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Suspicious behaviour reported in Monk Bretton

Wednesday August 19 2015

SUSPICIOUS behaviour has been reported in the Monk Bretton and Cudwoth area.

WABer Adam Ford was leaving his home in Monk Bretton at around 7.30am on Wednesday, August 19 when he saw a man at the top of his drive.

It is believed that the man was around the age of 30. He was on a bright orange BMX bike and had tattoos on his neck.

The man was wearing a coat and woolly gloves.

He began quizing Adam on what he did for a living and asked him if he was a police officer.

The man has been spotted in the Monk Bretton and Cudworth area. 

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Reply Posted by Robdought on Thursday August 20 2015 at 21:47
What a load of *****. If every person riding a bike with that description is reported or arrrested then we've become a paranoid society.

If Mr Ward had took a picture on his mobile assuming he's got one then the police can check this man out.

He could also be a innocent member of the public that's just a nosey ****.

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