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Controversy surrounding Barnsley fracking licence

Friday August 28 2015

A CONTROVERSIAL fracking licence covering an area of Barnsley is to be offered by the government to energy firm Cuadrilla.

It could bring the process of releasing gas from deep below the earth's surface to Barnsley for the first time.

The area covered includes Darfield, Great Houghton, Grimethorpe, Thurnscoe, Bolton-upon-Dearne, Goldthorpe, Wath, West Melton, Brampton and Mexborough.

Green activists warn of a threat to the environment from pollution, noise and drilling.

But Cuadrilla says fracking will bring down energy bills, boost the economy and create up to 64,000 jobs.

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Reply Posted by Frack off on Friday August 28 2015 at 13:20
Why not just ruin our countryside altogether , is it not enough we have to have wind turbines that look like monstrous carbuncles on our once beautiful landscaped area.

Reply Posted by mick on Friday August 28 2015 at 13:49
Fracking is bad for our area . The rich will rape our land with no gain or benefit for Barnsley.and i can guarentee no low bills. I say FRACK OFF !!

Reply Posted by mark on Friday August 28 2015 at 13:51
Personally I'm looking forward to the rise in cancers and cancerous tumours not to even mention the other health problems associated with this because its not just methane that's released. What about the chemicals that soak into the water you're going to be drinking or the water that's then going to feed the plants/veg/crops you're going to eat?
Seriously this country is going backwards and seems to be run be greedy selfish idiots!

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday August 28 2015 at 14:21
Barnsley is rife with radon gas anyway from the coal mining era, what's gonna happen when they fracture the rocks containing them - the only way is up

Reply Posted by Ray on Friday August 28 2015 at 14:18
Cuadrilla are lying.

Gas prices will not go down. Extraction costs alone mean that prices must be maintained to keep it economical for the 2 bit drilling companies to make a profit.I in the us loads of fracking companies have gone bust due to their prices going down slightly following their initial boom. Leaving thousands of well heads with no-one maintaining claiming responsibility for despite the fact the casings containing millions of gallons of contaminated water.

The employment is a lie as well, very few jobs will go to locals as they require a very niche skilled workforce the nature of extraction means that the jobs themselves will not be permanent as soon as extraction is complete they move on.

Quadrilla are the same company that caused two seismic events in lancashire.

Fracking is banned in France, on hold in Germany as the government doesn't trust it. Currently there are no plans for exploration in London or the home counties. It's another rape of the rural counties and serves only to make rich friends of politicians wealthy meanwhile we are left with ticking timebombs as the casings over time will decay and fail leaking all the toxic liquid and releasing toxic gasses into the ground and water supply

Fracking companies say that Fracking is safe but they can't prove it. Nor does our goverment require Quadrilla to do tests on minerals water before they start drilling so if anything does go wrong they can hold up their hands and say "nothing to do with me" as they did in the US and Australia, wake up barnsley this is coming here.

I for one cannot see the economics, Millions of gallons of water are required for each frack that means 24 hours a day tankers will be shipping water to and from supply, what happens in a water shortage - we can't use hosepipes what will the fracking companies do?

Once that water has been mixed with chemicals it is lost forever buried under our feet it could be beneath your home!! the shaft or casing still full of the water stays there, over time they will fail, this is a fact but for some reason it's still aloud to go ahead.

Do your research online and you will see hundreds of cases where fracking has caused health, environmental and agricultuural problems areas in the US, these are usually rural places - England does not have that so anything that does go wrong will affect thousands.

Why risk it, well the people that want the gas don;t live here so they don;t care they just want money.

Reply Posted by Mick on Friday August 28 2015 at 14:38
It's a disgraceful choice made by a government run in the south who will not have to see or live with the problems fracking will cause. There will be no lower bills, no long term real employment.

Reply Posted by Paul on Friday August 28 2015 at 15:09
Why not just invest all this money into clean energy like wind and solar?? We have enough Valley land for ample use of these 2 new, clean, cheaper alternatives. Just another example of a company not thinking about the future.

Reply Posted by AHR on Friday August 28 2015 at 16:12
Bet Sir Steve invited them, he'll be a Lord soon.

Reply Posted by fred on Friday August 28 2015 at 16:27
we all know how its going to mess up the area around Barnsley with its eyesore drilling etc, environmental poisons increased risk of tremours etc. but what about homes do you honestly expect the values to stay the same or go up? the will drop like a lead balloon after all who in their right mind would want to live with fracking going on near by, and how about home insurance do you really expect that to remain about the same as before if so your in cloud cuckoo land you will either be paying through the nose for it or not get the cover you need. so who is going to pay for any subsidence type problems or damage due either directly or indirectly by the Fracking I bet it wont be Quadrilla or this government. lets all move to London and let the politicians live in Barnsley if this goes ahead

Reply Posted by Rob Derbyshire on Friday August 28 2015 at 17:30
I suggest fracking under London instead!

