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Vandal sought as clean-up bill rockets

Wednesday October 28 2015

Town hall Town hall

A VANDAL who has smeared poo over a kids play area has left the council with an almost £1,000 bill to clean up his mess in the last month.

The New Lodge play area has had faeces smeared over the play equipment three times in as many weeks - meaning the park has to close while the council cleans it up.

The community centre at the park has almost been damaged - with the children's vegetable plot being ruined.

A council spokesman said: " It’s extremely upsetting that someone is damaging a community area with such a disgusting act.

“Not only does this pose a significant health hazard for young children, it costs the council £300 each time the play area has to be cleaned.”

Anyone with any information relating to the incidents are asked to notify South Yorkshire Police by calling 101 (please quote incident number -267-26.10.15)

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Reply Posted by sue on Wednesday October 28 2015 at 13:50
DNA test the poo, the morons will have undoubtedly committed some other crime.

Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday October 28 2015 at 14:58
I hope the person(s) who has destroyed the children's hard work is caught, severely punished, and made an example of. Especially when the bad behaviour has the potential to negatively affect the children for life, as this crime will be instrumental in the formation of the children's opinions of what is just, what is right and wrong, and how society treats; criminals, the property right's of the children as individuals and so on.

When a person steals from another, and gets away with it, it destroys the latter's incentive to work hard and be productive, it can cause a whole host of long term problems.

The property rights of those with the least property should be protected at all cost. In this case the children's allotment produce. In many respects it is their life savings, and the theft/destruction of them is equivalent to the theft/destruction of a pensioners life savings.

Reply Posted by Lola on Thursday October 29 2015 at 07:51
The saddest thing about this is an individual had the time and the inclination to do such a horrible thing, I really worry about some folk, what are they made of? not wired up right at all !

Reply Posted by Local resident on Thursday October 29 2015 at 22:30
I've noticed on several occasions a camera on a lamppost opposite points directly onto the park! This obviously is not in operation , otherwise cctv footage could possibly help to identify whoever did this !?
Why not get this camera running or get the footage looked at and catch them before it happens again!

Reply Posted by roymitchell on Friday October 30 2015 at 08:36
Find him and rub his nose in it.

Reply Posted by Zorro on Monday November 2 2015 at 12:41
Did the council ever think that these tarmac urban sprawls would ever attract genuine kids wanting to play? Decent parents take their kids to playgrounds off the estates where there is a noticable absence of broken glass.
My knowledge of these sites are feral youths, shouting, swearing, drinking and breaking bottles until the early hours.
No one but the undesirables have been adversely affected. I'm sure the temporary closure would be vital respite for beleaguered locals.
I doubt the antisocial act was committed by a tenant but if it was, who could blame them? The alternative would be bringing the nightly abuse of the site up with the council which of course would be futile!