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Shocking child poverty statistics revealed

Friday December 4 2015

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

ONE in every five children living in Barnsley are living below the breadline, according to new research.

The study into child poverty shows that in Barnsley Central 23 per cent of children were going cold and hungry.

MP Dan Jarvis said: "It is in the long term interests of Barnsley to ensure that all our children have the best start in life.

“The government is not making this easy for us by cutting funding to local councils, which provide many of the important services which aim to tackle child poverty.”

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Reply Posted by lanny81 on Friday December 4 2015 at 12:50
So finally they realise how bad some people have it! We're in the 21st century - there should be no poverty. Children should have at least the basics of heat and food and to be denied of those in this day and age is an absolute disgrace. A lot of its to do with the lack of support and cuts and sanctions to benefits and low pay etc but a lot of it is also to do with some parents being hooked on drugs and putting themselves and their habits before their children. They ought to be bloody ashamed of themselves if that's the case!

Reply Posted by Annie on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 23:28
I agree with everything you have written. There are so many children without the basics, a lot of them have parents who are doing their best. There's other children though who are living in poverty because their parents are addicts.

Reply Posted by Thor on Saturday December 5 2015 at 06:43
There is a simple cure for this that everyone should know about and that's contraception. If people can't afford to look after children then they shouldn't have them.

Reply Posted by Polly on Saturday December 5 2015 at 15:38
It's comments like yours Thor that make me ashamed to say I live in Barnsley.

Reply Posted by lola on Sunday December 6 2015 at 16:07
Maybe you would like to pay for them all then, I am so sick of do-gooders who have their heads up their bums....get a blood grip!

Reply Posted by Tom on Monday December 7 2015 at 14:15
Less than 1% of the labour force is required to produce enough food to feed population of this country twice over. (Some 10 hours per person per year)

-Yet many people spend the equivalent of 10 hours wages per person per week on food.

There are just 1000 hours of labour in building a house. Yet people are forced to spend the equivalent of 500-1000 hours of labour per year to rent one, and the average cost is equivalent to some 50000 hours of labour.

Hundreds of years ago people could afford to have 10 children. Since then there has been massive and myriad technological, agricultural and industrial improvements in the economy.

Everybody ought be able to afford to have 100 children. But sadly we find many single working adults cannot even afford to sustain themselves in the most basic accommodation on meagre food rations. We live in a Neo Serfdom, the levels of inequality are vast, and one's parent's property ownership determines one's life chances.

Rather than get irate about the serfdom that exists or the road trodden to serfdom via neo-liberalism, we have the absurd situation where some people overlook their de-facto enslavement and spout nonsensical statements like, "If people can't afford to have kids, they shouldn't have them". The reason people can't afford to live is because they are being exploited. if it wasn't for this exploitation, then people could afford to have children. Instead of discouraging people having children, people ought be taking action to reclaim the fruits of their labour that is rightfully theirs!

Reply Posted by Annie on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 23:13
Why does that make you ashamed to live in Barnsley? The poverty levels, the deprivation, the low achievement in schools, the high numbers of 'not in Education or Employment' (NEEP), the **** heads, the pot heads, the crack heads, the arsonists, the vandals, the truants....what's wrong with someone saying if you can't afford to look after children, don't have them??

Reply Posted by Fred on Wednesday December 9 2015 at 21:53
Well said Thor and Lola, I want a Ferrari but I can't afford one, so I do t expect some one else to pay for it! Why do people expect us tax payers to pay for them !

Reply Posted by Lola on Thursday December 10 2015 at 08:40
I so agree with you on all you have written:)

Reply Posted by Thor on Saturday December 12 2015 at 11:15
Tom, you can quote as many facts and figures as you like, my point is that if you have children you should have to work to contribute towards their upbringing. Even if its part time or helping out in a charity shop, anything at all will do. I personally know people who live off money from the government that is supposed to go to their child. They smoke, they drink and they gamble. Take a walk through Barnsley and look for yourself there's quite a few of these people about. Then I have a friend who is a single mum who works in a chip shop and is worse off a month than the other. Is that right because I for one don't think it is. The system is WRONG

Reply Posted by Sarah on Saturday December 5 2015 at 13:47
Who comes up with the numbers. I have 4 children and our neighbours have 1 none of us are living below the breadline. Thats not 1 in 5 at all.