Reply Posted by alan blake on Friday August 28 2015 at 17:46
I thought they couldnt frack near old mine workings ,which jusdt about covers the entire map .

Reply Posted by Tomy Morris on Friday August 28 2015 at 18:01
Just like Mr Blake asked. This whole area is criss crossed with old mine workings. What happens if the water they pump in loosens these? I'm not an engineer but will they collapse or what?

Reply Posted by Carmen on Friday August 28 2015 at 18:08
there is a Facebook group called, The new FRACK FREE South Yorkshire, it has great info about Fracking in our area, if you are worried please take a look on there, we all need to stand together on this, they will try and say it's jobs but at what cost, millions have been spent on cleaning up the area since they closed our mines. The dangers of fracking in a mining area, we could all go up, and the health problems, dirty rivers, air we breath, could go on, but won't please let's make a difference and not let this be forced upon us.

Reply Posted by Mike on Friday August 28 2015 at 18:18
Contamination of groundwater
Methane pollution and its impact on climate change
Air pollution impacts
Exposure to toxic chemicals
Blowouts due to gas explosion
Waste disposal
Large volume water use in water-deficient regions
Fracking-induced earthquakes
Workplace safety
Infrastructure degradation

Reply Posted by Dave Fields on Friday August 28 2015 at 23:36
You should read many of the comments below and take the time to research their credibility and authenticity and you will find that fracking is nothing more than a money earner for big companies and certainly does not benefit the public whatsoever. The Governent have basically overruled a Councils right to decide one way or the other on fracking in their area and told them it will go ahead. So Barnsley, show the rest of the UK how to tell them to Frack Off and be the leaders in the fight against this destructive, profit driven rape of our beautiful County!

Reply Posted by Leigh Drummnd on Saturday August 29 2015 at 09:48
on a positive it will cause subsidence poison the water supply. Also with the governance legal stance no one will be able to claim for the damage created to there property of the water supply. Oh and the prices will still go up as they never pass on the reduction in costs. Just look at the price of crude oil is gone down dramatically over the last few years but our energy prices still rise. Me thinks they maybe lying.

Reply Posted by ET on Saturday August 29 2015 at 17:03
Can these fracking companies categorically assure us there are no dangers in fracking, or, are we looking somewhere down the line at tragedies, just for the sake of wealth to the greedy.

Reply Posted by Ray on Thursday September 3 2015 at 16:03
No they can't

Reply Posted by Hilles on Saturday August 29 2015 at 19:52
NO NO NO!!! Dont do this!!! Its highly unsafe. Anyone noticed a pattern?? All areas covered was heavly mined back in the day. But im totally against fracking!!! ITS UNWANTED in Thurnscoe

Reply Posted by pat rhodes on Sunday August 30 2015 at 17:05
Good jobs for the people of area and Barnsley plus cheaper gas and electricity for everyone come on you reds get on with it soon as

Reply Posted by afullstop on Sunday August 30 2015 at 19:19
Don't frack with my future!

Reply Posted by curmudgeon on Monday August 31 2015 at 14:33
Lots of anti and uniformed comment here demonstrating little comprehension of what would be involved. Why not wait to see what is actually proposed before setting up the barricades? There is little danger to aquifers - most of Barnsley's supply comes from reservoirs anyway.

The top of the target fracking zone - the Bowland Shale lies at 5-6000 feet below surface (wells and boreholes are rarely more than a few 10s to 100s of feet deep) and until vertical exploration wells have been drilled and evaluated we do not actually know if it suitable. In the event of production commencing it would be from a hub well with several horizontal producers running out like the spokes of a wheel - this reduces the need for lots of different well locations.

The UK oil and gas industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors in the world. Cuadrilla have to operate within that framework, it is not some good old boy outfit putting down wells in the Texas panhandle in the 1920s. It makes sense to see what they propose before deciding whether to oppose their plans.

Reply Posted by curmudgeon on Monday August 31 2015 at 14:35
" (wells and boreholes are rarely more than a few 10s to 100s of feet deep)"

Opps that should have read (water wells and boreholes....)

Reply Posted by Ray on Tuesday September 1 2015 at 10:41
Here we go, we are nimbys becuase we don't want Fracking.

When a business says "could" it generally means "won't"

Cuadrilla have such a great record so far don't they?

