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Plan to clean up worst private rented houses

Wednesday October 28 2015

PRIVATE landlords in problem areas could soon be forced to sign up to a licensing scheme that will clean up the borough's worst hit streets.

The council will next week decide whether to appoint an officer to develop a licensing scheme for landlords which aims to tackle houses that are left to ruin and those which have anti-social tenants.

Coun Jenny Platts said: “The aim of a licencing scheme is to improve safety and standards in some of our most deprived streets and neighbourhoods.

“If the proposal is approved, this would be the first step in identifying possible areas where the scheme could work. We hope that it would encourage landlords to take more responsibility for the management of their accommodation.”

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Reply Posted by Arthur on Wednesday October 28 2015 at 22:48
This is a much needed proposal and would be heavily welcomed. The town centre is full of private rented houses that are poorly maintained and an eyesore, landlords don't live near them so don't care. Gardens are often used as rubbish dumps for household waste

Reply Posted by Carl Yeates on Friday October 30 2015 at 15:14
I know Jenny Platts and live in the St Helen's ward. My private landlord is a good one, but I understand there's some that aren't. I just hope that doesn't put the rent up.

Reply Posted by Tom on Friday October 30 2015 at 18:12
Landlords charge the maximum rent that they can.

Rents are already subsidised by the government and artificially inflated via LHA, allowing landlords to charge higher than they otherwise could.

A tax on landlords would not increase rents.

Increased tenant income and housing subsidies would increase rents.
Decreased tenant income and removal of housing subsidies would decrease rents.

All a tax on landlords does, is capture a share of the rent.

Reply Posted by rw on Tuesday November 3 2015 at 09:55
As a Landlord I can guarantee that rents will go up

Reply Posted by Zorro on Monday November 2 2015 at 12:07
Will the council also be compensating landlords of tenants who wreck the properties and withold rent to the tune of thousands?
One bad tenant can easily wipe out more than a years rental income.
Does Berneslai Homes punish itself when it has anti-social tenants or does it evict tenants at the taxpayer's expense, at the same time not depending upon the rental income to pay the mortgage of the properties?
This scheme is nothing more than an assault on the hardest working, risk taking business people who actually generate taxes and provide shelter for those that the council doesn't want.
Another poster suggests that rents are artificially inflated. Obviously that person has no understanding of market forces. If tenants can't afford the rent, they don't move in.

Reply Posted by Moffann on Tuesday November 3 2015 at 19:35
does one years rental income compensate for the loss of lives in properties that provide an income for investors only worried about income in death traps they are not prepared to maintain because it eats into their profit? Hardest working? Sitting back on their arses while a management company avoids the repairs for them and harvests the income?..live in your own properties? ..I think not!..Shelter? At what cost on inadequate heating ...unable to keep up meter charges....damp.. ill health..and all for the hardest working investors in private rental absentee landlords!,,,,kid us not!.

Reply Posted by Geoff on Friday November 4 2016 at 12:04
What both Councils and Government seemingly fail to recognise is that all the costly schemes and increase on Landlord taxation are al reflected in increased rents. The landlord cannot keep paying into various taxes and schemes without recovering the loss through his property letting charges. The gullibility of tenants who think that the government is acting in the public interest by charging stamp duty on all property over 40K and reducing tax relief on mortgages and other items are all happy when they think the Landlord is taking a financial hit but the reailty is that its a hollow victory for the tenants when rents increase as a result of the "good cop bad cop" attitude of both Government and now schemes that may be introduced at council level again will increase rents accordingly.

Reply Posted by Moffann on Tuesday November 3 2015 at 19:19
Private landlords openly flault health and safety regulations such as no handrails on staircase..barely legal gas boilers that keep tenants in fuel poverty..damp and mould..no second exit in case of fire..all measures that can be introduced should be enforced..management companies should also be in the scheme..they protect the interests of the landlords by keeping the cost of repairs to under legal requirements knowing they are breaking the law but no one will enforce it,

Reply Posted by Gilly on Tuesday November 3 2015 at 19:41
How long do you think it will be before it becomes registration for ALL private landlords? And I can bet there will be a charge - a nice money making scheme.
Perhaps someone should put in a freedom of information request to compare complaints against properties where the council is landlord as opposed to complaints where the landlord is private. Now that would be interesting!
Private landlords suffer from exactly the same problems as the council does. Bad tenants are not particular whether it's council or private houses that they wreck - and the law seems to put obstacles in the way of getting them out so antisocial behavior is a problem for both private and council landlords.

Reply Posted by paige on Tuesday November 3 2015 at 19:57
Landlords should do it,council ant got enough money to do owt, people can afford to do anything becauseof council cutback and government so no landlords so it themselves or try lowering rent so they get rented out and then gardens will be clean

Reply Posted by Nick on Tuesday November 3 2015 at 21:16
Independent audits and enforcement of existing laws ahold be sufficient. Not all landlords are good and not all tenants are bad however, landlords are ultimately responsible for the presentation and up keep of the property they own and I believe that if the council can force landlords to behave responsibly then they should.

Reply Posted by Bazza on Wednesday November 4 2015 at 12:32
Bottom end of Dodworth Road is a disgrace to the Borough.

Reply Posted by Geoff on Friday November 4 2016 at 12:25
How very strange!!! I rang Barnsley Council to complain about the time-scale reduction of council tax from 6 months (which is what it used to be ) to now ONE month only to be told that this was put in place to encourage Landlords not having vacant properties for long periods of time. I find it hard to believe that anyone who owns a property to let would not realise an income potential from it and as the council would have us believe choosing to let it go to ruin .. my answer to this proposal is for councils to punish the landlords who may be guilty of allowing property to go to ruin and leave the other good landlords alone to get on with the job of letting property with a longer period of vacancy allowed between tenants ... but that would be depriving Barnsley Council of an opportunity to scam an extra 5 months council tax to a property that has been difficult to let ... Its about time that Councils told the truth and stopped being so devious after all we are providing a service to help relieve some of the housing crisis ...and getting penalised from every angle for doing it ! Its clear that both Councils and Governments do not have the tenants interest at heart as all the costs imposed on the Landlord are passed onto the tenants and ...they know it !!!

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