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Parking permit scheme announced for busy road

Friday November 20 2015

Barnsley Hospital, Gawber side, 2004 Barnsley Hospital, Gawber side, 2004

A PERMIT only parking scheme is coming into force on one of Barnsley's most packed roads.

Parking on Rowland Road between Gawber Road and Walton Street North will be restricted to resident permit holders only.

Residents have welcomed the news as they claim many people park on their street to avoid hospital parking charges.

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Reply Posted by Ken on Monday November 23 2015 at 18:07
It is disgusting to have to park in a hospital car park people go because they are ill or visiting someone that is ill when you have to go for an appointment you could be in there for hours and it costs a fortune

Reply Posted by Ann on Tuesday November 24 2015 at 18:44
We would like them on stocks lane because this is where they are all parking now down both sides we have big lorries, wagons going to Roystone lead and round top of lane to Qualter hall Some of them having to be guided up because the lorries are too wide. There is a school up here someone is going to get knocked down especially around 8 30 am and 3 15 .there should be a car park just for the staff of the hospital .

Reply Posted by Anon on Tuesday November 24 2015 at 21:43
I live near the hospital and we've had permits since they were brought in - originally a huge circle was drawn on the map around the hospital and all the streets were going to have permits but each street had to vote as to whether to have them or not - the ones that decided against them are now suffering just as I predicted!!
Having said all that the hospital caused the problem and they should solve it NOT expect residents to have to pay to park on their own street - there should be far more hospital parking and YES patients should have to pay to park - you have to at all other hospitals, eg. Northern General, Pinderfields, etc. All the streets around the hospital area will continue to suffer until permits are brought in for the whole area as originally planned BUT without residents having to pay for the privilege

Reply Posted by Ian on Wednesday November 25 2015 at 19:15
Just another TAX !

Reply Posted by Angela on Thursday November 26 2015 at 13:41
I live on Victoria crescent, and we've been trying for permits on our street for years...we've never even been given the option in the past, its always been a firm NO. and because we're within a short walking distance of the hospital and Gateway Plaza, where a lot of BMBC offices are, we have it from both ends. None of these people want to pay to park, and they really have no consideration for local residents. We would willingly pay for permits, because we are so fed up of having nowhere to park. A new car park has recently opened on Sackville st, with very reasonable prices for all day parking, but do they use it ?? NO !!

Reply Posted by Kath on Thursday November 26 2015 at 13:57
I'm pleased for the residents who will now be able to park in front of their own homes, but for the rest of us living in surrounding streets, it's going to push the problem out onto us. Our street is already jam packed full everyday, and now it's going to get worse. All the streets nearby need to be permit parking only, and it's time for the hospital and Barnsley council to sort it out. Why is there a purpose built car park on the end of Springfield street locked up and stood empty??? It was built solely for the use of the council!!!

Reply Posted by D on Friday November 27 2015 at 07:53
They should make this on every street up there , isn't it ok when council get there own parking provided for £1 or whatever it is but no you would rather park out side my house , house is this fair ??

Reply Posted by Anon on Sunday November 29 2015 at 15:16
I live near the hospital and have a permit but sometimes I can't get parked near my house even in front of my gates that has a sign up saying do not block 24hours access needed , they think it's ok to park there and go to the hospital ! Then when they get asked to move their vehicle they start moaning and asking what's the problem ? Sone people have no respect and no curtesy for others .

Reply Posted by Unhappy tenant on Sunday November 29 2015 at 15:33
I've complained to council 3 times about Summer street fed up of not being able to get in my front door

Reply Posted by Jamie on Sunday November 29 2015 at 16:06
I live on Rowland road and its about time something has been done about it. The amount of times I come home with a 20 week old baby and have to walk up the road 70+ meters because ignorant people park over 12 hours + everyday.

Reply Posted by Katie on Sunday November 29 2015 at 16:36
I've had to visit this hospital for around 7 years on a regular basis. I've always paid to park in the car parks but the prices are ridiculous! My most recent visit meant I was in the carpark for 14 mins yet I still had to pay £1.30 even though it states you get 15minutes free parking. More people would Park in the car parks available if the prices were much more reasonable.
Although on the other hand the people who Park on these streets are more than likely to be staff who work there as I worked at rotherham hospital and due to the shortage of spaces I always had to park outside the hospital grounds on a side street. Parking is an issue that needs to be resolved at every hospital, if parking fees were similar to those at Montagu hospital in Mexborough more people would be parking inside the hospital grounds.

Reply Posted by Gracie on Sunday November 29 2015 at 17:19
Myself and the majority of other hospital staff would love not to have to park on streets (even though we pay our road tax) and get abuse from residents even when you go out of your way to make sure it isn't outside someone's house - but at £6.90 per day and no pay rise for the last few years or forseeable future I can't see that happening.

Reply Posted by Nurse on Sunday November 29 2015 at 18:50
I'm sorry I park on your streets, I don't have much option, I can't get a staff permit, the waiting list is so long and I have to pick my children up after work. I always try my best to change where I park so I'm not parking in front of the same houses. Please remember we are nice people trying our best to earn a living and do the best for our families, I've had my car scratched by keys and had abuse off people. i used to leave near the hospital myself and I accepted that I couldn't always park my car in front of my own house, yes it's annoying but I would never dream of shouting and abusing people who at the end of the day have a right to park where they want x

Reply Posted by jos-jo on Sunday November 29 2015 at 21:42
wish we could have permits we would dare use our cars then without hospital staff and visitors taking our space and leaving us to park in car park at top of street and paying for the day.

Reply Posted by Amy on Sunday November 29 2015 at 23:30
I would never dream of shouting abuse at the people who park in front of my house, I have in the past asked them politely if they would park somewhere else, somewhere were they're not parked directly in front of my house, and they have always refused, saying they can park wherever they want. Well we know that its not illegal, we know that they pay their road tax..but it doesn't make it right. A bit of consideration is all we ask for. They see it as unfair they have to pay a few pounds everyday to park their car, and yes they have a point. But its something that needs to be rectified by their employers, and until then, I think they should be considerate, and park either in a car park, or somewhere away from peoples front doors, and there are lots of places where they can do this. I think its unfair that I have to park 3 streets away, having to make 2 journeys juggling shopping, a baby in a car seat, and young children.

Reply Posted by MD on Monday November 30 2015 at 06:35
I don't live anywhere near a hospital, place of work or shopping centre but there are always cars parked outside my house. It's a fact of life these days, too many people have cars & don't own properties with off street parking. As I don't own the road outside my home & it's legal to park there there's nothing I can do about it If it bothered me that much I'd move.

Reply Posted by Amy on Tuesday December 1 2015 at 12:53
I have a problem with never being able to park but mine is with people who park up on my street for Upto 12 hours a day and then get into another car and go off down the motorway.
What makes it worse is that some of these people live walking distance to where they dump their cars and so there is absolutely no need for them to do it.
It's not just town centre and people near the hospital that have these problems.....

Reply Posted by Park Systems on Thursday January 21 2016 at 13:20
By the end of February we will have 5 private secure and gated individual parking spaces available just off the junction of Samuel road and Rowland road. These will be available on a contractual basis with the possibility of bay sharing between work colleagues with 24hr access 7 days a week and own key.For more info please contact parksystems@hotmail.co.uk

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