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Paper recycling banks withdrawn from Barnsley sites

Thursday August 13 2015

PLANS have been unveiled to axe paper recycling banks in Barnsley - due to a decline in people using them.

For over 10 years paper banks have been provided free of charge at various locations by Palm Recycling.

The firm has told Barnsley Council that due to the small amount of paper now being collected, and changes in the paper recycling industry, it will no longer be possible to provide a paper bank service.

There has been an increase in collections at the kerbside and the rise in digital media has seen a reduction in the amount of paper available to recycle.

Coun Roy Miller said: "No other recycling banks are affected and residents wishing to recycle paper can still do so via the kerbside collected white sack.

"Barnsley Council receives an income for paper collected at kerbside and this is used to support and maintain current services, so recycling paper has many benefits."

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Reply Posted by Jayne on Friday August 14 2015 at 20:35
To remove the paperbanks completely is a shame, I haven't had a bin man collect my waste for the last 10 years, think I have been forgotten as I live off the beaten track. But Barnsley council have never forgotten to send council tax bill. I depend on the local dump site for all my refuse (recyclable or not) no I do not get a reduction on my council tax due to none collection of refuse and I have never been offered any form of a recycling bin. My grey bin remains as new as the day it was delivered. So I suppose my paper waste will go into everyday waste.

Reply Posted by Phil Balmer on Sunday August 16 2015 at 18:54
Paper banks have been removed from Hoyland market, Tesco stairfoot and the Worsbrough dump it site . I was stopped from putting newspapers in the skip at dump it site.

Reply Posted by Sarah on Sunday August 16 2015 at 20:33
The paper banks have been removed from highgate tip as well we are just wondering what next. I already take 2 sacks of rubbish a week and as my brown bin hasnt been emptied for 6 weeks i am now taking everything else as well.

Reply Posted by Dave Rolph on Wednesday October 14 2015 at 10:52
This is becoming a real problem. My mother in law is about to move house and has a lot of paper to re-cycle. She has too much to put at the kirb side and there is no where else to take it. The tip will not take it what can she do other than keep adding to her grey bin which will just go to Landfill - this is not a good step and we need a better solution than kirb side alone, I have tried to put shredded paper waste out but it just blows away, someone needs to re-think this as I bet 90% of people are putting paper in the grey.

Reply Posted by Richard on Sunday December 6 2015 at 20:34
The recycle bins came under review a while ago, the green bins were deemed essential for the recycling of garden waste all year round, I struggled to understand why when the garden is like a block of concrete and frozen why there is such a demand for garden waste recycling, and in fact this will not now be emptied for three months, a knock on from this is the change of use for the blue bin, this was changed from paper to card board and we were issued with a paper recycling bag, this is really useful in the wet and windy weather when you play hide and seek with it on collection days after emptying. I do not see my paper levels reducing there is still the same amount of daily papers and even more junk mail than ever, so where do we ge rid of all this now BMBC?