites to vans! Problem solved .

Reply Posted by Sarah on Friday January 29 2016 at 20:41
And not take 10 days to pick up items theyve been paid to pick up.

Reply Posted by Nat on Sunday January 31 2016 at 13:06
Neither of those reasons justify people dumping rubbish! And you can take a van into their sites you just need to ring up in advance

Reply Posted by Sarah on Sunday January 31 2016 at 18:05
If you van is high topped you can't. Rang up and it wasn't allowed in. Wanted to take a mattress. Didn't dump it though. Had to get a family member to take it. Me. I Asked the lady how I would get it to tip she told me to hire a van. A small one though !!!!! Why would I pay to hire one. When we have one. Another time u went. Was told I could only take 5 black sacks if rubbish. It's a joke. No wonder people are tipping. There is a sofa some cushions at the end of our street. It looks a pig hole.

Reply Posted by Jayne on Monday February 1 2016 at 18:45
I agree, restrictions on vans should be lifted. I have a van but can't take it into dump it so my poor mini carries all it can for multiple trips. I travel to work past wigfield farm and deer farm daily and it's always full of rubbish that has been dumped. People should be ashamed of their actions but while restrictions are in place they have the excuse.

Reply Posted by crockett on Tuesday February 2 2016 at 17:03
just think if when you report fly tipping it is actually followed up then the cost would be even more. i have reported numerous times a particular fly tip over a 3 year period and nothing has been done . it is no use the council publishing figures of how much it costs to clean up the waste when they must be aware that there are fly tipping hot spots around the borough and what is required is some sort of covert operation to catch the people responsible. how much of that 2 million could be recovered with a bit of forward thinking is up for debate ,but if they caught the tippers and hit them hard then maybe the rest of them would think twice before blighting the countryside and estates.