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Traveller community returns to Netherwood School

Monday August 10 2015

TRAVELLERS have returned to Netherwood School and have set up camp on the car park.

This comes just a month after Barnsley Council originally served a notice to travellers on the site. 

When they refused to move legal proceedings were put in place to evict them.

A spokesperson for the council said: "Barnsley Council is aware of Netherwood Gypsy and Travellers encampment and is working alongside South Yorkshire Police to resolve matters as soon as possible."

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Reply Posted by kirsty on Monday August 10 2015 at 13:47
we had them outside our work for a week council couldnt do anything because the woman was pregnant !!! the kids were playing in the road bare foot just nappies on with cars trucks and wagons going up and down adults were taking to the bush for their business and the rubbish they left was unreal which the council has kindly cleared up now they have gone ! YET i get fined 75 pound for dropping a cigarette end on a street we as a company clean and i think it is absolutely ridiculous that nobody dare say anything to them! apparently you have to have to get a sheriff to remove them as they are the only people with the authority ! watch who comes to my door when i let my kids play in the street and i take a dump in a bush and i leave my rubbish all over oh and not to mention the two year old with a nappy on was drinking from a can of strong-bow !!! i would be in prison now !

Reply Posted by STEVE on Monday August 10 2015 at 15:38
If Barnsley Council had to bottle they could apply of a High Court Order and within 24 hrs the travellers could be evicted at a cost of £650

Reply Posted by Mick on Tuesday August 11 2015 at 08:39
I agree with steve, the council needs more 'bottle' when dealing with traveller sites. I think sometimes they are thinking about where else they will move to if they get evicted. They were allowed to stay at the site just of the roundabout at jump for over a month recently, I suspect the council preferred to have them there than on the playing fields opposite the school. I bet they'll be left at Netherwood if they agree to move before school re-starts. I think Barnsley has become a soft-touch for travellers, we need to make life a bit tougher for them, make them pay for cleaning up and for the damage they do in accessing sites etc.

Reply Posted by kelly on Tuesday August 11 2015 at 23:04
I also got fined 70 quid for dropping a cig but! A week after the local field was full of human waste, razors and various other items of litter which the council no doubt used my 70 quid to remove! x

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