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Warning over unsafe hover boards

Friday December 4 2015

Hover board warning Hover board warning

A WARNING has been issued about unsafe hover boards which experts say pose a major safety risk.

The self-balancing scooters have been marked as a popular Christmas gift but already 15,000 have been siezed by Trading Standards officers nationally.

Major safety risks identified include issues with the plug, cabling, charger, battery or cut-off switch

A spokesman said: "Many of the items detained and sent for testing have been found to have noncompliant plugs without fuses, which increases the risk of the device overheating, exploding or catching fire.

"When items like self-balancing scooters start to sell out at well-known retailers, the void is quickly filled by crooks churning out poor quality imitations that can put people in danger. Don’t ‘panic buy’ from the first website you find – do your usual common-sense checks."

Barnsley Trading Standards officers say they are monitoring the situation.

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Reply Posted by lanny81 on Friday December 4 2015 at 13:05
I saw something on BBCs Watchdog about this the other night. This little lads hover board wasn't charging up but it was overheating and then it exploded - his Mum ended up in hospital with serious burns. I'll not be buying my kids one that's for sure!

Reply Posted by lanny81 on Friday December 4 2015 at 13:07
Just to add that the hover board that I saw on telly HAD been bought from a reputable company. So fake or not these things are not safe.

Reply Posted by Mick on Friday December 4 2015 at 14:46
Bit of a pointless gift anyway for most people as it isn't legal to use them anywhere other than on private property.

Reply Posted by lanny81 on Friday December 4 2015 at 16:16
Totally agree Mick, what's the point if buying something that your kids are never really going to be able to use anyway? Complete waste of money. But then some parents have more money than sense....

Reply Posted by MrsP7royston on Thursday December 10 2015 at 12:06
Just bought 3 of the hover boards for my 3 sons , just make sure you get a UK Warranty with them they cost a little more but you know you have UK comeback if any problems

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