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Food shop plan for Hoyland pub

Wednesday November 18 2015

A HOYLAND pub could be flattened to make way for a food shop if planners agree.

West Yorkshire company Commercial Development Projects Ltd want to demolish the old Methodist church building on Market Street, Hoyland - which has been Charisma and Perrins - and move Fultons Foods on to the site.

Fulton Foods wants to move on site by May 2016 and says it can only stay in Hoyland if the work can be done as soon as possible.

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Reply Posted by steve on Thursday November 19 2015 at 10:38
First time i've ever heard a supermarket called a food shop

Reply Posted by Sam stokes on Saturday November 21 2015 at 13:41
We don't need another supermarket in hoyland

Reply Posted by guy on Saturday November 21 2015 at 14:44
Can't see why we need another supermarket, we've already got in hoyland a tescos, one stop, family shopper, coop, hereon foods moving in old jack fultons shop,, netto/lidl getting built across road from old charisma. We're over run buy food shops, what about the small businesses? Like halls fruit & veg? Been in hoyland longer then I can remember, and coops been loyal to hoyland and that will be next to shut down, hoyland centre has lost enough pubs. Gardeners, porters, we need more stuff like pubs to keep the community talking.

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