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Mapplewell woman calls for ban on the sale of legal highs

Tuesday September 8 2015

A WOMAN from Mapplewell has launched a petition to ban the sale of legal highs after a family member has become addicted to them "in a bad way".

Alisha Simpson is calling for shops such as Smokey Sams on Sheffield Road to be stopped from selling legal highs.

She said: "This has become an increasing problem in Barnsley so I would like to try and make a difference."

MP Dan Jarvis, who has fought against the sale of 'psychoactive substances', is backing Alisha's petition.

For more information visit http://ow.ly/RVVmQ

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Reply Posted by keleigh oliver on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 15:50
Good on u alisha xxx

Reply Posted by tim on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 16:06
needs summatt sorting its bang art kids r buying em thinking thus no problem and its ruining their lifes and familys lifes causes more heartache and worry this smokey joe fella needs smoking art the piece of vermin selling to kids wat a horrible man gud luck wi petition and where can I sign it x

Reply Posted by daniel on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 16:24
I agree with this unfortunately I fell into this trap for maybe 3 months and it took over my life these legal highs need to be stopped there terrible

Reply Posted by Dan on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 17:07
Good on you alisha love

Reply Posted by anon on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 17:08
Def need banning n him in shop should be ashamed of himself selling to kids too many are dieing from em n it's killing family's been there in the past Wi my son it's heartache il Def bck her up

Reply Posted by jordan horsfield on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 17:13
Alisha! Well done, have you made a petition?

Reply Posted by Anon on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 18:14
I know of 3 teens so far that have been hospitalised for mental health issues from using these "legal" highs. It's destroying young lives and tearing families apart. I wonder if this smokey Sam willingly gives his products to his young family members??

Reply Posted by Jessica on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 21:25
Legal Highs are already on their way to being banned by the end of October, keep up.
Smokey Sams doesn't only sell legal highs either, its not their main product area, stop targeting one shop and actually read up on some facts.

Reply Posted by Jessica on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 21:32
Adding to that, he doesn't sell Legal Highs to kids, he sells them to 18 year old adults, what they do with them after that is non of his concern. Take a step back and realise you're bad mouthing an innocent, decent person not some monster who's purposely killing kids.
He's a businessman, a successful one.
I don't see anyone persecuting Washington Duke for the making of cigarettes, something that every person under the age of 16 can and do get a hold of.

Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 21:36
His family members are most likely well informed of the risks that taking legal highs involve, not senseless morons who either choose to take the drug or are gullible enough to take something from someone else 'unknowingly'.

Reply Posted by Laura on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 22:08
Whether it's his "main product area" or not he still continues to sell legal highs. I'm guessing as he sells this product he knows all the ins and outs of what he is selling. Therefore he knows potentially the legal highs not only ruins lives but can kill them in the end. Terrible buisness man if you ask me.

Reply Posted by Jessica on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 22:17
Washing Duke knew the 'ins and outs' of cigarettes but still chose to manufacture them, he was one of the worlds biggest most successful business men, alongside James Bonsack.
Placing the blame on the retailer is both ignorant and stupid, if he didn't sell them there legally, they'd be sold by individuals, probably cut with other harmful chemicals and not be regulated whatsoever.
Step into this Century, realise a Head Shop is the safest place for these to be sold and stop being so naive in thinking that stopping them being sold there would stop them being sold at all.

Reply Posted by Anon. on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 22:24
well said!!!

Reply Posted by ....... on Tuesday September 8 2015 at 22:43
Sounds like jessica has been having too many legal highs if she thinks "same is a good business man.

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 07:21
It's not about what he sells, he's still a good and honest business man, it makes no difference what he sells.
Pathetic people like you who throw accusations around about people you do not know anything about is more or a problem than this shop.
The fact is that Legal Highs are nothing new, they've been around for over 4 years now it's just now people like you all want to target ONE shop ONE man because it's the first well known one in Barnsley. I don't see anyone in Sheffield, where a number of head shops are petitioning to close it down.
Inform your kids, friends, family about the dangers instead of placing blame on someone else.

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 07:25
Just to show how uninformed you are also, Pentangle, again on Sheffield road has been selling Legal highs for many, many years.
Legal highs are a problem, which is why I have taken the time to educate myself of them and their dangers, you should do the same before accusing anyone of anything never mind starting a petition on a whim.

Reply Posted by Laura on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 08:33
Smokey Sam might be acting legally. He may only be doing what others in other towns are doing but does that make his business moral? Does it hell! His business and what he is doing knowing full well what his products are being used for is immoral and disgusting and there is absolutely no defending him. Saying that it's good he sells products that can kill because if not someone else might sell something worse is like praising a Rotherham taxi driver for taking kids to paedos because if they werent doing it somebody in an unlicensed cab would be and he might be worse.

At the end of the day smokey Sam KNOWS what his products are being used for and KNOWS what the risks of his products are and in my opinion that says a lot about him.

