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Why didn't you just blow it up?

Friday December 11 2015

The view from the cockpit of Long Reach The view from the cockpit of Long Reach

COUNCIL officers have spoken out to answer one of  the most asked question they've had over the Central Offices demolition.

Council officer Ann Untisz said the 'long reach' digger was the only way to demolish the building while keeping a cavarnous sub-basement intact.

She added: "For those of you who think we should have blown it up, let me assure you that was impossible without destroying the market trader's undergroumd car park, a couple of electrical substations, and damaging the underground river that runs adjacent to the building."

The long reach will soon be moving to a new patch of the building to continue the demolition. 

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Reply Posted by Ackerman on Friday December 11 2015 at 08:01
Never knew there was a river running underground near the old council offices. Ya learn summat new everyday.

Reply Posted by steve on Friday December 11 2015 at 10:54
I won't call it a river ,more like a stream,if you walk out Barnsley along Pontefract Road ,past Oakwell football ground,on the left hand side opposite the is turn off for Oakwell View which leads up to Burrows ,Kia Dealership there is a row of newly built terraced house's,the Stream surface's here and runs behind old stone wall in front of Beever Court,Towards the Oakwell Brewery Site and finally joins the river dearne behind the white bear pub