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Millions To Be Spent On Improving Goldthorpe Homes

Monday June 11 2012

MORE than 100 empty homes in the worst areas of Goldthorpe will be revamped as part of a project worth almost £2 million.

A government grant of £961,000 has been awarded to bring half of the 200 empty privately-owned houses back up to liveable standard. It is being matched by the council, meaning more than £1.9 million is available in total.

Coun Linda Burgess said: "This is really excellent news for Goldthorpe, and particularly for the families who will have access to decent homes, and the families who will see their area improve."

Part of the money will be used to buy some of the poorest, lowest-value houses, which will be refurbished and sold to first-time buyers.

Some will be used to offer grants to private landlords to refurbish their properties, if they sign various agreements including and be registered and regulated through the council and Berneslai Homes.

There will also be advice and support to other landlords to bring properties back to rentable states, and also works to increase security in streets and areas where properties have been left vulnerable to vandalism, break-ins and fly-tipping.

"It's a real boost to the area," added Coun Burgess. "We know there are more than 200 empty properties, and it does create serious problems."

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Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday June 13 2012 at 18:36
Why are private property owners being subsidised?  Build affordable housing, or buy it, if needs be.  Don't be dishing out free money to people who are hoarding property.  If people have second homes in Goldthorpe they can sell them for £1 to a person who needs a home.  Or the council can rent them out and use the money derived from rent to cover the cost of repairs and invest in building more housing.

Reply Posted by Kes on Thursday June 14 2012 at 10:59
if there empty houses then there are giving money to private landlords to rent them out to foriegn workers  like 10 in a house so who benifits from this only the private landlords they should knock them down and build coucil houses  and give them to the people who  need them young English people with young kids who are renting and on benifits would be far cheaper in benifits being paid out

Reply Posted by Ll on Wednesday October 24 2012 at 10:51
Get a life and a job