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Barnsley in top 30 per cent for not paying council tax

Wednesday July 22 2015

BARNSLEY is in the top 30 per cent of local authorities for residents not paying council tax.

Local people owe more than £12.5million in unpaid council tax bills as of March 31.

The figure is up from £11million on the previous year.

National Debtline is warning people in the area to seek free advice if they are struggling to keep up with their council tax payments.

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Reply Posted by Ray on Wednesday July 22 2015 at 13:52
Is it a surprise our beloved bmbc have had 30 years to try and boost the economy after the pits shut, at last count we were 23,000 jobs short in the borough.

Their only strategy to increase money to the council coffers is to build houses that local people can't afford on greenbelt - what an economic strategy.

Mind you this comes from the same thinking that by reducing the number of carparking spaces in the town centre you will increase visitors. DOH..

I'm still waiting for the Chinese visitor surge that are so interested in James Hudson Taylor, and that lady coming back from Beijing.

I'm still waiting for the Halo, and the Wall and Markets and the town centre refurb.

Waste of snap.

Reply Posted by Patricia McDermott on Saturday July 25 2015 at 16:06
Stop increasing it year on year. Ask us that do pay is it value for money or are we just paying for your pensions?

Reply Posted by Me on Saturday July 25 2015 at 16:22
How long before someone blames immigrants? ;)

At the end of the day, whether one agrees with council tax or not, there will always be those avoiding the responsibility, and always those that are paying for those wasters to avoid the responsibility.

I know, some people really can't afford to pay it. They need to seek advice to sort out their finances. Then there are those that REALLY can't afford it because of the cost of fags and beer going up all the time.

Reply Posted by Get Tough on Saturday July 25 2015 at 16:27
I wonder how many who haven't paid have cars, tv's, smart phones, games consoles that could be seized by bailiffs. Wouldn't make a massive dent in the arrears but would be a good message to send out. It is a crime after all, they are stealing from the majority who do pay.

Reply Posted by boston on Saturday July 25 2015 at 16:50
As of April 2013, Council Tax Benefit is replaced with a new system called Council Tax Support, offered under the Universal Credit scheme. Prior to this change, benefits, discounts, exemptions and reductions were paid by central government to support claimants unable to pay Council Tax due to unemployment or other circumstances. Under the reformed system, the responsibility for assessment of claims and payments is shifted to local authorities, who are empowered to set their own local criteria and benefit amounts. Benefits paid to old-age pensioners are protected and may not be varied. Local funds for Council Tax Support are provided by central government, but the budget available has been reduced by 10%, requiring councils to limit support payments.[9]

Reply Posted by Ackerman on Sunday July 26 2015 at 16:26
I pay for my council tax and i am not in arrears by a single penny. One easy direct debit a month is all it needs.