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School warning after car lure fears

Wednesday November 11 2015

Holy Trinity's text alert Holy Trinity's text alert

FEARS that a car was trying to lure a Barnsley school child earlier has prompted a school to send out a safety alert.

Holy Trinity, at Carton, sent out an alert to parents at 3.30pm today - saying a black car had been spotted trying to entice children in the area. 

Police have been informed.

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Reply Posted by Hayley on Wednesday November 11 2015 at 20:56
this is disgusting I hate it when people dothis no child I safe nowadays

Reply Posted by Zoe on Wednesday November 11 2015 at 21:35
Its about time safeguarding is a major issue my daughter was let out of this school whilst unwell and no one knew where she was things need to be done to make sure our children are safe

Reply Posted by Jacob on Wednesday November 11 2015 at 22:51
i agree cos they too many pervs out there summut needs to be done before summut happens...

Reply Posted by Chrissie Fyson on Thursday November 12 2015 at 17:37
they need to do the same as at my grandson's junior school in Stocksbridge..that is..ALL children must be met by a responsible friend..older sibling ..parent..grandparent or registered childminder

Reply Posted by lanny81 on Friday November 13 2015 at 10:51
My kids school does the same as Chrissies- they do not let the child leave until there is a parent/friend/family there to collect them. The teachers stand at the classroom door and as each child comes out they stop them, look for whoever is collecting them and if they are not there they have to go back into class and wait. In the past few years there's been so much in the media About cars/vans hanging around schools, it's disgusting. some schools play a part in letting kids go as they please but what about the parents? I worked in a shop that stayed open til late and there were kids coming in as late as 10.30 the dark still in their school uniforms. when you asked them where their parents were they'd say oh they're at their mates having a beer. Some of the kids I'd served were only 8 years old. my kids are at home and in bed at that time not bloody grocery shopping for their ****** up parents. Anything could happen to them, makes my blood boil!