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Ferret stolen before being killed and dumped in park

Thursday October 8 2015

A FERRET was stolen from a garden before being sadly killed and dumped in a rubbish bag in Wombwell Park.

As well as Buster the ferret, a quad bike was also taken from the garden of a home on Roebuck Street in Wombwell.

Police were called to the home at around 7pm on Monday, October 5.

It is believed that theft took place at some time between 9am on Saturday, October 3 and Monday, October 5.

A police spokesperson said: "Anyone with information should call 101 or email enquiries@southyorks.pnn.police.uk quoting incident number 932 of 5 October 2015."

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Reply Posted by megan hardwick on Thursday October 8 2015 at 11:29
Please anyone with any information come forward me n my son want justice for are pet ferret buster and hopefully the quad returned go us

Reply Posted by Big T on Thursday October 8 2015 at 13:23
What!?? What kind of a low life imbecile would do such a thing. This world is full of oxygen stealing scum that need putting out of their misery. If I ever caught some knuckle dragging pond scum doing anything like this then they would regret ever stepping foot outside their house.

Reply Posted by Margaret on Thursday October 8 2015 at 15:58
this is my grandson who has had his quad stolen and his pet ferret killed who ever has done this you are low life scum killing a defenceless creature in such a horrific way if I could get hold of you I would not hesitate in doing to you what you did to that beautiful ferret you have left my grandson heart broke I do hope you are caught and justice is done

Reply Posted by Annie on Thursday October 8 2015 at 18:08
I hope you get somewhere with this, I really do, it is just horrible for your grandson and I can't imagine how you deal with it, it's hard enough when a family pet dies or gets ill. do you have to tell little kids these days there are people who just want to hurt or maim anything that lives and breathes, making innocent children be fearful of everything and everybody. It's just evil.

Reply Posted by karen on Thursday October 8 2015 at 16:43
You rotton scum bags bad enough stealing off a child but could have left buster no need to kill him bet your parent n grandmas are so proud not want a good kicking sure lots of people would ablige

Reply Posted by Annie on Thursday October 8 2015 at 17:56
Sad and sick. Bad enough stealing a kid's quad bike or any other toy. But to kill his pet too, why???? Sick horrible people, to think they are walking round in the community. Or do they only come out after dark. Poor little lad will feel sorry his quad bike was nicked but might know it can be replaced. But the pet? Little lad will remember this as there's no explanation. How can you tell a child there is sick people off their heads who want to hurt people and living things.

Reply Posted by megan hardwick on Thursday October 8 2015 at 18:24
Thanks everyone for your comments we are devastated just can't get my head round why they have done this to are buster to be honest .my sons upset because now he as lost his ferret and doesn't have a quad which he loved n the people r still riding round area on it and been seen so that just rubs the salt in the wounds even more me getting the message on Facebook on Monday to say a brown ferret had been found in the park in a bag my heart sank I left work early to go look hoping it wasn't him but unfortunately it was n there he was laid dumped in a bush with his neck broke I had to go back upto the park which is just round the corner from where we live with a shovel and a bin liner to collect him and come home and bury him in. The garden.I just can't get my head round it and what they have gained from doing it people round here know full well that that quad and ferret belongs to my 7 year old boy so why wud anyway one want to steal of a child in the first place never mind kill r pet is beyond me :(

Reply Posted by megan hardwick on Thursday October 8 2015 at 18:27
Sorry I got the message Tuesday and had to come out of work early .they just don't think of the impact if there actions I want them caught for wat they have done n I want my sons quad returned they have no right to have it I worked and paid for that low life scum stealing of a child lower than low

Reply Posted by Margaret on Thursday October 8 2015 at 22:56
thanks Annie for your comments much appreciated we are supporting my grandson as much as we can it is hard for him because it is only a few weeks ago that he lost his rabbit and I also lost my rabbit both having to be put to sleep due to illness he loved both these rabbits very much and this happening has just brought it all back to him just want them caught and for us to get justice

Reply Posted by Robdought on Saturday October 10 2015 at 12:40
They are a lot of sick ******** around.biput the is also thousands of good people.
When and you will catch these scum,they need naming and shaming it won't bring the little ferret back.But the scum will hAve to live in shame around Wombwell.

