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Armed police patrol town centre

Wednesday December 23 2015

Barnsley Town Centre, 2012 Barnsley Town Centre, 2012

ARMED police have been patrolling the town centre as part of a drive to reassure the public over the festive period.

Officers with guns have been spotted in the Alhambra Centre, the precinct and indoor market as part of South Yorkshire Police’s plan to provide more officers as a visible reassurance to shoppers and work as a deterrent.

The threat level across the UK remains at ‘severe’, and has been at this level since August last year.

A spokesman said: "There’s no intelligence to suggest a change to this is on the horizon however we recognise that the public would like reassurance as they enjoy the festive period.

“Putting these officers out onto the streets now should encourage people to go about their business as usual, supported by their local police, both armed and unarmed.”

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Reply Posted by Steven James on Thursday December 24 2015 at 09:08
The only time one ever sees a bobby in town is on matchdays!
I haven't seen one patrolling the town centre through the day since around 1989!

Reply Posted by Colin Beardshall on Thursday December 24 2015 at 11:43
Yesterday (23/12/15) I was shocked to see two armed policemen walking down New Street and I feel that far from reassuring the public it has the opposite effect and suggests to the public that "it could happen here".

Reply Posted by concerned citizen on Thursday December 24 2015 at 13:15
id like to thank syp I think their doing a great job in town,least their not sat on their arses in an office,all they want to do is try keep us safe & I 4 1 would like to say thank you,keep up the good work

Reply Posted by Pauline shaw on Thursday December 24 2015 at 18:22
its about time , should have happened a long time since , your doing a great job , they have them in other countries why not here

Reply Posted by Trevor Jones on Friday December 25 2015 at 02:20
THANK YOU SYP. You do a great job all the time. As for armed Police in Barnsley. Well yes fair enough, but I think a more appropriate place is surely Meadowhall. I for one have NOT visited Meadowhall over Xmas because of the obvious big risk this venue emits. SYP can we see armed officers there please?

Reply Posted by Paul on Friday December 25 2015 at 18:03
Any chance of them patrolling Wellington st on a weekend! Only kidding! I have seen them in Meadowhall.keep up the good work

Reply Posted by Aiden Hanna on Monday December 28 2015 at 16:33
People say it suggests that something may happen look at all the attacks that have happened nothing suggested that it would happen there but maybe if armed police was out on patrol there there could have been less casualties

Reply Posted by Luther on Monday December 28 2015 at 23:13
Considering that over 800 people have been killed by British Police Officers in the last 10 years, I wouldn't say that seeing armed police on the streets makes me feel any safer at all!

Reply Posted by Dave on Tuesday December 29 2015 at 16:49
please think a police officer can shoot to kill no police as ever been charged with murder and never will be ,

Reply Posted by Luther on Thursday December 31 2015 at 11:38
That is what the IPCC are for. To find them innocent.

Reply Posted by Pds on Friday January 1 2016 at 11:42
Can you back up your comment with facts and sources. A quick internet search reveals less than one 100 going back to 1920.

Reply Posted by Luther on Saturday January 9 2016 at 08:53
Here - won't let me post a direct link, so cut and paste into your browser.


Reply Posted by Observer on Tuesday December 29 2015 at 09:53
Whats up. Someone scared of something getting stolen from cash converters?

Reply Posted by Paul on Tuesday December 29 2015 at 17:36
Dunt trust em never have never will n when tha stopped at 2 in a morning while walk-in dog n they ask what tha doin DER

Reply Posted by Eat 1884 on Tuesday December 29 2015 at 23:13
Am used to armed MOD police 24/7 at work, so it was strange to see it on streets of town I live in. Does it give reassurance? It did to me. Will it stop an incident? Who knows?

Reply Posted by Danny jones on Thursday December 31 2015 at 02:33
I saw the police in town and a few people looked scared but they need to realise there here to protect us all from terrorists but the police with guns need to smile more so people would feel less nervus of them

Reply Posted by Paul Firth on Thursday December 31 2015 at 20:07
I am concerned about immigrants coming to Barnsley from east and central Europe. We don't have the infrastructure to cope with unplanned migrants coming to our small town. Enough is Enough!

Reply Posted by james knowels on Friday January 1 2016 at 23:09
Recently about 15 to 20 have move to where i live most of them dont work and all there children do is kick peoples bins over which makes a mess of the street plus a few days ago they set a fire to a sofa outside my garden and it nearly set fire to my gate.

Reply Posted by Me, Here, Now on Tuesday January 5 2016 at 19:28
Totally agree with you James and Paul.
it's no coincidence that since these people have moved into town it's become a more dangerous place, and is why we need this protection on the streets of our town.
Granted, not all immigrants are bad people, but it's always the minority that spoil it for everyone else. If they don't respect our culture and our way of life - such as Remembrance Day they shouldn't be here.FULL STOP

Reply Posted by sensibility on Wednesday January 6 2016 at 08:43
As usual some people choose to twist every debate around to racism. I am sure the majority of Barnsley residents feel thankful for police presence. SYP thank you.

Reply Posted by Lola on Wednesday January 6 2016 at 09:05
The threat of terrorism is very real, even sensible people get blown up to bits! not racism at all, FACTS...get a bloody grip.

Reply Posted by Me, Here, Now on Wednesday January 6 2016 at 11:07
Sensibility - My comments are not meant to be racist, they are realitiy.
Is it racist that in a report on the Daily Mail website today the town council in Cologne, Germany has told women it`s not safe in the city centre any more because African and Arab immigrants have been molesting women in gangs. At least 90 reports of such behaviour have been reported.
What we are experiencing now is the thin edge of the wedge in Barnsley. What will it take for the PC brigade to face up to what`s really going on arounf them.