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PCSOs slashed under budget cuts

Friday November 27 2015

police vest police vest

BUDGET cuts will see the number of PCSOs operating across Barnsley slashed.

The reshuffle will mean locally-based PCSOs will be merged into two centrally-based teams from April.

By April, PCSO numbers across South Yorkshire will be cut by 65 and it is understood around 15 of those will be lost from the Barnsley area.

The cut includes all 22 of the PCSO supervisor jobs also being axed, with police sergeants taking on that responsibility instead.

Those officers are based at major police stations and in Barnsley PCSOs are being reformed into two teams, working a new shift pattern, to help compensate for the loss of numbers, and will work from the Barnsley and Wombwell stations.

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Reply Posted by Kath on Tuesday December 1 2015 at 10:07
So George Osbourne has announced there is to be no cuts to our police, so why will South Yorkshire PSCO'S be slashed? Or is this just another excuse to 'blame the tory cuts' by the council..when there is is fact..NONE! Got to keep the sheep of Barnsley voting Labour eh??

Reply Posted by John on Tuesday December 1 2015 at 12:04
You do know the council don't run the police don't you?

Reply Posted by . on Tuesday December 1 2015 at 13:13
There may be no MORE cuts to the police but our public services have been hit with cuts for the last 5yrs. Cuts don't happen over night because of employment laws ect. BMBC also funded 10 PCSO's wages I do believe.

Reply Posted by Sue on Wednesday December 2 2015 at 18:04
The last round of cuts don't finish until 2018. The cuts that didn't happen this time were the ones to be implemented after that time