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Changes planned for Keresforth Primary

Tuesday January 26 2016

The cash will be spent on Keresforth Primary The cash will be spent on Keresforth Primary

A BARNSLEY primary school has been given £150,000 to make improvements to help it cope with demand for school places.

Keresforth Primary was given the cash as part of a legal agreement between Barnsley Council and the developer of the former Kingstone school site, which has 163 new homes.

Council papers approving the cash boost state: “The proposals contained in this report will deliver significant benefits for local residents by ensuring that the primary school has the capacity to handle increased future levels of demand.”

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Reply Posted by Natalie on Tuesday January 26 2016 at 17:36
And what about all the other schools in the area who have children that cannot even get in to their village school? Schools which have applied for an extension and been refused?

There are several new housing estates gone up in the Dodworth area and Kingstone Ward and NO school places. Yes this is a positive step in the right direction but it should not be one rule for one and one rule for another.

Reply Posted by Sue on Tuesday January 26 2016 at 18:09
i have been saying the same for ages.. they are building new homes all over the place, but no new schools! Keresforth is a small community school,always has been. not that I am opposed to change, but the reasons a lot of people possibly chose the school, are changing.. I liked the smaller classes, more one to one and tight nit community. Now it seems they are getting a little over run. it will be intersting to see what changes they can make to the school, to allow more places? Are they planning a new building added on?!

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