You can not hide a quad bike it will come to light very soon.When people learn what these scum life's have done to the ferret people will take.

Good luck catching them.

Reply Posted by Robdought on Saturday October 10 2015 at 20:17
The more I think about this the more angry I get that such low life scum are in our community.

It won't change things but I'm more then happy to start a fund to but the little lad a couple of rabbits and a new ferret.

I'm more then happy to donate £20 towards the cost. If some one can suggest where we can send the cash to I'm sure more animal lovers that are horrified with the story will contribute how ever small amounts.Lets make the little fella smile again.

Reply Posted by megan hardwick on Sunday October 11 2015 at 11:44
Thanks rob for your kind offer we have is other 2feretts a cat anf a baby parrot as much as I am sure he wud love another its a sore point at the moment because he says nothing will replace buster.instead just been taking him out and doing fun things try take his mind off it .were making sure that the other ferrets cage his bullet proof before venture on holiday this week.maybe in the future we may think of getting another ferret just not yet but thanks very much for the kind offer xx

Reply Posted by mrgan hardwick on Sunday October 11 2015 at 11:53
And also we have found the quad on Friday they had dumped it on a near by field gully stripped took everything of it and dumped the frame we now have the frame back at home and the police come on Friday and took finger prints so hopefully the scum will be caught can't have anything worth value or sentimental these days because of low life scum what doesn't know the meaning of going and earning and paying for things them selves .we all know why because my sons quad was a really good make and all the parts top notch and a very powerful fast engine well I hope the quad they put it on blows up whilst there on it .out poor little ferret was only 2 didnt get the chance to live the rest of his life grow old or die naturally no they had to pinch him and brutually kill him and dump him n leave it for me n my son to pick up the pieces.they don't even understand what they have done to us and the upset they have caused but karma comes round we have been told a few names and people seen on the quad before they have stripped it all and since someone ad been seen on another quad with all my sons parts on it and his plactics it won't be long till there caught and then we will have the last laugh xx

Reply Posted by Margaret on Sunday October 11 2015 at 12:04
hi rob this is his grandma like his mum I would like to thank you for your kind and generous offer if this world had more people in it like you it would be a lot better place we have asked him about replacing the pets he has lost and he said he loved them so much he doesn't want to replace them like his mum said he does have some other pets we are keeping him occupied and on Monday he is going on holiday with my son for a week I hope you understand and please don't think we are ungrateful for your kind gesture it was a lovely and thoughtful thing which you were willing to do for him thank you once more with kind regards

Reply Posted by Robdought on Sunday October 11 2015 at 19:33
Your more than welcome and appreciate your comments.Dont let the police fob you off hopefully they will be a digested as the rest of the community regarding this vile crime.

I'm sure they they can can get prints from the quad frame etc.
As Lynsey says these people are a danger to everyone of us and most important there is no room in our community for the scum involve.
Hope justice takes its course and when they catch them name and shame this was an evil act and I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around.
Hope the little fella has a good holiday.

Reply Posted by Lynsey on Sunday October 11 2015 at 14:29
Disgusting most serial killers start off killing poor animals everyone should be worried, rip poor buster cxx

Reply Posted by Lola on Tuesday October 13 2015 at 08:57
We now live in a world that has some truly horrible people in it, so sad!

Reply Posted by Nicola Barrowclough on Wednesday October 14 2015 at 07:27
This is appalling, there should be stricter laws on animal cruelty and killings. Whoever did this needs to be locked up. This is how serial killers start with defenceless animals, I did already notice someone had mentioned this, but I do feel strongly about this. I haven’t felt safe walking my dog for a long time and it’s because of these type of sick morons. I feel so sorry for the little boy and his family, they must be heartbroken. I hope they will get justice, however nothing will undo what has happened. My heart goes out to them. x

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