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Barnsley Council revises anti-social behaviour policy

Thursday July 16 2015

BARNSLEY Council has revised its anti-social behaviour policy and introduced a number of new enforcement powers.

Staff will now respond to anti-social behaviour based on the impact that it is having on local people - rather than the offence itself.

Under new policy the council and its partners will support victims and witnesses by providing dedicated help from an officer.

Anti-social behaviour could range from playing music too loud, dumping rubbish, threatening or swearing at neighbours to criminal damage, assault, or racist abuse.

WABers what do you think to these changes? Comment in the box below.

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Reply Posted by Me, here, now on Friday July 17 2015 at 09:34
I wonder if these new `powers` will be used for dealing with the traveller community and the rubbish they leave behind when they`re kicked off someone elses land - AGAIN

Reply Posted by polly on Friday July 17 2015 at 10:57
No matter what powers are given there is no way that some people can be reasoned with. I have the neighbours from hell and we even tried for mediation but they aren't reasonable people. They continually disrupt our lives throwing rubbish and cigarettes over the fence. They also tried to steal my bins as they have split theirs. My house is surrounded by flies from the amount of dog mess that accumulates in their back garden as they are too lazy to exercise or clean up after them. So sadly I see this policy change as a waste of time and money. My daughter lives in fear of them as they often hurl abuse at her.

Reply Posted by keith capel on Saturday July 18 2015 at 15:48
I have recently had dealings with the enforcement department who gave us excellent support advice and feedback after having problems for sometime I feel that this could give the council more power of enforcement on issues like ours which have not been resolved entirely as yet.,. would it bring in parts of the Human Rights Acts ie to be able to live peacefully and safely in their own homes and other legislation?.The support of victims and witnesses by staff would be a great advantage to any situation

Reply Posted by gill on Saturday July 18 2015 at 20:38
How do I get in touch with them ??? I am sat here after a full day at work listening to next doors music while having to put subtitles on my TV!! I've had enough 1.40 this morning they turned it off!! . and yes I have told them more than once but make out they don't understand me!

Reply Posted by Dave G on Sunday July 19 2015 at 09:30
For the last few weeks I have visited the town centre . Daytime . And the number of people giving out bad language , swearing and shouting. Is absolutely ridiculous .
But what is surprising is . Some of these young people are walking round with young children . And even some middle aged people. Come on Barnsley Folk
Stop Stop Stop Giving Barnsley a Bad name and learn some good manners.
Least of all the children. They will shape our town in years to come But at last I saw two community officers approach a young girl. With child .Swearing at the top of her voice. She was arrested eventually with a bit of a struggle . Well done to those two officers. Let's wipe it out

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