From dumping millions of litres of radioactive waste water into the Manchester Canal to causing tremors in Lancashire and not even being open and upfront about what they are actually pumping underneath our feet.

Fracking banned in Germany and France due to too many uncertainties

Quote "There is little danger to aquifiers" oh little danger as opposed to no danger at all. I'm sure a "little danger won't hurt anyone especially when the casings fail - which they will eventually.

Barnsley gets nothing from this deal - not jobs - not cheaper fuel, no money from cuadrilla as we don't own the mineral rights - the only thing the USA had going for it.

Should it go ahead what we will get is

More noise traffic and pollution, permanent damage to greenbelt, depleted water supplies, and the constant risk of man-made pollution as a result of gasses released coming through the ground. This is before the inevitability of the cases (shafts) failing. They will not last forever and when they do fail Cuadrilla will be long gone and the people of Barnsley will be the oes that have to deal with it.

Fracking in the UK only serves to make a few rich people richer by the rape of our resources at the expense of the local populace, flora and fauna

Reply Posted by Mrs.M.Stubbings on Monday August 31 2015 at 17:26
Why don't you take your fracking and do it where the prime minister lives. We couldn't have our coal mines yet you want us accept this.please shove it where the sun don't shine.

Reply Posted by footie reds on Monday August 31 2015 at 19:10
Cuadrilla says fracking will bring down energy bills,
Thats what they said about SWITCH 7 and its DISTRICT HEATING.
Which is a lot more expensive over 12p a unit for GAS (and cannot switch)
WOW British Gas only charge 4-5p a unit.....

Reply Posted by Lola on Tuesday September 1 2015 at 08:38
I am afraid Central and Local government orgs' do not care about riding rough shod over the thoughts and views people of this country, and what's more it would not matter which political party won the election. Fracking will go ahead because they say it will.

Reply Posted by Kay biws on Wednesday September 2 2015 at 13:10
The government need to be investing in renewable energy not this dirty industry. Addressing climate change is more important than how much money they can line their pockets with.

Reply Posted by Just Sayin' on Wednesday September 2 2015 at 22:38
Don't just sit there and say nothing can be done.
Look at the people of Lancashire, in particular the Preston/Blackpool areas. Their council refused Cuadrilla the license for fracking in the local area and effectively 'kicked their ass' and told them to jog on and not bother coming back!!!
I'm pretty sure that if the people of Barnsley put pressure on the local council and MPs then maybe this could happen here too.
Nobody wants fracking in their local area and if the council fails to respect what the people of Barnsley want (or in this case not want) then I think it is time to to do what the people of Lancashire did, tell Barnsley Council to jog on and to vote for change in the next elections. The only people getting rich from this will be your local councillors, not you.This council has failed the people of Barnsley for years and if they are unwilling to challenge this problem head on then do they really care for the electorate?

Reply Posted by Gary on Thursday September 3 2015 at 13:09
Voted labour all my life this happens they will never get my vote again this is a shame why don't they listen to experience people like mentioned from lancs if they want it let it happen down South Barnsley people need to stick together on this one to stop it

Reply Posted by Hazel on Thursday September 24 2015 at 18:16
This Government is determined to destroy South Yorkshire and they seem to be determined that this will go ahead whether we like it or not. I am sick of these people who think they can push us around and then expect us to just roll over and take all the crap they want to dish out. I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am pleased to see that Michael Dugher is being very vocal about this fracking issue. I just hope they take some notice of him. Barnsley Council needs to get on the FRACK OFF bandwagon as well and not leave it all up to Mr Dugher.

You can bet David Cameron is not awarding a licence in his constitency or anywhere near it. Come on Mr Cameron if it's good enough for where we live, it's good enough for where you live.

About 2 years ago when it was first in the Barnsley Chronicle about fracking I spoke to Councillor Steve Houghton about it and his reply to me was 'It is just speculation'. I just wonder what he would say to me now.

We need to say a big fat NO to fracking in Barnsley or anywhere else in England for that matter.

Reply Posted by A. Pensioner on Saturday January 30 2016 at 19:30
They SAY pumping toxic chemicals underground for fracking is safe, (yeah right) Now we all know that this area is almost an underground sponge with all the mining etc. Plus the area is riddled with drinking-water reservoirs, so my question to these here today-gone tomorrow politicians who allow this is this: What is your contingency-plan IF our water-table gets contaminated?

I require that you tell me how this will be put right??

How DARE you even contemplate putting our water supplies at risk,
I want those who allow this to give the answers.
I.m also old enough to remember how North sea gas was going to make our domestic gas 'almost-free'. just like this fracked-oil eh!!

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