P's the dangers of tobacco weren't known in Washington duke's time.

Pps do you personally know smokey Sam Jessica?

Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 07:30
Talking about how dangerous legal highs are, then half the people complaining will go out this weekend, get blind drunk and rot their liver. But choose your poison, teen drinking is a huge problem yet alcohol isn't illegal. And before any asks, no I don't take legal highs I just believe in freedom on choice. They could make every drug legal for all I care but I wouldn't start shooting heroin, but maybe that's just me.

Reply Posted by Rob on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 08:08
All well and good banning it but then what? You will push it underground which will cause even more problems, as does the other illegal drugs. If people choose to take it is that not their own problem?! People die due to drinking and smoking.. Shall we ban that aswell? I think not. It's common sense banning it would make it a whole lot worse. Maybe teach your kids not to be stupid and take it.

Reply Posted by Laura on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 08:35
Maybe teach kids not to take it AND ban it? It's so much easier to convince somebody that something is bad for them if it is illegal than it is to convince them the same when the product is freely available and legal.

Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 12:15
can you explain to me why a bottle of vodka and 20 cigs is more 'moral' than legal highs? And why is this one shop that's already had to moved once is now to blame for stupid children making bad decisions?
We live in a country that allows us to choose what we do with our money, time and body. When you say it's okay to ban this one harmful thing, where do you draw the line? People need to look in the mirror and realise that if you don't educate people on the dangers of legal highs, that's your own fault as a parent or peer. So stop moaning, they're gunna be illegal next month anyway, but to be honest I don't think legal highs have done much damage to someone who smokes something that says NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, I think that stupidity existed for much longer than legal highs.
So stop this stupid witch hunt for Smokey Sam, there was a market for this before he came to Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 12:20
Oh and correct me if I'm wrong but he's one of the only new shops in town that seems to be able to stay open. He's put time into presenting his shop and it is one of the best looking in town, even after you moved to one of the worst places in town. You should be glad someone actually breathing some life into barnsleys stales be failing retail situation. He pays tax too, also helping Barnsley.

Reply Posted by Lola on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 16:01
Tell you what! Lets go the whole hog and give him a bloody medal too.

Reply Posted by Tom on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 16:46
Or actually take 5 minutes and let him get on with his life and business.

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 16:26
Laura you are simply ignorant.
Anyone who can honestly believe banning the sale from a legal retailer would stop the problem completely are complete and utter ignorant, naive people.
Let's look at a simple fact, how many actual scum bags would be willing to ILLEGALLY sell drugs to KIDS? A HELL OF A LOT!
Smokey Sam does ID people, therefor he's selling it to ADULTS who make their own decisions and you're trying to put a ban on them making that decision? For a start we live in England, not a place like Dubai. Let the morons take and do what hey want.
Also, you don't see a guy in any shop that sells cigarettes asking a customer who's bought a pack an hour ago and come again for another if they're sure they want to do so, Smokey Sam does, he offers help and does question the right mindedness of the idiots that's buying the legal highs. He has NO OBLIGATION TO DO THAT! Yet he still does.
You are all vile people with no regard or thought for this man, sat there blaming death by legal highs on him? He's a human, not a monster. Unlike you lot.
You sicken me with your ignorance.

Reply Posted by Lola on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 17:46
My eldest son is in prison because of his drug addiction and use, he started smoking weed at the age of 15, he then graduated onto harder drugs and stole from us, jewellery, my youngest sons camera worth £550 which I had bought for him to use at college and Uni. He was in debt to his dealers for a least £2000. My youngest son and myself have had our home smashed up, we have been kept prisoners by him and our lives have been turned upside down. We have had councelling because we found it hard to live again!

If I am ignorant, then so are you. |I am not a vile person, I work hard every day to keep my home together and my youngest son at Uni. So Miss know it all, walk in my shoes and then tell me that I am ignorant. And what's more if we shot a dealer a day it still would not make up for what we have been through!

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 20:34
Are you honestly going to pretend you're the only one who has troubles and problems in life? Believe it or not you aren't the only one.
I am sorry to hear what you've been through, I am a compassionate person, to those who deserve compassion that is.
When it comes down to it theres people who 'smoke weed' and stop at that, it is only recent that it's finally been realised that alcohol is a gateway drug, the same as weed. The fact is though that no one forces a person to drink alcohol, smoke weed, etc etc to then go on to harder drugs, like your son, its that persons choice. He chose to do what he did, he chose to take drugs (knowing full well the concept of addiction I'm guessing). Now the question is, who's to blame? I'm sure you have put blame on yourself at some point through everything you've been through, then placed blame on others.
All my point is, in all of this is that its THEIR choice, its nothing to do with anyone else, if an addict wants to get their drugs, they will. Simple as that.
Whether it is through a Head Shop or a dealer, it makes no difference to them as long as they get it. Dealers are in fact more readily available than any legally ran Head Shop.

