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Should kids be sent home if they're not wearing the correct school uniform?

Monday September 7 2015

WITH the new school term in full swing, we are asking WABers if kids should be sent home if they're not wearing the correct uniform?

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Reply Posted by Claire on Monday September 7 2015 at 16:02
Yes! Rules are rules and learning to respect rules when you're young makes life easier for everyone in the future. My 10 year old isn't a fan of uniform but would also choose to eat sweets all day and go to bed a midnight too!

Reply Posted by Tarryn on Monday September 7 2015 at 18:08
What they should do is be out into isolation and not sent home. Sometimes parents send kids wearing correct uniform and kids change on route etc to school.
Why should kids use this as a way to get out of school lessons?
And if parents can't afford part of the uniform (....) then the school can provide them with "old" clothes until the new ones are provided.
It's affecting the child's learning being sent home.
I'm all for rules but sometimes should look at ways of keeping the kids in the classroom and not out of it!

Reply Posted by Ben lingwood on Monday September 7 2015 at 21:18
No they should personally I think that uniform is a waste of money it is stupidly over priced and pointless it's not effecting people's learning in any way the only way it effects them is when a teacher is taking them out of class due to there hoodie being on when it's cold or there skirt being too high... I understand that on a class trip that they wear a school uniform because it is representing the school or on a sports event but in class where no one but the teachers and students that go there can see them it's kinda pointless

Reply Posted by Laura on Monday September 7 2015 at 23:05
A school uniform prepares pupils for work life where dress codes and uniforms are commonplace, they also increase productivity in pupils (proven) and lastly they stop bullying as everyone is wearing the same clothes so there is no bullying about not being able to afford the best things

Reply Posted by Kevin on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 09:23
As Tarryn says, children choose to change their uniform on the way to school.
I have to say that some school uniforms look so out of date, so it's not surprising that students don't want to wear them. The best ones are the simple polo shirt plain trousers or skirts with pain shoes. Some of the fancy ones like the ones at Horizon look so "old fashioned" in these modern times. Plain and smart is best.

Reply Posted by Ray on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 11:04
If that's the rules then yes.

If you don't want to follow them then move your kid.

As parents WE are responsible for our kids.

Making sure they have everything they need for school is our problem.

The only exceptions should be made for those that perhaps afford uniforms immediately, I'd pay an extra couple of quid on top of what we already into an anonymous fund so that we could help them out as well.

Uniforms are a great leveller no one at school is then taking the mickey out of your trainers and jeans because they aren't the latest make.

It should also instill a bit of pride as to where you're from. It's for a few short years to set you up for adult life. I think claire nailed it in the first comment.

Reply Posted by Eric Bailey on Wednesday September 9 2015 at 22:40
Children should wear a uniform, and Teachers should wear the same type of uniform too.

Reply Posted by David Thompson on Friday September 11 2015 at 17:55
Teachers do wear uniform , its not like they turn up in trainers and shorts! (PE staff aside maybe) Children must learn that sometimes they wear specific items because it is the rules. How many jobs require specific uniform? loads. Would they arrive for work then and refuse to conform? unlikely.