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Late night shopping launch announced

Friday November 6 2015

nativity christmas nativity christmas

BARNSLEY's late night shopping plans have been revealed for the run up to the festive season.

Most shops will stay open late in the evening during the Christmas Lights Switch On Wednesday 18 November, including The Alhambra Shopping Centre, Experience Barnsley and Cooper Gallery.

The Alhambra Shopping Centre and variety of town centre shops, including some in The Victorian Arcade will continue to open late on both Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Free parking is available on Wednesday 18 November for the Lights Switch On and throughout December at all Barnsley Council owned car parks and on-street pay and display parking bays from 4pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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Reply Posted by Mr x on Friday November 6 2015 at 16:58
Who do we get this year to turn the lights on bill and ben

Reply Posted by Janie on Saturday November 7 2015 at 02:39
Shops what shops all the good ones have left Barnsley

Reply Posted by Dean turton on Saturday November 7 2015 at 17:42
Late night shopping. Its bad enough and not safe through the day never mind at night. Go to medowhall instead. Much better than Barnsley. Wot a dump Barnsley is.

Reply Posted by Unknown on Sunday November 8 2015 at 17:12
And it's people like your with all your negative comments that bring it down even more noones denying it's gone down hill but it's people like you that bring it down even more.

Reply Posted by Lauren on Sunday November 8 2015 at 17:15
Barnsley town centre probably wouldn't be as bad if people actually used it to shop rather than sit in the town centre and drink, I moved to Barnsley 2 years ago and I really like it here, it's just a shame a few idiots spoil it for everyone

Reply Posted by Ray on Sunday November 8 2015 at 22:49
No its not people like us. Its the sheeple that keep voting in the same old dross council every year. I would rather spend money in town than give it elsewhere. But im not spending it in a dump thats full of drunks, druggies, scrubbers and chavs and i wont take my kids there either. We have the worst town centre in yorkshire and thats saying something, its an embarrassment and we're a laughing stock to any visitors people look down on us as we are judged by the state of our town centre.

Reply Posted by Unknown on Monday November 9 2015 at 06:17
Noones denying that it's gone down hill and it is an absolute disgrace, but it's my home town and I'm not ashamed to say it's where I live I travel the country and believe me there are alot of worse places than barnsley, infact barnsley is quite a place compared to some places in England. It's the law that let's it down everyone is too lenient these days there's no respect, manners and no authority, it doesn't mean that the people who are of working class and proud of where they live can't have an opinion on people who slate barnsley. And as for the kids bit I really think that's a little bit far.

Reply Posted by B FRANK on Tuesday November 10 2015 at 20:28
Totally agree with you Barsley isnt the worst town by a long shot. And whatever barnsley council try to do people will still sit on their backside and slate them.
I would much rather support local traders than the big chains in meadowhall trawling round the lanes like cattle...

Reply Posted by Antony on Thursday December 17 2015 at 15:01
I like barnsley, tell you what, it sure beats forcing bridge!