It is wrong to place blame solely on Smokey Sams, taking away a mans honest means of income, a business that he has built up, maintained and kept in a very respectful, presentable manner (more so than many, many shops in Barnsley) its not some dive for druggies, its a business and this man doesn't deserve to have the death of ANYONE placed upon his conscience because when all is said and done he is just the retailer, one who does question the wellbeing of the non deserving idiot who buy legal highs, which to me shows that he is compassionate, but I'm sure you've all heard of the term 'The customer is always right' and coming between a drug addict and his drugs is a brave stance to take, which Smokey Sam places himself in, off of his own back by questioning the reasoning and wellbeing of each and every person buying Legal highs from him.

When Legal Highs are banned there will be yet another substance addicts will abuse. It has always been and always will be that way.
Addicts do not deserve help until they're willing to help themselves and whilst ever they are still scraping together, begging, borrowing and stealing money to purchase drugs they do not deserve help.

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 17:35
Why try to help people who clearly won't help themselves?
No sympathy for idiots who willingly take something that states 'Not for human consumption' on the packaging.
Legal highs are already on route to being made completely illegal, Smokey Sams is not the issue its the laws that revolve around legal highs and that is nothing to do with Smokey Sams. So go after the big man instead of the retailer. Common sense if you actually want to make a difference.
Alisha seems to not have any knowledge whatsoever on the subject of which she is 'petitioning' over. A blind leader? I think so. Clearly she isn't in there for the cause or 'justice'.
Sheffield Road has always been a problem area, because of the types of people that the COUNCIL house on that road and because of the types of dwellings the COUNCIL has put there. People have just jumped on the band wagon recently, as usual and decided to target one person. It's just absolutely laughable.

Also before anyone wants to throw accusations around, in no way whatsoever am I 'pro legal highs' I'm simply up to date with the fact that we are in 2015 not in the 1920s prohibition era.

Reply Posted by Lola on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 18:05
Be careful what you wish for Jessica, you may be well informed, not all are. I am sure you are not alone, you have family? No one is an Island!

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 20:37
I'm not wishing for anything, I'm hoping that people will clue up and realise banning every drug/substance ever would not solve any drug/substance problem, it never has and never will.
Why repeat history for the third time around?
Its just idiotic.

Reply Posted by Ros on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 20:54
So proud of you Alisha. These are ao very dangerous yet people get drawn into taking them by thinking legal means safe. It doesn't, it means dangerous and can be deadly

Reply Posted by Jessica on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 21:10
It says on the packet 'Not for human consumption'
How does anyone conceive that as safe?
They don't, they know what they're taking, most even know that the Legal highs they're taking are more deadly than most illegal drugs.

Reply Posted by Raymondo on Thursday September 10 2015 at 12:25
Jessica you seem to have a lot to say on the matter. Would you be happy to have a smokey sams next door to you?

Reply Posted by Jessica on Thursday September 10 2015 at 18:45
I do, seen as the subject matter is ridiculous and following old fashioned beliefs. Get into this century and start realising that banning drugs isn't the answer, let the addicts kill themselves off if they aren't willing to seek help or help themselves.
Why should anyone else stick there neck out for them?
I'd not like to live next door to a head shop, because of the scum that do go in solely for Legal Highs. In saying that though, look at every shop on Sheffield Road and try to tell me Smokey Sams isn't THE MOST well kept, presentable one there is. It shouldn't be about trying to close it down, it should be about the bigger picture, which is to ban legal highs completely, which is already an undergoing matter, but clearly people aren't that interested in the matter seen as though no one seems to know that it is a problem on its way to being solved (without the need for any petition created by a teenager on some site that lets anyone start any stupid petition they want) The government actually sort REAL problems at the source, not by targeting the little man and his business.

Also, adding to your comment on 'living next door to a head shop' smokey Sams was forced to relocate already, without any funding from the cause of the relocation and he still did it without a fuss. If you live in town, which I have done before, then expect scum, expect head shops, expect shops that are dives like most on Sheffield Road and if you can't expect or accept that then move.
I did.

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday September 11 2015 at 15:06
Just a no will do.

So ultimately Head shops are fine so long as they keep them to the run down areas of town and not in your back yard.

Okay that sounds balanced/.

Reply Posted by Tom on Tuesday September 15 2015 at 17:20
Mephedrone was a legal high until it was banned. It then became an illegal high. The street price doubled, and people were only able to buy it on the black market. Most people who used it, kept on using it after the law changed, but in addition to this, to get around the law, new legal highs were made, and arguably they are much more dangerous.

We see already that banning legal highs does not work.

Ironically people lament smoky sams for selling the legal highs to children, But clearly these people do not live near or walk along Sheffield Rd. For the shop doesn't sell to kids. But the gangs of youth who loiter on Sheffield Rd who have secured their own supplies from the internet will sell to anyone and everyone, and sell openly on the street.

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