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Should care homes have CCTV? A WAB debate

Friday November 27 2015

SCRUTINY watchdogs have considered whether all care homes should have  CCTV.

The Safeguarding Scrutiny, made up of local councillors, discussed the idea after Coun Andrew Millner claimed it would ‘cover’ both the carer in case of any malicious claims and also the resident.

What do you think? Good idea or invasion of privacy?

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Reply Posted by Linda Hart on Saturday November 28 2015 at 20:35
Yes there should definitely be CCTV in homes. Bedrooms should be kept private.

Reply Posted by Patricia Heavey on Monday November 30 2015 at 15:04
I ave worked in care coming up 11 years now I always wanted to work in a care home since I was 15yrs old I absolutely love my job don't get me wrong it is hard physically emotionally n mentally being kicked punched scratched not Aving any support from ya manager it just all about paper work working understaffed being there for the people u Ave looked after for years in their last days being tarnished with the same brush that every carer is bad well not every carer is bad there is great carers out there I do agree with getting cameras in to protect the elderly but wat boils me is how the family stop coming to see their loved ones for months or years then they turn up out of the blue n ask staff why don't my mum/dad/ grandad/ gran remember me or they turn up wen their loved one is in their last days after years of not seeing them n they refuse to go to hospital coz their loved one is poorly or hurt so one of carers that's done a 14hr shift as to go because the family cant be arssed n they act as though they Ave been the loyal carering family that visit all the time wen actually they are just waiting for them to pass to other side so they can sort out wat they are owed n people Ave the cheek to tarnish all carer's as bad wat about the family's that just put their loved ones in a home n don't bother with them any more untill it's time to collect ££££££

Reply Posted by Terry Fletcher on Tuesday February 16 2016 at 19:49
Most care agencies workers need to have a DBS check, then there would probably be less need for CCTV.

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