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Tooth brushing clubs introduced to combat decay

Thursday December 17 2015

Dental health Dental health

TOOTH brushing clubs will be set up in all schools and nurseries after shocking statistics revealed 600 Barnsley kids were hospitalised last year because of decayed teeth.

The shocking figures are revealed in a public health strategy document which says 600 children had to be hospitalised to have decayed teeth pulled out last year.

The report said: "Tooth brushing clubs will be established in early years, nurseries and reception year settings across Barnsley.

"A programme of training for staff to support delivery of daily tooth brushing will be introduced."

Figures show vast difference in qualities of tooth care across the borough - in some more deprived wards kids have five times more decayed teeth as more affluent areas.
As part of an ambitious plan to improve dental health, NHS England will increase the use of fluoride varnish by dental practices in Barnsley.

Tooth brushing packs will also be distributed to the most vulnerable families in the borough via food banks.

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Reply Posted by common.s on Wednesday December 23 2015 at 02:28
Wouldn't fluoridation of the water supply be a much better way, like other towns and cities do. Are Barnsley people's teeth not worth an actual solution - just a 'brushing pack' and a nice sticker? Sure fluoridation has been recommended and agreed by public health times over going back many years.