Reply Posted by Louisa on Saturday December 5 2015 at 18:30
It don't quite work like that Sarah, stats are never straight forward. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people will at some point have cancer, well I know more than three people who haven't had cancer. Stats are just averages. As for poverty it is the fault of tighter sanctions, squeezes on tax credits, bedroom tax, I could go on. What has really shocked me though is that in the last 3 or so years the word 'Foodbank' is a regular everyday word. In 2015 that should not be the case surely!

Reply Posted by Thor on Saturday December 5 2015 at 22:03
Why Polly? I am very proud of being from Barnsley. Why do people have children if they can't afford them? It's ridiculous! These kids have no chance, brought up by parents who have never worked a day in there life. I'm not saying there isn't people who get made redundant etc but if that was the case then it wouldn't be 1 in 5 kids. People need to realise that children are not an income. Get a job, earn some money and the support you children

Reply Posted by CM on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 16:47
The reason kids are living in poverty is because their parents cannot be bothered to get off their backsides and get a job......Not only this, we now need a survey to find out how many of these kids in poverty have parents that drink, smoke and gamble. How many have sky TV. How many have mobiles....

If the parents do none of this, then and only then I will believe that the kids are definitely in poverty. If you cannot provide for the kids do not have them. PURE AND SIMPLE.

I call the kids on my street with no shoes or food "NEGLECTED" not poor, neglected kids should be removed from their parents.

Reply Posted by Thor on Saturday December 12 2015 at 10:41
100% agree with your comments CM. I always think that about the smoking and especially the scratch cards. My parents have always worked (both factory workers), we didn't have a lot when we were younger but we had enough. I can't never remember my mum telling me I can't have any sweets because she hasn't got enough money but then buy £10 worth of scratch cards. I actually witnessed this the other week. Shocking

Reply Posted by Linzi on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 17:33
Not everyone with kids living below the bread line arnt working i work full time and stuggle to make ends meat some weeks yes i have sky i bloody pay for it but why not when i work my arse off problem is prices of stuff rising but my wage stays the same pay us more and we might be able to get by better

Reply Posted by Thor on Saturday December 12 2015 at 10:20
Linzi, My comments are aimed at people who don't work (by choice) these people who say there isn't any jobs out there. I left school with little qualifications 14 years ago, however I have always had a job. Me and my wife both work hard to have the little luxuries in life and we choose not to has children, if we were to have them then to luxuries would stop. I would be extremely happy if the government would stop giving tax payers money to the people who don't work and who see children as merely an income and started giving extra tax money to people like you and thousands of others who work hard and don't receive enough from our government.

Reply Posted by Ray on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 21:13
Without casting doubt upon the survey I would like to know something about it.
1. Who paid for it
2. How large was the sample
3. Did the survery cover the whole of Barnsley or just part of it.
4. what were it's terms of reference

never trust these surveys until these questions have been answered and then guardedly because

Reply Posted by janet on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 21:25
any help needed then count me in. We need to help the children and possibly the parents.

Reply Posted by janet on Tuesday December 8 2015 at 21:25
any help needed then count me in. We need to help the children and possibly the parents.

Reply Posted by ellis fox on Wednesday December 9 2015 at 06:18
Why make these reports. Do sumthung about it

Reply Posted by Steven James on Friday December 11 2015 at 09:57
I see my comments have been removed yet again WAB police.
Funnily enough I thought we had " freedom of speech" in this country?
Wo betide anyone that dares to speak ill or criticise anyone @ BMBC towers or the elected representatives.

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